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FIGHTING BACK #33 PostFri Mar 23, 2001 11:58 pm  Reply with quote  

Fighting Back #33


Your dog starts barking at three in morning, then abruptly goes silent. You listen, wondering if burglars are about. You probably don’t realize that your outside radar lights were deactivated, so you don’t suspect a prowler in the yard. You don’t hear anything, so you kiss your spouse, maybe check on the kids and head back into the sack. As you walk back down the hallway, your home is rocked by deafening explosions; glass is flying everywhere and all at once men—who never, never identify themselves and wearing ninja fag outfits—are playing war in your face, shooting up the house and screaming obscenities to you, your spouse, and your 4 year-old children.

Today, you were lucky. The Feds who staged this “raid” against you, didn’t shoot you, as you weren’t in bed at the time. Your spouse wasn’t so lucky. He/she ended with some thirty to forty bullets in their body, mostly a rag doll shot to pieces. The feds high-five each other on their “success.” They murdered someone in cold blood who was sleeping.

The horror is only beginning. You see child-services personnel coming in your blown-away home and as your children scream out your name in complete terror, they are swept away from you as yet four to six agents beat you unconscious as you lie face down in your hallway. Your last sight as blood fills your eyes is the look of helplessness in your children’s’ faces as yet more agents start in earnest in planting evidence against you, for “other” agents from the FBI to find when they come in some ten minutes after the swat team does it’s delta op in your world.

Lifted to your feet, you find the convenient glare of TV cameras all whirring on cue as they drag your dented body out from the house. As you glance around you see agents holding up bags of drugs; others are holding weapons over their heads and murmuring words like “white supremacist” and “dope peddler” and “pedophile” to eager camera crews who trample the crime scene they otherwise wouldn’t/shouldn’t be allowed in to.

Within an hour, you are bound, chained, and gagged and sitting in the dark recesses of some Federal building and the second level of terror begins. Your civil rights—what’s left of them—are violated every second. You are denied your heart medication. You can’t call anyone. Your cell is bugged and you are deprived sleep. You are hounded by agents around the clock. They tell you they have mucho evidence, enough to send you and your kids into hell for life. Just sign this paper and it will only be two years…

Does the above sound unreal? A lie? Some fictional fabrication? Didn’t the above happen to most researchers who weren’t outright killed off? You bet it did. It’s still happening every week all over Amerika. Just ask Fritz Springmeier and John Todd, and Bill Carlson, and hundreds of other whistle blowers/truth seekers in our time. They are living/dead testaments to the danger of living in NAZI/USA, under a fascist regime as we’re doing now.

So what can you do to prevent the above from becoming your lot in life? How can you avoid signing that paper which, as the lie it will turn out to be, really sends you to prison for 25 years if YOU DO SIGN IT. And for what? For chatting about chemtrails, camps, or other oddities on the Internet?

Yes. There is something you can do which may help you.

First, you must obtain a video camera. Then you must give an open-heart interview to the camera with THAT DAY’S newspaper visible. Give the camera a tour of your home, your lifestyle with you and yours. Show them your refrigerator, your gardens and all your property. Open drawers and closets. Show them NO guns, NO drugs, and NO sicko lifestyle which will be fabricated against you. Make this type in a joyful and calm manner. Have as many friends, neighbors, and relatives in as possible. Update the tape every month with a quick 4 minute summary, show how well your kids are doing in school. The kind of literature in your library should get some airplay; let the camera run over your book bindings and don’t forget to get a freeframe shot of your favorites folder on your web browser so they can see that you are NOT some sicko into kiddy porn.

But you must also state the reason for making the tape. This is where your chemtrail research or whatever will save you. Show WHY you feel the need to take an hour of your life to make such a tape. Be rational, coherent, and DO NOT RANT. You are curious about these anomalies in the world, like school-yard shootings, chemtrails, and you’ve discussed the same with others. If you garden, show them the garden and your gardening supplies. You will have to open up your world, but it won’t matter because if nothing happens to you, then no one will ever see the tape. If something happens to you, than you will WANT EVERYONE TO SEE THE TAPE, NO MATTER WHAT!

But…if you are a real researcher…maybe you wrote some articles…maybe you just won’t stop doing the CT awareness number…you may be in REAL danger. Maybe not. Isn’t a cheap tape and an hour of your life worth the security. It was for me.

Get copies, with instructions hand delivered to six (6) people that you trust. Do it sooner, rather than later. Make sure that not only do the local news people get it (not now, but later when the ugly happens to you), but that alternative news people like Drudge, and countless other indi-sites/publications. Get one copy to an attorney you trust. Send one to the ACLU, BEFORE THE RAID, registered mail. That will come in handy in court. Never sign their stupid, live in hell forever, paper. Don’t be a McVeigh.

There is one additional step you can take. Go to a lab and take a drug test when you make the video. Shoot going to the lab, make it a joke for “some laughs at a bar-b-que you are throwing next weekend.” Make sure the camera also films the results. Clean and Sober, always was, always will be.

Get your children’s joy on film. How much they love their home and you. Dress normal. Be normal. Be yourself as much as you can. Talk freely on camera AND DO NOT LIE about anything. If you have a hunting rifle, then let a friend have it until you actually need it for hunting or keep it out of the house, cause any lie will be used against.

And then…relax. You’ve done your best. If the Feds pull this crap on you, they are going to have an awful lot of explaining to do. Every person who has gone through this hell, wishes they had made a quick video and got it out to trusted friends beforehand. Let’s learn from them, shall we.

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