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Abductions or Dreams?

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Joined: 14 Apr 2003
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PostSat Jan 24, 2004 6:34 pm  Reply with quote  

Wow, I definitly learned something today on this subject.Im not one that would even consider symbolism in dreams but now i must say that it apparently has alot to do with ones life. I have a few other wierd dreams that i will rack my brain for and see if i cant put them in words so you can tell me the symbolism in those dreams JBE.

Thanks for your help and information its what i needed to see. I will say i beleive we do not utilize our brain 100% in the physical form. My biggest question would have to be why i dont remember dreams at all when i know for a fact that we as humans dream everytime we sleep, only remembering dreams on certain occasions just leaves me puzzled as to why.
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Joined: 09 Jul 2003
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PostSat Jan 24, 2004 11:17 pm  Reply with quote  

Good - I'm glad you learned something!

Originally posted by HatchetML:
My biggest question would have to be why i dont remember dreams at all when i know for a fact that we as humans dream everytime we sleep, only remembering dreams on certain occasions just leaves me puzzled as to why.

The dream world and the waking world are symbolic of our true mind-patterns = what we think of ourselves, our reality, and our relationship with the Source. You are always dreaming about YOU! If we are not learning something in our awake state, the lessons transfer over into our dream state. That is why the symbolism is the same, regardless of the state you are in. This is why you dream in a language you understand, in normal colors, about people you know, etc. As an example, when you dream about your wife, it really is not her you are dreaming about (although sometimes it can be). She represents or symbolizes the aspect of your personality that you see within her = she is ďthatĒ part of your make up (and I donít mean Maybelline Ė ha!). Did I confuse you there?

Everyone dreams, every night. There are MANY reasons why you might not remember your dreams. Maybe you are not ready to learn that particular lesson being revealed. But you can condition yourself to (slowly) accept whatever dreams your mind wants to release. On the other hand, recurring dreams or even nighmares hold a lesson that DEMANDS correction. Your subconscious uses the dream until the issue is addressed in the mind-pattern that is represented by it. Does that all make sense to you?
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Joined: 22 Apr 2001
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Location: Central Washington
PostSat Jan 24, 2004 11:42 pm  Reply with quote  


Quote:Based on what you said, sounds like you were being shown that holographic imagery can be used to make things appear real but that itís just part of the big game - to trick people into feeling fear and confusion where none exists.

I have to say I think your interpretation of my dream is right on...

In my dream with the holographic bird I donít remember anything after trying to touch that weird colored bird... that was pretty much the end of the dream.
Though at the time I didnít know much about holographic imagery as a science, Iíve since learned more about it.

After reading your dream about the orbs attacking people it reminded me of a phenomenon called ball lightening... Iíve included a few articles here that you might find interesting. In particular an experience that happened in Nepal, it seems the whole town was terrorized by these weird orb like objects for quite a while.

Unfriendly Fire..... article about ball lightening

One interesting thing about this article is the picture of the two colonial dressed gentlemen that have apparently been hit by ball lightening.

Something is happening on a highway cutting through the US southwestern desert. A string of cars has pulled over on the hard shoulder, the drivers standing together and pointing into the distance. Another car is flagged down as it approaches. ďYou have got to see this,Ē urges the breathless onlooker. ďItís aliens for sure.Ē
1. He points to a bright light moving in the sky. It is not an aircraft, a star, or anything else any of them have seen before. The driver is in the uniform of a Major in the USAF. He gives a wry smile. ďDonít worry,Ē he says. ďItís probably one of ours.Ē If the Major was referring to ball lightning and not an advanced craft, he might be right.

Ball lightning is the most curious of unexplained phenomena. Witnessed by as many as five per cent of the population, it was dismissed as an optical illusion for many years. Then, after repeated sightings by accredited scientists, it gradually won acceptance as a real, if mysterious, effect. It appears as a glowing sphere, ranging in size from a tennis ball to a football. It floats around slowly, and after a period of several seconds it disappears, either silently or with a bang and a shower of sparks. Generally yellow or blue, it can leave a strange smell of ozone. It is often associated with thunder storms or electrical apparatus.

The report here found on the Rense site is part of a sighting included in a long list, youíll have to read down a little ways to find it.


KATHMANDU [AFP] The Weekend Australian of August 11, 2002, reports, Many residents of Southwestern Nepal are living in fear after seeing a fireball swoop down from the sky to attack a woman two nights in a row. The Kathmandu Post quoted residents of Nepalgunj saying the UFO would target people sleeping on their terraces and roofs to escape the summer heat. "Sahim Khan, 55, was sleeping peacefully on her terrace when the fireball-like object flew towards her ready to attack her and when we rushed towards Khan's house, it disappeared instantly." Residents said the same ball of fire had come after Khan the night before. Superintendent of police, Gokarna Bahadur Pal, told the paper he had seen a red object in the sky but did not know what it was. Rumors were circulating in the town that a fireball killed a woman several days ago in a village in neighboring India. Thanks to: FarShores UFO News -

SANTA ANA - James Schuld called to report that he saw plasma UFOs on May 26, 2000, at 8:00 PM as it got dark. They stay right over his home and they are there almost nightly. Different peeps per minute, ten peeps pause then two peeps, Indians claim to have seen near there. They are also seen coming out of the ground, Two or three feet in diameter fireballs, pinkish make peeping sounds.

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Joined: 22 Apr 2001
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Location: Central Washington
PostSun Jan 25, 2004 12:33 am  Reply with quote  

Bhang... Iím including in my reply here an article about how false memories can be implanted. Itís scary to realize that this kind of technology exists... even scarier to start to ponder what kind of the uses and abuses can occur with this technology depending on who has the most to benefit from it.

Iíve reread your posts here and was trying to determine if youíve actually had any incidents of missing time and if youíve ever woke up from one of your dreams to find any marks on your body. Youíve said that these dreams started while at boot camp which makes me tend to think that itís not an abduction since usually abductees will have memories going way back into their childhood. Another thing that seems to occur with abductess is that these experiences tend to happen to other members of the family... for example... if it happens to the mother or father it will also happen to the children... and if it happens to one child the other sibling is more likely to experience it too.... it appears to follow the generations down through the years.

If you can answer yes to having missing time and marks then you have to ask yourself... how bad do you really want to know? From what Iíve read of people who went in for help in learning the truth of what has happened to them... the whole experience tends to be quite traumatic. The process of hypnosis for numerous individuals causes them to relive the whole experience again and somehow try to deal with the knowledge of what has happened. Some people experience a lot of problems because that knowledge affects their whole belief systems in unpredictable ways. And then there are others that are spiritually strengthened and tend to make career changes due to seeing life in a whole new light.

Because youíre currently in a situation that has to be exposing you to tremendous stress, it might be better to not get too worked up about your dreams until youíre able to explore them at a more relaxed time. One thing you can do if youíre determined to know, is ask other soldiers if theyíre having any unusual UFO related dreams and maybe compare the themes... you could gain some clues perhaps.

'We Can Implant Entirely
False Memories'
Laura Spinney on our remembrance of things past...
The Guardian - UK

You were abducted by aliens, you saw Bugs Bunny at Disneyland,
and then you went up in a balloon. Didn't you?

Alan Alda had nothing against hard-boiled eggs until last spring. Then the actor, better known as Hawkeye from M*A*S*H, paid a visit to the University of California, Irvine. In his new guise as host of a science series on American TV, he was exploring the subject of memory. The researchers showed him round, and afterwards took him for a picnic in the park. By the time he came to leave, he had developed a dislike of hard-boiled eggs based on a memory of having made himself sick on them as a child - something that never happened.

Alda was the unwitting guinea pig of Elizabeth Loftus, a UCI psychologist who has been obsessed with the subject of memory and its unreliability since Richard Nixon was sworn in as president. Early on in her research, she would invite people into her lab, show them simulated traffic accidents, feed them false information and leading questions, and find that they subsequently recalled details of the scene differently - a finding that has since been replicated hundreds of times.

More recently, she has come to believe that lab studies may underestimate people's suggestibility because, among other things, real life tends to be more emotionally arousing than simulations of it. So these days she takes her investigations outside the lab. In a study soon to be published, she and colleagues describe how a little misinformation led witnesses of a terrorist attack in Moscow in 1999 to recall seeing wounded animals nearby. Later, they were informed that there had been no animals. But before the debriefing, they even embellished the false memory with make-believe details, in one case testifying to seeing a bleeding cat lying in the dust.

"We can easily distort memories for the details of an event that you did experience," says Loftus. "And we can also go so far as to plant entirely false memories - we call them rich false memories because they are so detailed and so big."

She has persuaded people to adopt false but plausible memories - for instance, that at the age of five or six they had the distressing experience of being lost in a shopping mall - as well as implausible ones: memories of witnessing demonic possession, or an encounter with Bugs Bunny at Disneyland. Bugs Bunny is a Warner Brothers character, and as the Los Angeles Times put it earlier this year, "The wascally Warner Bros. Wabbit would be awwested on sight", at Disney.

Elizabeth Loftus' research has obvious implications for the reliability of eyewitness testimony. And it was as a result of her findings that in 1994 she co-wrote her book, The Myth of Repressed Memory, and took a strong stand in the recovered memory debate of the 90s, for which she was reviled by those who claimed to have uncovered repressed memories of abuse - alien, sexual or otherwise.

The American Psychological Association (APA) now takes the line that most people who were sexually abused as children remember all or part of what happened to them, and that it is rare (though not unheard of) that people forget such emotionally charged events and later recover them. But it states that, "Concerning the issue of a recovered versus a pseudomemory, like many questions in science, the final answer is yet to be known." And the debate simmers on. Several new lines of evidence suggest that the interaction between memory and emotion is more complex than was thought. Powerful emotions, it seems, can both reinforce and weaken real memories. We may be able to actively degrade painful memories. And false memories, once accepted, can themselves elicit strong emotions and thereby mimic real ones.

To try to tease apart these complex relationships, the psychologist Daniel Wright and his colleagues at the University of Sussex have been looking into what it is that makes some people more susceptible to false memories than others. On average, studies show that around a third of those subjected to the "misinformation effect" wholly or partially adopt a false memory, but it seems to depend on both the person and the memory. Alan Alda swallowed the hard-boiled egg story, to the extent that he declined to eat one at the UCI picnic, but he wasn't taken in by Bugs Bunny in Disneyland. In one study published last year, 50% of volunteers were persuaded they had taken a ride in a hot-air balloon when they had not. But when Kathy Pezdek of the Claremont Graduate University, California, tried to make people believe they had received a rectal enema, she met with almost universal resistance.

Amid all this variability, Wright's group did find one significant correla tion - though it was not dramatic: those who were more vulnerable to false memories also tended to suffer more frequent lapses in attention and memory. The trouble is, he says, "People who have been traumatised also tend to score higher on tests of lapses in memory." Their traumatic experiences may contribute to their forgetfulness, but their forgetfulness may lay them open to memory distortion - so true and false become harder to disentangle.

Among the symptoms suffered by victims of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) are chilling flashbacks. But, says Michael Anderson of the University of Oregon, "People who suffer PTSD represent a very small fraction of the people who experience trauma. The great majority of people who experience trauma never develop PTSD and eventually are able to adapt in the face of these events." He argues that they do so by suppressing the memory, and that this suppression gradually erases it.

Two years ago, Anderson's group showed that people who deliberately try to keep a word out of their mind find it harder to recall later than if they had not suppressed it. Counter- intuitively, this form of forgetting seems more likely to occur when people are confronted by reminders of the very memory they want to avoid. Anderson says an extreme example of this might be a child who is forced to live with an abusing care-giver, and must put the memory of abuse to one side in order to interact with that care-giver. "If people continue to work at it, the amount of forgetting grows with repetition and time," he says.

At the annual meeting of the US Society for Neuroscience in New Orleans last month, Anderson's group presented new data on how this "motivated forgetting" might arise in the brain. When people tried to suppress memories for certain words while having their brains scanned in a magnetic resonance imaging machine, not only did the researchers see a dampening of activity in the hippocampus, a structure known to be critical for memory formation, but the frontal cortex was highly active. Since the frontal cortex is important for conscious control, they believe that neurons here may be suppressing the representation of the unwanted word in the hippocampus, and in the process impairing its memory.

However, Anderson admits that his experiments ignore the effect of a memory's emotional intensity on a person's ability to suppress it. And there is plenty of evidence that memory for emotionally charged events can be enhanced - albeit at a cost. Also last month, Bryan Strange of the Wellcome department of imaging neuroscience at University College London and colleagues showed that people were more likely to remember a word if it was emotionally arousing - "murder" or "scream", say - than if it was neutral. And the words most likely to be forgotten were neutral ones presented just before emotionally arousing ones. The effect was more pronounced in women than in men, and both the enhanced memory for the emotional word and the forgettability of the preceding neutral one could be reversed by dosing the volunteers in advance with the drug propranolol.

Propranolol, a commonly prescribed beta-blocker, interferes with the neurochemical pathway thought to be responsible for making emotionally arousing events more memorable - the beta-adrenergic system - and it has already been used experimentally in the treatment of patients with PTSD. In one study, published in October, Guillaume Vaiva of the University of Lille and colleagues offered prop- ranolol to victims of assault or motor accidents shortly after their traumatic experience, and then invited them back for psychological testing two months later. On their return, almost all the patients exhibited some symptoms associated with PTSD, but they were twice as severe among those who had not taken the drug.

The finding that propranolol can be effective at blocking memory when given after an event as well as before is important because, as Loftus explains, "In the real world you can't be there to exert your manipulations right at the time an event is happening, but you can get on the scene later." It has been proposed that propranolol should be offered to victims of rape as a standard measure to prevent them developing PTSD. But could it also be used to erase false memories - for instance, "recovered" memories of alien abduction - that nevertheless elicit all the physiological responses associated with harrowing, real memories?

"If the formation of false memories depends on beta-adrenergic activation, then it would seem very possible that propranolol administration could affect them," says the UCI neuro- biologist Larry Cahill, who has also investigated the effects of the drug in PTSD patients. But Ray Dolan of UCL, a co-author with Bryan Strange of the study on memory for emotional words, points out that not all false memories have a common basis. If they are interpolations into gaps in memory, such as the gap that opened up before the presentation of an emotionally arousing word, or possibly the gap into which Alan Alda inserted a memory of having over-indulged in eggs, then it is conceivable the drug would work. But, says Dolan, "Other classes of false memory, for example, where the memories are fantasies or out-and-out fabrications, would be immune to propranolol."

The idea of doctors having the power to wipe the memory clean sends shivers down many people's spines. False memories could safely be erased, perhaps, assuming there was a reliable way of differentiating them from true ones. Although brain-imaging techniques highlight some differences in patterns of brain activation when a person recalls a true as opposed to a false memory, these are statistical differences only. "We are so far away from being able to use these techniques to reliably classify a single memory as being real or not real," says Loftus, "Yet that is what the courts have to do."

True memories, too, can get out of control and become destructive, leading to PTSD and other anxiety disorders. But they start out as an important self-defence mechanism - teaching you, for instance, that too many hard-boiled eggs are bad for you. Erasing them completely could be dangerous.

In the end, says Loftus, it will come down to personal choice. "What would you rather be in the world, sadder but wiser, all too well remembering the horrors of your past and feeling depressed, or perhaps not remembering them very much and being a little happier?"

Further reading
The Myth of Repressed Memory by Dr Elizabeth Loftus and Katherine Ketcham, 1996 paperback (St Martin's Press, New York). ISBN 0312141238
American Psychological Association website with links to questions and answers about memories of childhood abuse:
Suppressing unwanted memories by executive control by Michael C Anderson and Collinn Green, Department of Psychology, University of Oregon, 2001 (Nature, 410 [6826], 366-9) © Guardian Newspapers Limited 2003
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PostSun Jan 25, 2004 3:22 am  Reply with quote  

Catnip: Thanks for those links! Ball lightning huh? Wonder if thatís a new phenomenon or should I say new ďexplanationĒ for orbs? Funny thing is, I had my orb dream going back 15 years ago, LONG before I ever even heard of orb-shaped objects - UFOís.

Did you see the picture in July 2003 of an orb with a laser beam shooting out of it that was taken by some teenage boys in Italy? I no longer have access to that photo, but they took it with a cell phone with digital photography capabilities, whoa Ė that sure was a nice shot and reminded me of my dream when I saw it!

BTW, that is an excellent article from the Rense site re: mind control. The idea that you canít even trust your own thoughts and memories is mind boggling Ė heh, heh.

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PostSun Jan 25, 2004 9:59 pm  Reply with quote  

Quote:Ball lightning huh? Wonder if thatís a new phenomenon or should I say new ďexplanationĒ for orbs?

I'm not sure if it's a new explanation for orbs but I think ball lighting has been around for a long time... I remember reading some article about Tesla creating ball lighting in the lab at one time...

Do you think your orb dream was only a coincidence?.... might be it was a dream to inform you of some future phenomenon that you would be encountering..

And yes.. I did see that picture that you mentioned...the orb with the beam.. it was totally awesome. I saved it somewhere on my computer... can't remember where at the moment.

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PostMon Jan 26, 2004 12:43 am  Reply with quote  

Originally posted by Catnip57:
Do you think your orb dream was only a coincidence?.... might be it was a dream to inform you of some future phenomenon that you would be encountering..

And yes.. I did see that picture that you mentioned...the orb with the beam.. it was totally awesome. I saved it somewhere on my computer...

Oh yeah! Like I said above, it was without a doubt one of my future dreams. My spirit guide was giving me a lesson in using my intuition (knowing) and teaching me to rely on spirit for protection.

If you find that orb photo, and you are able, can you please post it here? I wish I had downloaded it when I had the chance to. Thanks!
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PostMon Jan 26, 2004 11:49 pm  Reply with quote  

Jersey... I meant to include some information about Dr. Steven Greer and his Disclosure Project on my last posting but it totally slipped my mind...

This is the address to his web site And that will of course lead you to the page about the Disclosure Project at

Recently I visited this page and listened to one of Dr. Greerís interviews with Art Bell on Coast to Coast.... which was a most interesting interview that I would recommend to everyone. This interview took place on 7-08-2003. If you scroll down the page youíll find it easily. There is also a link to the Disclosure Project which took place on May 9, 2001.

I listened to this interview today where they were discussing Dr. Greerís hopes of doing a Disclosure Project on new energy sources that are available that would make fossil fuels obsolete. He spoke of individuals out there who are learning how to produce energy that sounded similar to Nicola Teslaís technology. But these individuals are afraid to come forward for various reasons. Most of the reasons centered around the fact that theyíve been intercepted by TPTB and convinced that the world is not ready for this technology right now. They mentioned on the interview that itís actually those who are in positions of power that arenít ready because this would upset their place of power and control that they currently hold in the world.

One comment that I found to be very relevant..... one reason why TPTB donít want to disclose about the extraterrestrials is because it would invariably lead to a disclosure about the source of power/propulsion systems of their flying crafts which would cause a disruption in our current energy dependance. Theyíre afraid of the chaos it would cause.

Hereís a really good web site to visit that Dr. Greer has been involved with to help bring public awareness about sources of Free Energy....

Iíve included their opening statement... visit the page to read more.

Why SEAS? An Overview for Inventors

An historical overview of over-unity electric generators and other unconventional energy innovations shows that for at least 75 years, human society could have had a replacement for fossil fuels and the internal combustion engine. The fact that such energy breakthroughs are not in use today is ample evidence that the hurdles to the widespread use of such technologies is less about inventing such a system - or even about adequate funding - and primarily about 'something else'. Since the time of Tesla, inventors have been discovering ways to extract energy from the space around us. And yet we all still drive cars using gasoline, and live in homes powered mostly by coal-fired public utilities.

Another article in support of Dr. Greer
Steven Greer and the Latest Run at Free Energy

There are even more articles on the web.... just do a search and youíll find them...

I'll keep looking for that picture of the orb too.
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PostTue Jan 27, 2004 5:52 am  Reply with quote  


Thanks for all that information Ė much appreciated. I will definitely listen to that Coast to Coast interview as soon as I can!

Itís interesting that you bring up alternative energy. I have a friend that is working on quantum Electrogravitic propulsion systems (thatís a mouthful huh?). So far heís filed one patent application and Iím currently helping him with a book heís publishing Ė itís an interesting project and quite eye opening! From what I understand to date, he has a few different devices. With the anti-gravitic device that can be used on any vehicle, he gets an average of 3 times the gas mileage on a tank of gas. Although his MPGs have ranged from 100 Ė 600, Iím not sure why yet - I have not read that far into the book and some of the scientific principles applied are a bit over my head. Heís been using one of these devices on his personal vehicle for quite a while and has had the same results. Cool huh?

Hereís the kicker Ė I think youíll appreciate this. He gets his ideas for these inventions from the Japanese Dogu statues of Ancient Astronauts. Check this out. This is one of the schematics heís come up with AND applied.

The power of the mind - it never ceases to amaze me! Itís interesting how people can look at things and see something that others do not. Anyway, there are many folks out there (all around the world) with ideas on free energy devices. You can be sure of that! I pray these inventions will see the light of day BEFORE itís too late!

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PostTue Jan 27, 2004 5:57 am  Reply with quote  

Darn it - I can't post the schematic. But here's a statue similar to the one that a device is based on:

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PostTue Jan 27, 2004 9:22 am  Reply with quote  

Wow, you all have been very busy here I see. Let me say that the above information is very interesting and brings some clarity to the issue.
Unfortunatly I have not the time to respond in depth. I'm currently in Qatar and moving on. I'll be back in Baghdad by the 1st and have more time to throw in some input. Thank you all.

BTW: Good to see you here Hatchet!

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Boomer Chick

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PostTue Jan 27, 2004 10:00 pm  Reply with quote  

Hi! Catnip, JBE, and Bhang!

I too listen to the Art Bell show and heard that program with Dr. Steven Greer. I've been following his announcements, also. And what a great article on memory and PTSD or trauma! In light of that article and a suspician I have of an online friend of mine also possessing an implant, which he does claim. I offer his latest blog on the sun and I really would like to know if he's experiencing a false memory or is really telling the truth. JBE, you know who he is! Let's protect his anonymity, OK?

Here is a blog from a former aero-space engineer who claims to know the inside story on the sun. Can anyone confirm any of this? He swears it's the truth, but yet I have my doubts. He's an online friend of mine, to remain nameless at this point, only to know him as OB1.

..I;ve been an Aerospace worker and consulting Engineer for 30 yrs,.(1961)
I "cut my teeth" on the first SUN satellite (Sky Lab) made from a Centaur
"center" section and dubbed: "Mickey Mouse". Also MANY OUTER "Mariner series"
space Satellites as well as Minuteman in between then and 1989. My
communications sytems are now beyond our Solar System..LOL!

Our SUN went "half Life" on Jan 12th 1962 and LOST it's Polarity
equator and became very UNSTABLE as a result. In the first three days of Sept
1991, ALL Hydrogen was expended and the SUN became an HELIUM STAR! Hot as hell
and warming the Earth in an irregular manner. On Novemember 23 of 1997, it was
so unstable that it might have swollen ( as red stars do) if it had NOT been
for the HUGE Spherical Space ship as captured by SOHO Imaging as it hurled two
huge "COSMIC" ( HYDROGEN) Bombs into the SUN and restarted its natural
sequence. SOHO was also blown 3.5 million miles out of orbit and took NASA
over 3 months to relocate it and bring it BACK into orbit via its Nitrogen
positioning jets. It was then refocused and began re-sending data. (ESA also
is involved here)

I wrote a Scientific analysis of what had happened and WHY based on the SUN's
history since 1962. I was asked many times IF it could be re-published to the
list and other interested parties...of course I said YEA and more became
enlightened about the SUN's history as well as WHO was doing us such a
tremendous favor..LOL!

Anyway after SOHO was back on "duty" I and several " "Scientifically minded"
Astonomer types watched the scenario where numerous space ships "prepared" the
SUN for its' NEW modus operandi! HOLES were SHOT through the SUN so that a
Neutron flux could allow HELIUM nuclei again to be formed and collected.
Phase one used three "bound together" Tanks each one larger than Jupiter and
were readily seen in the ENE sector. I had "blowups" of same before my I-MAC
was struck by an EMP from a lightning strike. Finally after a NEW E-MAC was
purchased, I again set up a "watch" of the SUN and saw much activity. I
believe I sent you the NEW pix of the present iteration?
The SUN also soon regained its polarity that had been lost 1n 1962. (
regaining an equatorial balance) Attached is iteration TWO with two samll
helium SUNS collecting their chemistry from the flux allowd by the "holes"
shot through the SUN! Fantastic!

We do NOT possess THAT kind of SCIENCE!! Obviously the ALIEN connection we NOW
have did us a fovour or you and I as well as the entire planet would have been
Vaporised ( 2nd Peter Ch 3 verse 10) BEFORE the NEW Millenia!!! Just
think,,,we would not have BUSH to punch around.either...devoutly to be
wished?? .LOL! Much much more to this story but we'll just WATCH the SUN and
see how it plays?? Revelations is obviously the LAST 1000 yrs AFTER
amelioration which leads me to believe He , himself, was an Alien who took the
opportunity to re-introduce the Idea of PEACE yet also described the present
WARS in the Mid East ( Gog vs Maagog) as well as saying that the WAR would be
fought over a "MINERAL".! Golly, I wunders whut that thar mineral are???
BTW we ARE due for an Polar shift IN the coming 1000 yrs...many paers written
on this and I've read most of them.
We ARE indeed living in "interesting" times!!! I had never thought in my
wildest dreams that I would be living in the middle of same? As the Japanese
say: "Shi kata nai desu!!" We cannot do anything about it!!
It's also such a shame that we are letting the GOV'ts of this doomed planet
cheat us out of a SPACE program to deal with it! ( or are we??) B-0b1

False memory, implanted suggestions, or the truth?



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PostTue Feb 24, 2004 3:11 am  Reply with quote  

Jersey Blue Eyes: A while back you had asked if I had seen the picture of an orb shooting a beam.... hereís the quote:

Did you see the picture in July 2003 of an orb with a laser beam shooting out of it that was taken by some teenage boys in Italy? I no longer have access to that photo, but they took it with a cell phone with digital photography capabilities, whoa Ė that sure was a nice shot and reminded me of my dream when I saw it!

I havenít located that particular picture yet... but I can direct you to a web site I just discovered today that has some pictures that are similar. Hereís the address

This is a cool site... for some reason these people are catching a lot of interesting sky shots with their video camera... talk about being in the right place at the right time.

I also wanted to make a comment about this post you made about your friend...
Quote:I have a friend that is working on quantum Electrogravitic propulsion systems......He gets his ideas for these inventions from the Japanese Dogu statues of Ancient Astronauts.

Sounds like youíve got some interesting friends.... did he happen to tell you what method he uses to gain his ideas? Does he go into some type of meditative state?

Also Iíd be interested in knowing what you thought of the volcano dreams Iíve had recently?

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Boomer Chick... I had wanted to respond to your interesting post for the longest time but the link and information I was wanting to send to you could not be recalled in my memory at the time... Luckily I stumbled upon it here recently and thought youíd be interested in this comment from a member posting back a couple years ago.

This was the first time Iíd ever heard anything about sun cruisers... but as you read Delphiís postings youíll realize that sheís been seeing things in her dreams that appear to be almost prophetic.

Quote: Delphi.....
Well, maybe not exactly remote viewing....not sure what to call it...anyway...before going to sleep, I try to "program" my mind in reference to "answers" about the chemtrail issue. Once asleep, lately, I have re-curring dreams of 3 things consistently...1)The sun, shooting out massive CMEs, (they look more like huge, "loops" of lightning bolts), expanding way into deep space and looping "back" to the coronal surface. In the dream, the sun really looks too brite, molten, even swirling at times at the core. 2)UFOs...consistently dream of those in reference to the chem scenario...especially the "sun-cruiser" one displayed at Kent Steadmans site, http:/ 3)Hordes of people, in a very grayish "dead" looking looking at a "negative picture" of people or folks where lots of volcanic activity has occurred or something...anyway, the scene is not vibrant or colorful at all and folks are in chaos, confusion, and "dazed". So....I have tried to "analyze" the dreams during waking hours...the chems, the sun, involving major problems of astronomical proportions, (excuse the pun), actually affecting the universe or perhaps being "affected" by some kind of "cosmic wave" of tremendous energy..."Sun cruisers" perhaps involved, (helping or hurting the situation don't know yet), and people very much in dire straits. One last thing also lately, a really tall building with "negative" feeling about it....hoping not like Oak. dealy. That's about it for what it's worth, which may not be much....maybe just "bad" dreams....maybe not? Blessings to all, Joanne

Response from 3TL1

Joanne -
You're patient, so maybe you could explain something to me?
1. What is a "sun cruiser"? I've heard the term, but don't know what it implies.
2. What do people think TPTB are doing to the sun? (Especially since the earth is 0.000003 times the mass of the sun. Even if we hurled the entire earth, thermonuclear weapons and all, into the sun, would the sun even hiccup?)
Thanks, and bless you, too, Joanne.

Delphiís Response:

3T3, Hi, Here goes and "bear with me" and I hope you won't run screaming into the nite from the likes of me and my "wild ideas"! First, The suncruiser that is referred to many times is a possible "object" or craft that some folks feel is "lurking" around the sun...of unknown origin and unknown purpose. Kent Steadman at his excellent site has articles...(in archives section too, as well as recent), in reference to the theories about the "cruiser". I believe it was Chemtrailsorg. who first brought this object to Kents attention. is a very good researcher and can probably really get much deeper into the aspects of the cruiser. Kents site...I hope I get this up right, is, and, of course is a member here, as well as still having a chemsite of his own, I think. Secondly, now here's where I get "hinky"...Myself and some other ufo researchers feel like the sun is of interest to "Alien" technology. You are quite correct, I also strongly doubt TPTB are doing anything to the sun. Now whether alien technology could possibly affect the sun in any way is very debatable and probably not likely...However, there may be an intense interest there as many folks feel that we are not being made privy to a possible problem with the sun of "natural" origin...something that perhaps takes place almost as a many 1,000 yrs. cycle and that we may be in this cycle now...not the 11 year solar cycle but other...or, a possibility that our sun is being affected by a cosmic super wave that will eventually affect our entire galaxy and beyond...the more frieghtening of the scenarios. Hopi Prophecy and others tell of the advent of the "Blue Star" before the end times...these blue "flashes" of light that some people have observed recently, (not heat lightning or storm lightning), it is felt, may be the sign the Hopis spoke of...I will try to remember where I saw scientific data that mentioned the possible "occurrence" of a cosmic "event" in deep space that may have happened and what may be heading our way and beyond. I think Kent has an article in reference to that also in archives. I hope I have explained it all well. Love and light and peace, Joanne

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Thanks for the cool site Catnip! Some of those photos made me open my eyes a bit wider. And a big oops for not answering you re: your volcano related dreams. I am so sorry! I've been working on a presentation, and I'm been giving it most of my energy. I need to be in the right frame of mind (totally open you know?). I copied that paragraph and put it in my computer. If you have any additional information, please post it. I'll have a response in 2 days or so. Promise! Also, that thread with Delphi looks interesting too. You've been around these parts for a while huh? Iíll bet youíve seen many people come and go.

Re: you question on quantum Electrogravitic propulsion systems based on Dogu statues. There was a time period in my friendís life where he busted his back and was out of commission for about 6 months. He spent a lot of time in the library reading about, among many things, the ancient Dogu statues. At one point he came across a statue and took a picture of it. While developing the photograph under certain lighting conditions, he created these vortex worm holes (in the photo). Iíve seen the photos and can also see other ďthingsĒ around the statue too. I guess that got his inventorís mind in gear and one thing led to another. Based on the statues, he has a device that gives him 3-4 times the gas mileage in any vehicle. These days heís working on the propulsion device (free energy!). Definitely some interesting concepts there! If you want some more information, donít feel obligated, just let me know and Iíll give you the links to his websites.
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