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Joined: 02 Jan 2001
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FIGHTING BACK #26 PostSat Jan 06, 2001 12:50 am  Reply with quote  



The chemtrail activist has many adversaries just waiting to pounce upon him/her as they seek to understand just why they are constantly sick, sick, sick. You know what I mean, the cough that never dies. The pain in your eyes, neck, and buttocks that gets worse as the months go along. Your body odor has changed. Your energy level is a tenth of what is was a few years ago. The slightest ill wind, makes you really ill. You want to know what the f*** is happening to you and you want to know now.

And the old folks die before their time. Kids never make it out of the cradle. Death is everywhere and mainly overhead. It seems between the fluoride to make you passive (first started by Hitler for use in the camps as control over prisoners) to microwave food (first used by Hitler and then stopped because it was lowering his staff officerís IQ, and banned in Russia and China for the very same reasons) to the out and out lies about airliners being smoked over US airspace, youíve probably have reached a point where you would like to know how bad it all is. When will lupus come to your region? Or smallpox? Or a new aids strain emerging that traces its vector back to vaccines and flu shots? I digress.

As we learn about CTs, we discover that there are others, like us, who are pretty much in the same boat. Forget about it. We are ALL in the same boat, except the spookers who have access to these biowarfare vaccines; they have what we will never get. The antidote. Even then, Iím sure once we are all dead, the paymasters themselves will do a little house cleaning and get rid of a great many field operatives who are no longer needed. And why not, the CIA did that to their Vietnamese agents once the war was over. It has been estimated (Church hearings, 1977) that over 50,000 CIA field operatives were left to twist in the wind once the war was over; many went to Russia and died under GBR/GRU/SVR torture. And when the CT war is over, wonít many of these ďuseless eatersĒ be a new and annoying burden to the evil ones. History answers that all too well. Always assassinate the assassins.

In the meantime, if youólike meóare bent upon doing YOUR PART to help others learn about this, the greatest tragedy in human history, then you probably have been frustrated over and over again with chemtrail boards. Some suck, others are pure disinfo sites, a very few are the real deal. (Whatís up with this

After a bit of hopping about, youíve no doubt settled into the few that are the real deal, agent or human being. You have information, pics, and from your own experiences and are part of the information knowledge pool and that knowledge is needed. For example, I canít tell you how much I was helped by a certain northern Arizona researcherís articles and commentaries. They made me laugh, cry, and smile. They were helpful in the extreme. What if she hadnít taken the time to post? What if you donít take the time, either? Maybe you have a pic that is the key weíve all been waiting for? Post it. But maybe you donít want to be whacked and run into the ground, either.

Or maybeÖthere is a mole just waiting to befriend you online so they can profile your butt. How can you sniff these dogs out, while finding the good hearts that are out there? Friends make the world easier to stomach. IMO, this world sucks. I still canít believe I asked to pull duty on this berg, but here I am born as a human being (like all ofyou) and here I am, going through hell (like all of you.) If I ever get a chance to get out of here and never incarnate again, believe me this boy is going to pass on it and choose a normal world where humans donít kill humans.

What I do is lurk for awhile. Few weeks, see whatís up. Using my counter-intelligence training, I look for dissenters, moles, and the like, while making notes and keeping track. I watch for covert mind control handlers (Right on) and NLP artists. These abound. NLP artists/agents are masters at manipulation because they are harder to spotóunless you are trained and know NLP word structure, which I have become in the last two years. I found I was being manipulated by someone close to me, but felt powerless to do anything about it, until I sought out help. Once this personís documents were gone over, it was pointed out that NLP was being used on me. No doubt, it is happening to you to. Get hip on this subject as quick as you can. NEURO-LINGUISTIC-PROGRAMMING.

After lurking, I act. I have information I know damn well is extremely valuable to this world. Information you simply canít get anywhere. I also bait the dissenters and moles to flush them, that was how easy it was to bust Kelowna. I knew if I dumped all the articles in rapid sequence, the agency would make a move. They did and they were blown. (Your welcome.)

And thatís my gift to chemtrail awareness campaign 2001. To make the playing field even, to give us a chance against genocide. Why? Because no one else is providing this, so guess who gets the job. It is my hope that each of you will take these articles and get them out there. Copy them, distribute them, hell you can even take credit for it, I donít care. Rewrite them in your own words. I simply donít care. That we can educate others about CTs and the monsters doing this to us, by exposing their tactical liars, is the point. Donít ever forget that. Or forget about it, it doesnít matter. There are six men and women dedicated to spreading this series all over the globe, plus pictures and hard data reports in countries like SPAIN, CROATIA, NETHERLANDS, ARGENTINA, etc.

My ego doesnít need the bath of credit. I know this is helping others. You know it too. And your labors are helping me and others and for that, I thank you. Iíve seen radar images that Iíve never been able to get and pics that Iíve never seen over my skies. But at the same time I and my family and friends were EYEWITNESSES to the


Nonsense of last December.

There are 11 articles on mole busting in this series. Damn, weíre just getting started, arenít we?
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