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Space Based Weapons

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Joined: 25 Jul 2000
Posts: 3403
Location: Damnit...I'm a doctor jim
Space Based Weapons PostSat Aug 04, 2001 10:32 pm  Reply with quote  

I personally think spaced based weapons is a good hell with the world community.


Saturday, Aug. 4, 12 Midnight - 1 AM PST
Host: Clyde Lewis
Guests: Dr. Carol Rosin and Alfred Webre

This program will explore a growing consensus in the world
community to ban space based weapons, and to stop an arms
race in Outer Space.

According to Reuters, the U.S. Air Force top general, Gen. Michael
Ryan, has stated the U.S. plans to place weapons in space for
military dominance. U.S. Congressman Kucinich's legislation (see
announcement below) would ban all space-based missile defense
weapons announced by the Bush administration.

On July 26, 2001 Congressman Dennis Kucinich's announced he
will introduce legislation in the U.S. Congress to ban space-based
weapons. On the same day, Canada's Foreign Minister announced
that "Canada would be very happy…to launch an initiative to see an
international convention preventing the weaponization of space."
Two major space-faring nations, China and Russia, have agreed to
ban space-based weapons and to preserve the ABM treaty. On
June 8 Chinese Ambassador Hu Xiaodi told a 66-nation Conference
on Disarmament that, "All space-based weapons…are to be
prohibited once and for all."

Guests Dr. Carol Rosin and Alfred Webre are both Disclosure
Project witnesses. Their focus includes a permanent world ban on
space-based weapons; transformation of the international
aerospace industry from a weapons and war-based industry to
cooperative world space exploration and development industry; and
development of a world and governmental interface with off-planet
civilizations and technologies.

Dr. Carol Rosin has been a leading aerospace executive, and is
founder of the Institute for Security and Cooperation in Outer
Space, in consultative status with United Nations ECOSOC.
According to Military Space (July '84) "Dr. Rosin is regarded to be
the original political architect of the move to stop the SDI (Strategic
Defense Initiative) and ASATs (Anti-satellite weapons)". Dr. Rosin
testifies against the weaponization of space, for military, civil and
commercial world cooperation in space, and for the transformation
of the war industry into a space industry without space-based

Alfred Webre has been a delegate to UNISPACE. His most recent
book, Exopolitics: A Decade of Contact, is a treatise on politics,
law, and government in the Universe, and is at

Hear Congressman Dennis Kucinich speak on banning space-
based weapons at Click on "audio" for July
31, and fast-forward to the Kucinich interview with journalist Leslie


Kucinich to Introduce Legislation to Ban Weaponization of Space

Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-Cleveland) today announced his
intention to introduce legislation to ban the weaponization of space.

"The time has come to ban the further weaponization of space,"
Congressman Kucinich said. "We must work toward the
elimination of all nuclear weapons, and an end to policies which
cause this country to move toward the weaponization of space. I
was pleased with the recent news from our neighbor to the north
that Canada is ready to join an international effort to prohibit
weapons in space. It is time for the United States to take the lead
and end the weaponization of space."

Kucinich said the argument that supporters of weaponization use
claiming our national security and commercial interests would be
put at risk are fear tactics backed by greed. "We signed the ABM
treaty nearly 30 years ago; which requires a reduction in strategic
nuclear disarmament and general and complete disarmament.
Weaponization of space clearly violates that treaty. My bill will call for
an immediate and permanent termination of research, testing,
manufacturing, production and deployment of all space-based weapons
systems and components by any person, agency or contractor of the
U.S. government."

Kucinich will introduce the Space Preservation Act of 2001 this
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Joined: 22 Dec 2000
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Location: right here
PostSat Aug 04, 2001 11:09 pm  Reply with quote  

Their focus includes a permanent world ban on space-based weapons

Would this world ban on space-based weapons include those that would target NEO's (Nearth Earth Objects ie. asteroids)?
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Joined: 25 Jul 2000
Posts: 3403
Location: Damnit...I'm a doctor jim
PostSun Aug 05, 2001 1:08 am  Reply with quote  

asteriods are not a joke and I would hope they are not in the shuffle over political quams about an arms race...

"On 5 Aug 2001 there were 312 known Potentially
Hazardous Asteroids"



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Joined: 21 Apr 2001
Posts: 1386
PostSun Aug 05, 2001 10:00 pm  Reply with quote  

I seriously doubt that the push to weaponize space ever had anything to do with deflecting potential planet killer asteroids.

It seems the military brass is becoming more brazen with regards to their actual agenda. Now it's not about asteroids, it's about protecting our satellites. I wish they'd get their story straight. At least this latest explanation is a bit closer to the truth...

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Joined: 08 Jul 2000
Posts: 3137
Location: Texas
PostMon Aug 06, 2001 3:15 am  Reply with quote  

It seems to me satellites are our weakest link. They could be taken out so easily, by man or by nature, but we depend on them so much. I can certainly understand why they want to be in the satellite bodyguard business.
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Joined: 08 Mar 2001
Posts: 1344
Location: Lubbock, Texas
PostMon Aug 06, 2001 5:51 pm  Reply with quote  

Moved into this thread on behalf of Duncan Kunz by 3T3L1.

posted 08-06-2001 09:59 AM
If you think of a military spy as an enemy "soldier", then I guess you'd think of a spy satellite as a weapon. Given our need to acquire data on atmospherics and the earth's surface (to track pollution, forest fires, heavy concentrations of fish, icebergs, etc.) -- and given the fact that such imagery can easily be used to track other countries' military assets -- it would be just about impossible for anyone to say that these "peaceful" operations are not really being used for clandestine military intelligence gathering.

And how about weapons that actually do things besides just look?

I like the idea, and I can see why the Russians and the Chinese don't. Consider their capabilities:

The Russian Strategic Rocket Forces are falling apart, due to tat unfortunate country's slow implosion; their technology and infrastructure probably can't do the job of defending against incoming missiles of any kind (except maybe "Scud"-type attacks).

China, because of its own economic standing does not (yet) have the capability to provide a credible defensive capability either. We do.

I admit that a good defense can make a unilateral first strike more feasible, but we haven't yet done that (although Curtis LeMay really wanted to do so in 1962). If we don't rely on our military technology to level the playing field against potential adversaries with big populations and a record of recent aggression (cf. Chechnya, Tibet), we would either have to spend beaucoup bucks on a conventional force (can you say "re-instate the draft", boys and girls?) or take the real risk of being blackmailed by these same adversaries out of whatever national interests we have left in the world.

Don't get me wrong; I don't think we should be involved in all these police actions throughout the world. I don't think it's in our national interest to pick sides in the Balkans, the Middle East, or Somalia -- or even Cuba.

But we do have global national interests. As long as we do, we have to realize that there's going to be a Big Dog on the street; I'd rather have that Big Dog be us. Space-based weapons seem to be a pretty cost-effective way to do just that.

...not that I'm biased towards aerospace/defense issues, of course.


Duncan Kunz /
Mesa AZ / 480-891-2525

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