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honey,where are the clouds

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Joined: 13 Jun 2001
Posts: 47
honey,where are the clouds PostWed Jul 11, 2001 4:39 am  Reply with quote  

Thats what a elderly lady said to me as we were walking into the grocery store,two vary bright flashes literally illuminating the parking lot,it was nearly an hour before night,and it was not a storm,the sky was clear exept for four chem lines.That is the third time in as many days i have whitnessed this.Tonight was extraordinary,immediately after a halo appeared overhead with a vary pink sky,the heavens had totaly changed in a flash,i really dont know what to make of this one.Something new yet again,this keeps getting stranger by the day.
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Joined: 17 Mar 2001
Posts: 1571
Location: S. Bossier, Louisiana
PostWed Jul 11, 2001 5:38 am  Reply with quote  

We've been seeing the pink sky a lot here lately in NW Louisiana. Some evenings, the sky has "neon" colors in it, brite, neon clouds of hot-pink, dirty gold-beige, greenish, brightest orange I've ever seen and pastel type colors also, like an almost lavender sunset. Would almost seem pretty if it wasn't all so surrealistic, "Salvadore Dali" looking....really weird. Sometimes, these neon colors throw an "odd" cast of hue and lite on everything and looks so unnatural. Blessings, Joanne
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Joined: 27 Feb 2001
Posts: 1255
Location: The Void
PostWed Jul 11, 2001 12:51 pm  Reply with quote  

JC...I wonder if these flashes seen by many aren't microwave weapons being tested and shot through the clouds primed and ready to receive them?
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Joined: 01 Jul 2006
Posts: 2
Location: russia
Work from home PostWed Aug 09, 2006 8:53 pm  Reply with quote  

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