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Joined: 02 Jan 2001
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FIGHTING BACK #25 PostFri Jan 05, 2001 6:24 pm  Reply with quote  


The Mole and Online Goading

One of the many sad aspects of trying to become chemtrail aware or aware of anything like

Faked lunar landings (check it out)
Assassinations of legally elected leaders
The Satanic control of government
Mind Control
Government drug running (200 billion US dollars a year and growing)
And, again, CHEMTRAILS

Is that your government, be it UK, USA, or whatever, spends an enormous amount of time and money to keep you from learning as much as you can. They do this to minimize operational blowback. Blowback is spook-speak for having an illegal operation exposed to the unwitting world. To gauge blowback and then modify whatever operation they are trying to cover up, they frequently—if not always—use moles, computer analysis, knowledge trend profiling, activist profiling, and dozens of other actions to make that blowback as small as possible. If too much blowback occurs, then they have to do what is known as a LIMITED HANGOUT, spook-speak for admitting to the operation, but lying mostly about why it was conducted. Two examples of limited hangouts are the FBI’s assurance to the public and congress up until 1973 that there was no Mafia or La Cosa Nostra. Once the evidence became overwhelming, they then admitted to the existence of the black hand, but minimized its size and power by lies, lies, lies. Another example of a limited hangout was the drug running exposed by the October Surprise/Oliver North fiasco. Once caught with their hand in the cocaine cookie jar, the CIA said, “yeah, it happened, but that was under a different administration. We don’t do that anymore.”


Doing a limited hangout means that they could not effectively control the operation as it was originally planned. I was told that the Chemtrail phenomena was planned in 1982, tested between 1985 through 1988, then went operational in full by 1991. During testing of any large scale op like the chemtrail issue, misinformation (spook-speak again for lying.) Many others are coming forward with fragments of other information that is exposing the chemtrails for what they are: poison. We know now about OPERATION CLOVERLEAF, GWEN TOWERS, and based on thousand of first-person reports of illness and death following bad spray days, we now know the purpose of these chemtrails. We know also that every NATO country is being chemtrailed. A fine example of this is Croatia, which once it finally succumbed to and became part of the NATO umbrella, was at once plagued with chemtrails. The sick and dying there are mounting, as testified by what little real information is making itself heard outside that poor country’s borders.

We have not, as yet, witnessed a limited hangout from the governments in regards to chemtrails. The reason for this is operational percentages. This is one op that is overhead, in your face, and global. But what percentage of the population is actually chemtrail aware? Their computers have told them that they don’t need to do a limited hangout until CT awareness reaches a certain degree/percentage/ratio to the populations. How they measure this is to watch, monitor, and measure:

1. Email contents using the words CHEMTRAILS, CONTRAILS, in their keyword scans.
2. Any independent newspaper accounts (corporate media is not a worry of theirs, they control it. If they don’t control it, they will have Time Warner buy it, then comes the control.)
1. Phone conversations
2. you get the picture, don’t you?
To help prevent chemtrail awareness is the planting, deployment, and use of moles. A mole is someone who feigns support for the cause, while undermining it at critical moments. Here are several examples of moles.

On one board, I had posted a whole series, over a few days, of this FIGHTING BACK SERIES. On January 4th 2001, I watched on this same board after midnight a mole by the name of Kelowna jump up and over an eleven minute period, push with sixteen articles from the ancient past up to the top (THE PUSH OFF, SEE LESSON ONE.) He would make some trivial comment to push the articles (from sept or longer) like “I think a saw a real cloud once.” My counter-intelligence radar went off at once. I had seen this before and was trained to watch for it. I carefully scanned each post that was “bumped up” for content. Except for one article by a fine Arizona chemtrail researcher, the other 15 articles were mainly of the piss and moan variety, but didn’t contain any real damaging information to the OPERATION CLOVERLEAF, one of the operations associated with chemtrails.

I then scanned for any post by Kelowna and found mole activity. Mildly feigning support but never, ever, providing one ounce of real information to the content of the discussions. Had this mole done this before? That can’t be known. In point of fact, now that this ID is made(blown, in spy-speak), Kelowna will either become a dissenter (cover blown) or will vanish and remerge under a new ID to continue mole ops.

The purpose of the mole is to watch the board. To watch trends in knowledge. To be a human evaluation of what each board member is doing, in addition to profiling by the super computers. The mole also will spike, kill, or throw off the scent of threads when they start getting too close to the truth.

They key here is to ID your moles, then go back over the history of the threads and see where they jumped in and when. Of course you lose front page timing this way (doing a push off, for example) but you do gain your own kind of low-tech form of profiling, if you’re smart enough and watchful. You can discern what information is most relevant to the cause by watching when your moles strike, right Lisa Jane, Right The Seeker, Right TopGun, Right Nodebbunker, Right LTC?

When did they hit, or cause dissention? Why?

Moles will also strike to prevent profiling, should they be ordered to do so. Moles will also try to draw you out emotionally by telling you that their sister is sick and since last year. Then all the bleeters (people emotionally involved in the issue, any issue) will jump up and say they will pray for them, or will wish them well, or offer advice on how to get better. All the while, the computers jump and profile and real intel is being pushed off. Also, doing the sick sister number will endear the mole to real chemtrail aware people, right Elvislives?

Finally, we have the dissenter. When it gets too real, they send in their top guns. Sometimes, that’s really their handles, too. Right TopGUn0069? These “bait and switch” operatives have only one goal, to get you pissed off and emotionally off-balance. This throws the whole board into disarray for a few days, kills rational thought, and allows them insight into you on a deeper level. They use your angry posts (and long-winded) to build up their dossiers on you. If you have to respond to the dissenter keep it under fifteen words and do not use compound sentence structure. Come off like the opposite of who you really are on an intelligence level. If a top gun dissenter lies to you, and goads you and you have to post, keep it on an animal level-never reveal yourself. They download these goaded threads for analysis. They will call you chicken or whatever. This is all by design. They and their murdering buddies are all sitting around together laughing at you over a beer as you vehemently try to “persuade” them of the validity of chemtrails. They know cts are real, they are agents, flat out. Every time you shout to them about “how you know we are being sprayed” they are rolling on the floor. Don’t play that game. Dummy up.

When the dissenter hits, your best weapon is to go dead silent. Or, as I do, so I can roll on the floor and laugh, is to change the subject. Using only a few words, I lower my vocabulary down to a 12 year old and hit hard. I use their tactics right back at them, and that usually stops it. When a mole hits, go silent. Contact the board moderator and make him/her aware of your findings and your close friends. To do this though, requires PGP or these moles will realize they are blown/made. Setup keywords to ID moles with your chemtrail friends that will expose them without exposing that you know. Then watch for their strikes. Then watch the intel on the board they are tyring to push off or cause a change of interest. This will give you those directions of research where lies, no doubt, the truth.

And may that truth set you free.
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