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FIGHTING BACK #39 PostTue Apr 17, 2001 2:23 am  Reply with quote  


Accessing chat boards

After a shorter or longer time investigating the shadow world of your..."elected"...leaders, you realize that you are being hindered in your attempts to understand the truth of why the things are the way they are. Emails vanish or are delayed by several hours...boards clog up and quit, erroring out your system...modems die...phones are are sabotaged.

If you've done any serious research into the problems of our time, than you've no doubt run into one or more of the above. Some of us run into ALL of the above. It sucks.

This FB is going to deal with board problems. How they occur and why, as well as what can be done about it.

First, let's assume you have taken the obvious steps of using encryption in your email, a firewall for your net access, and a virus scanner to check all inbound disk data. Still that won't have a thing to do with helping you once you are out there surfing about.

let's say you like to go to a few forums that deal with our fascist government and its dark plans; for instance, school-yard shootings, chemtrails...whatever. Let's say that you go to the board and all of a sudden, it crashes on you. Never had that problem before. Is it you? No.

The board owner/operator tells you that his/her software is clean, has no problems, so it must be your computer. Really? Let's say you have a CNE check out your system and it comes back with a clean bill of health.

Then are they still crashing you online?

The answer is and was what is staring at you in the face:


See, the agency knows that it takes way TOOOOOOOOO much time to go around f**king up everyone's browsers, only to have these people just fix it the next day. They can't mod the board software without the owner seeing it. Then they realized that all these boards have one thing in common:

THEY USE ADVERTISING. ROTATING ADVERTISING THAT HAS NO TRACABILITY. If you look at the companies providing the banners and pop-ups, you will find that since 1998, they were all quietly acquired by Delaware Corporations who took control(NSC memorandum, SAIC #875-ER-1225). Now, any web site, board, or other site that depends upon banner or popup ads that they DO NOT control, can be botted with extremely harmful little pieces of code that can demolish your online experience.

Just go to the library and see if you can get on truth boards - usally these are pre-sphinctered to self-destruct. Try Kinkos, and you'll find that Kinkos won't allow visits to truth boards. That leaves the home computer.

Now board moderators do not and really cannot check each rotating ad as it comes up, because he cannot and does not have access control. The ad company does. And how does that ad load - only when someone is loading the page is the ad "rquested" from the company, which then pulls up the ad.

THe ad is the fist thing to appear on the page. Notice? Then the whole thing goes kablooey! Notice? Boards that don't have this problem? No ads! No banners!

They can even key ads that are botted to your individual computer, because each computer has an ID within the CPU that makes it like fingerprints, and these IDs are read by inviso-scripts which instantly go back to a different cgi bin of ads with the bots in them. Bots from hell. I can cite a great deal more technical data here, but this is and always will be a layperson's FB.

How can you stop this?

Ad blockers help, but not always. The solution also requires giving up some browser features like scripts and active-x,
but you need only do the following if you are being botted. You know who you are.

You need to access the security panel in your browser and set your security to high.
Disable cookies
Disable all scripts - you don't really need them, most boards work fine without them, though if you want to post you'll need to put in your password.
Disable active-X.

And you problems go away.

Now many of you cannot live without these little things. Then deal with it. You want o hear music or see shimmering backgrounds, you want ads rotating through your pages. Fine. Know that's how they do it.

And now you know how to defeat it.

(let the flaming begin. I purposely cut out all the dry detail from this FB to make it easy to understand, so don't bitch at me please.)
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