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FIGHTING BACK #38 PostMon Apr 16, 2001 5:15 am  Reply with quote  


Protest meetings, rallies, and get-togethers

It’s Sunday. You’ve been making friends for a very long time now, as you’ve surfed the Apocalypse truth board from hell. You’ve researched a phenomena that is impacting you and yours directly, it has taken hold of you and you realize that you have stumbled into a very dark and sinister reality.

It may be the chemtrail phenomena (NATO governments spraying their citizens around the clock. The citizens die, change biologically, and life dims.) It could also be the school-yard/2nd amendment Operation going on, which you’ve discovered has to do with children being programmed to murder other children by the CIA and ONI. Maybe you are involved in discovering the truth about our government running drugs into the country to pay for its black programs. How about AIDS? That lovely invention of Army bio-warfare specialists, who, at the behest of the CIA, decided to kill off a few billion people with the sickest and most evil kind of virus that even God Himself wouldn’t create.


You’ve also found other like-minded men and women who are aware of these issues and realize that they DO NOT affect the OTHER GUY, they effect THEMSELVES AND THEIR FAMILIES. You found them on the internet and you became friends of a kind. They were just like you – aware, intelligent, had a functioning and loving heart, and a keen desire to see the world set aright. You liked these faceless people behind the posts. They spoke your feelings, said your thoughts, suffered as you suffered.

It occurs to you that maybe if you all got together it would move things forward – or at the very least, you could put faces and voices to otherwise mere written words. You mention it online and many agree with you. Yes. Let’s meet. Maybe a protest is in order? How about just lunch on Saturday, we’ll all get together at the Longhorn Saloon. Blah blah blah.

Then the dark side sits nearby, in the shadows. You’ve met these soulless zombies too. They change their names and online personas almost as fast as you take out the garbage. They deride, coordinate attacks on your computer, find weaknesses in your character and hit on them. They become moles to befriend you, so they can put the knife that much more easily in your back when the time comes. Yes…you know this kind. Very well. They have billion dollar computers profiling your every word. They listen to your phone calls; know what you are having for dinner; what you like and don’t like; how you are feeling that day…how much money you have in the bank.

Still, the idea of meeting friends whom otherwise would remain just so many electrons, appeals to REAL human beings, because…hey…we are REAL human beings. We haven’t sold our soul into the FBI pit of hell, nor have we broken every vow and oath ever administered to us by some other liar saying “Raise your right hand. Do you swear loyalty to der Fuhrer? Do you promise to lie to the useless eaters every chance you get? Then, Topliar, you are an agent of the Beast.”

So…how do you do it? How can you meet these friends and keep what you have to say private and how can you prevent a mole from entering into your kaffee-klatch?

Well, the simple execution of some Counter-Intelligence moves will save the day. One needn’t go to the extremes of James Bond and Q to achieve a surveillance free time with friends. But it does take a modicum amount of dancing to ensure privacy…you know…that thing you lost and didn’t know about until you became chemtrail aware?

Once you understand THAT ANY meeting of you and your friends will be considered a LEVEL TWO threat to whatever operation you are going to be talking about, then you also realize that the agencies will do anything they can to prevent the meeting. If they cannot prevent the meeting, they will at least be on hand to do one of two things:

1. Disrupt it. Make it fail. Start arguments among the people. Turn it into a religious battle-ground. Anything…anything to kill the meeting.
2. Barring that, they will then attempt to surveill the meeting so as to be a “fly on a wall.”

Make no mistake. They know that once people start congregating, anything is possible. They have entire course-works at Langley, West Point, and dozens of other hidden Intel colleges that deal with nothing but THE LESSONS THEY LEARNED FROM THE VIETNAM WAR. How CONITELPRO worked and why it also failed. How to setup moles, plant evidence, arrange for the police to come in, ad nauseoum.

So…how do you do it? How do you have a meeting with friends who have mostly never met each other so you can take your awareness/friendship to the next level?

Actually, it is quite easy.

BUT…you have to follow this recipe to the LETTER who the whole cake will fall and you won’t have a nice lunch, but a mess in the pan no one wants to clean.

1. You have to assign a moderator or meeting chairperson. This must be someone you trust and is above reproach, like say, the guy who puts the board up you are chatting on. He runs the show. Now this doesn’t mean he becomes some petty-dictator who tells people what to do - just the opposite – you leave the details to him alone.
2. You choose a day and time to meet. Say, at Barnies bad food joint. You only agree to meet there. And nothing else. Make no plans beyond just a meeting, especially in email or the phone. If you do not understand this rule, than you just don’t get it…yet. The agencies are ruthless and take face-face meetings VERY seriously. But, don’t let that scare you either…just know how the beast functions and move beyond his range.
3. You must also mail (NOT EMAIL) the moderator you trust a recent picture of you so he can positively identify you. You don’t send it to others, only him.
4. He collects these and makes a list he does NOT publish anywhere or discuss. He sets the date. All parties agree to the date. No actions or activities are discussed online or on the phone, no matter how much you have to purge your new cooking recipe to the world. Just save it – you’ll have that much more to talk about then, when the time comes.
5. You disable your cell phones as you leave the house by physically removing the battery. You do this also with your pagers. Don’t like that? Already addicted to the buggers? Just analog your life back to like it was in 1990 and you’ll be fine. You can do without the toys for an afternoon. Trust me. Take the damn leash off, for heavean’s sake!
6. Do NOT invite known moles or agents. Why would you?
7. Arrive at the eatery. Everyone is visually ID’d. Now, don’t make a big spy issue out of it. Just make sure that each head in the room belongs there. Choose a place where you can meet without strangers eves-dropping your confabs. You have to that. Cuz what good is it going to do if you meet at McDonald’s and ten strangers (three are agents) who can hear your every word? See it?
8. Then the Moderator, tells everyone where THEY ARE REALLY GOING. He/she has told no one of his/her choice to the real meeting spot. This was just a screen…a dodge…to get all the players under one roof…so they could go to the real meeting unsurveilled. The moderator must choose this very stealthily. There must be UNDER NO circumstance any discussion with anyone prior to that date for ANY Reason as to the locale of their final meeting spot. He chooses it quietly within his mind. He does not visit the spot the day before. If it requires reservations, he tells someone FACE TO FACE, that “hey could you call so and so restaurant from your office for me and make a lunch rez for 15 on Sat at two?” Make sure your cutout does not call you to confirm it or leave a message like the following. “Oh Jean! I made those reservations for you at the billiard ball-peen bearing plant disco!” This prevents the agency from planting bugs beforehand or pre-populating the event with moles and the like. With a level-two threat, they WILL DO THIS—BET ON IT.
9. Moderator asks everyone if they have brought cell-phones? If so, please manually disable them, etc.
10. Moderator visually Ids all present. Anyone appearing at the last minute out of nowhere, even if using an online handle everyone knows, has to be dismissed. Make sure. DO not discuss you locale. Just tell everyone to “follow me.”
11. Then Drive to your second spot. It will be clean of bugs and agents. Agents will try, once they discover your meeting spot –AFTER THE FACT—to get a few people inside, so choose a spot that cannot be visually surveilled with shotgun microphones, window lasering, or the like. If the moderator uses his or her brain, you will be able to find a spot that cannot be surveilled.
12. Enjoy your new friends. Now you can discuss protests and all that.
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