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FIGHTING BACK #24 PostFri Jan 05, 2001 6:25 pm  Reply with quote  


In this lesson on counter-intelligence, we are going to look a little closer at the more pricey attempts at fighting the spookers. If you have the money, go for it and hire a private security service to sweep your home, cars, and office for bugs. At great expense, these companies will do the following for you. But be ADVISED. Many private security firms are actually CIA/FBI front operations. They are owned and operated by the Feds, claiming to be no longer associated with Law Enforcement.

As you’ll learn in this and future FIGHTING BACKS, mostly that is a flat out lie. These companies are used for black bag jobs, are operating fronts for intel services actions, and will often state to the unwary that they do some field ops for the Bureau. You know what that means, by now, don’t you? It means you can’t trust them to be honest if they find a federal tap. In fact, if you are under surveillance, and use these firms, they will very often work against you by finding one to two bugs—telling you that you are “clear”—while planting twenty more behind your back. I’ve heard this from several police officers, Feds, and Shamans. And while this is all happening, they are taking thousands of your hard earned dollars from both you and the Feds, being paid to betray your confidence.

For example, the company COGENT is a CIA front operation. Cogent says they are independent, but their operatives and sales agents regularly visit NSA and CIA field offices on a regular basis. Be warned. (A sales rep from Cogent provided this author with documentation on over 600 companies that are actually fronts for the CIA, a few being EARTHLINK, MINDSPRING, EVERGREEN, AND NETZERO.)

You can never really know for sure, except to be so aware of intelligence ops as to spot this ruse. Also, trust your heart. If it tells you something is wrong, than it is. Don’t let these people into your world until you are damn sure you can trust them and even then, be sure you watch everything, never showing them your vital secrets, passwords, or even why you suspect surveillance. Keep your mouth shut. And listen. Listen to what they say and how they say it. Watch their eyes closely. Are they looking at you, the floor, or playing with something in their hand? They are hiding something. Also, get an education in NLP and BODY LANGUAGE. The internet will teach you more in one week on these two VERY important subjects than you can learn in two years at the local college. Get hip now.

Private security people tend to be alcoholics, have failed marriages, and a lust for pornography. Is this the kind of person you want rummaging through your stuff? Ask for referrals and then check them out, and not on the phone but in person. Make sure the referral is real and not a drop responding to your expected call. Dig? The referral should pass the same muster as your security person. It’s your life we are talking about so don’t shortcut yourself with time saving nonsense. Be methodic and thorough, just like the spooks. When they ask you why you need a sweep, you may have to tell you very first white lie and say it is a business competitor; in many ways this is very much the truth. You are in the business of living free and in truth; they want that stopped.

The intelligence agency wants you to a slave, plain and simple. They want you sucking down that fluoride toothpaste and watching your 8.6 hours of tv a day. They want you believing everything you see on their CIA controlled media. They want you dead, too. They want a great many of us dead, hence the Chemtrails over our skies. Deny it as you might, but the facts are out there. The people are dying and these air force disinfo agents are laughing, that’s how sick and twisted these agency lackeys are. Face it or die.

This goes to the heart of the next FIGHTING BACK: keeping your mouth shut, and discussing only important things with those on a need to know basis. Live by this rule or be compromised and setup every damn time.

 Radio Reconnaissance Spectrum Analysis® - a search for surveillance devices which transmit information via radio waves.
 Communications Systems Surveillance Analysis® - a group of tests which detect surveillance methods used to extract information from: telephones, faxes, computer networks, etc.
 Mapped Physical Inspection® - areas are systematically segmented for physical inspection. Each area is combed with several objectives in mind: locate hidden surveillance devices; locate evidence of prior installations; note future surveillance vulnerabilities; and report on other security issues. This is the most important phase of the inspection, and relies heavily on security knowledge, experience, and intelligence.
Example: A clear thread seen in a drape or carpet may look normal. An educated technical investigator will wonder if it is a fiber optic microphone... and search further.
 Non Linear Junction Detection - areas are re-examined using non-destructive radar. This safe technique reveals semiconductor electronic components (transistors, diodes, etc.), the building blocks of electronic surveillance devices. Devices which may be hidden in - or built into - furniture, ceiling tiles, and other objects can be detected with this technology... even if they are not on and operating at the time of the inspection!
Additional tests...
You will find that each of the basic inspection elements contains sub-tests. Spectrum Analysis, for example, is not simply radio wave analysis. Light wave analysis is also conducted, as light can move sound too. Communications Analysis includes sub-tests like Time Domain Reflectometery (TDR), used to examine lengths of cable which cannot be physically examined.
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