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Government Encroachment of Klamath Falls

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mark sky

Joined: 14 Oct 2000
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PostFri Apr 26, 2002 7:08 am  Reply with quote  

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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[IMG] om/floyd260/floyd/dsomline.gif[/IMG]

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Joined: 25 Apr 2001
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Location: Menlo Park, Ca, USA
PostTue Apr 30, 2002 12:32 am  Reply with quote  

Federal Closure Orders Posted At Project Facilities
Mon Apr 29 11:44:14 2002

The following was found attached to the small cyclone fence gate at the A Canal Headgates this morning. I called my contact at the BOR and he told me that copies of this "Closure Order" are at the Klamath County Court House, the Klamath County Library, and posted at the other closure facilities listed below.

My contact then faxed me a copy of the "Order" which included the maps mentioned below. Sorry, kinda hard to type in maps.

Also, I've been told that EarthJustice, PCFFA, etc TRO lawsuit will be heard today around noon - 1:00 down in Federal Court in Oakland.


USDA – Reclamation
Mid-Pacific Region
Federal Office Building
2800 Cottage Way
Sacramento, CA 95825-1898
(916) 978-5000

By virtue o f the authority vested in me under the regulations of the Secretary of the Interior, 43 CFR Part 423, public access to the following facilities, lands, or waters is closed until October 15, 2002

A Canal Headgate Area – The closure area includes all lands, waters and facilities within 100 feet of either side of the centerline of the A Canal which lies between the Highway 97 onramp and the canal’s confluence with Upper Klamath Lake as shown on the attached map. This closure area includes the entire A canal headgate facility and related structures, walkways, gate operating mechanisms and all lands surrounding such structures within the described area.

Link River Dam – The closure area includes the entire dam structure and surrounding lands and water 100 feet downstream and 50 feet upstream of the dam and 50 feet from the right and left abutments as shown on the attached map.

Station 48 Drop – The closure area includes the land, water and facilities within the existing fence surrounding the headgate structure as shown on the attached map.

Klamath Basin Area Office Headquarters Area – The closure area includes the land and facilities immediately adjacent to and south of the KBAO office building and lying within the existing chain link fence which is bounded on the north by Joe Wright Road and on the east by Washburn Way and excludes the formal offices of the Fish and Wildlife Service and the Bureau of Reclamation as shown on the attached map.

The following acts are prohibited on the facilities, lands and waters in the closure area

1. Trespassing, entering, or remaining in or upon the closure areas described above. Exceptions: Operations and Maintenance personnel that have express authorization from Reclamation, law enforcement officers and Reclamation employees acting with the scope of their employment, and any others who have received express written authorization from Reclamation to inter the closure area.

2. Tampering or attempting to tamper with the facilities, structures or other property located within the closure areas or moving, manipulating, or setting in motion any of the parts thereof. Exceptions: see 1 above.

3. Vandalism or destroying, injuring, defacing, or damaging property or real property that is not under one’s lawful control or possession.

This order is posted in accordance with 43 CFR Part 423.3(b).

DONE AT 09:30, THIS 25 DAY IF APRIL, 2002

/s/ David Sabo, Area Manager
Klamath Basin Area Office

Violations of this prohibition or any prohibition listed in 43 CFR Part 423 are punishable by fine, or imprisonment for not more then six months, or both.

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