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FIGHTING BACK #40 PostTue Apr 17, 2001 6:43 pm  Reply with quote  

I tried posting this in the FIGHTING BACK section, but wasn't allowed to. So I'm putting it here for your perusal. 3T3

By Sedona

This was posted by Sedona over at Carnicom's site. Although she references the Air Force as the perpetrator, I'm guessing that these divide and conquer tactics can be used by any of the people who infiltrate this board.
Nota bene:

USAF vs. Humans
In order to survive the current new lows in subhuman military operations on this board, it is becoming necessary to investigate the USAF's use of psychological profiling against U.S. citizens. If you have been a target of this, or are interested in this topic, please read the following.

1. First of all, realize we are confronting hard science at its very lowest and worst. None of this recent ugliness here is an accident. The military has one simpleminded goal- creating an atmosphere which will drive us off the board, and they have been taught all sorts of psychological monkey tricks in order to accomplish this.
2. Don't take the very carefully calibrated and calculated bait set out for us personally. Psychological profiling is not an exact science, but they're working on it. Learn the details of how they use this. Observe carefully which buttons are being pushed in yourself and others when one of the professional subhumans deliberately and pointedly slobbers all over someone in a post. Their main black weapon is the ability to pinpoint exactly where our personalities are vulnerable. Here's an opportunity then to actually watch real live evil in action. Study it as you would an alien malevolent life form- which of course, it certainly is.
3. Instead of being vulnerable then- don't be. Stand in spirit. Realize that they have figured out precisely what words and phrases will anger, annoy and hurt our egos the most: these will be delivered to us unfailingly and unrelentingly. (This is their idea of a job, believe it or not.) Don't snap automatically at the hook. Because their entire program depends on us doing just that. Think this over. If we don't react in the automatic puppet-like way expected... they have nothing to work with at all. They become what they are in reality: just something unspeakable which you are obliged to step around on a sidewalk on your way to somewhere interesting.
4. It doesn' t really hurt the soul in the least if they know how to stick pins in the ego. Why care about the ego anyway? Since they don' t have the slightest awareness of the existence of souls, they don't know humans can rise to that level. Souls are unknown to these willfully lower orders of life. So: live there, in your own soul, where they can't come. We have the power to be detached from any subjective waves of anger or hatred that arise. Just wait a minute, and emotional and mental reactions will subside, if we let them. We don't have to ride those reactions back onto the board. If we want to answer subhuman levels of attack, we can do it consciously. Speaking to them directly requires deliberate and considered confrontation. Unless others are alert, come to our aid on the spot, and overwhelm their personalized nastiness by sheer numbers, we will be the sole target of amazing viciousness. This is what they are after.
5. This is their End Game: to isolate individuals one by one, and to deliver overwhelming precision ugliness (results of personality profiling), again and again, while others look away in helpless nausea. They count on this scenario. ANY ACTION which disrupts this pattern destroys their operation. Please think this through. This psychological aspect of the war between the USAF and the Humans is critical to the survival of open and honest discussion on the net.

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