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Abductions or Dreams?

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Abductions or Dreams? PostThu Jan 15, 2004 9:59 pm  Reply with quote  

On my soul: this is a true story.

As far a UFO abduction goes, I have a good idea how it works - or at least I THOUGHT I did. You see, I never in my life considered that I have had or would have an abduction experience, until about 2 years ago...
I posted on this site "Green Orb, Have you seen me?"

This was my first real experience with anything paranormal but I have no memories of any kind of communion so-to-speak.
It wasn't until I joined the military that I began to experience some dreams that left me very confused and somewhat frightened. I joined in July 2001 but did not begin my Basic Training until the 4th of Oct. at Ft. Sill Oklahoma. It was during In-processing that I witnessed my second UFO. It was broad daylight, about 1115 and we were picking up some leaves around our barracks when I glanced up and noticed something very weird. At first I thought it was a balloon. Then I thought it was a planet. It was as if Venus was shining bright. But that did not make sense considering it was a bright blue sky. I realized what it was right away. Or a least what I think it was. I looked over to the soldier next to me and said "Char, look at that!" As I pointed to the bright spot in the sky. I said "That's a pearl in the sky". I was referring to the sightings of Buddhist monks over 1,500 years ago. Just like the silver orbs reported here. We watched as the object slowly moved in a horseshoe pattern then just vanished without a trace. Of course I was totally excited and that night began to talk about all I knew concerning UFO's or ACV's to the new recruits which lead into the whole NWO thing.

Maybe it was my fault for brining everyone's consciousness to this level, because over the course of 6 months I had some very, very interesting/scary dreams. Maybe my whole spiel about UFO's manifested some weird things; then again I had some real "proof" to make me think otherwise.

I wrote the dates of all my dreams down but unfortunately I did not bring that information with me to Baghdad so I cannot accurately give time frames so I will omit this data from my account. I had only 3 dreams while in Basic and they all seemed to be UFO related.

1st Dream:

I "woke" into my dream. I was laughing with pleasure. I realized my pleasure was the fact that I was free of gravity. I was floating and it felt so awesome! I looked to my left because I realized someone was laughing with me. It was a young boy about my age. All I can recall of him was his black hair that was parted down the middle a hung a little below his ears. We were laughing together, in a state of joyful bliss. After what seemed like a long time my laughing subsided and the boy looked over at me and said the oddest thing.
"My dad really likes you".
That is when I realized that I was floating near the ceiling and I looked down. I could see all the bunks in the barracks with their green blankets and pillows but ALL the bunks were EMPTY.

-Fade to Black-

Next thing I knew I was standing in a room. There was very little light and the color of the light was like that street light orange. I had the feeling that I was in a mansion. The ceiling seemed far overhead, the walls seemed far apart, and the room just "sounded" huge if that makes sense to you? I could not get the dimensions because the room faded into dark shadow. The only part that was lit was the corner of the room. In the corner of the room, lit by that eerie orange light was a cat. The cat was all black and curled up in the corner and was lying on some sort of cat bed or basket. I immediately noticed that this cat was skinny, too damn skinny. I could see its back bone trying to poke through the skin and I could see every rib. I have never seen a cat in the real world like this. Its bright yellow eyes seemed to know my thoughts. It gazed right at me and began to speak! It was telepathic in nature and to say the least I was stunned. I cannot remember a single word of what it said to me but I know, I KNOW whatever it told me was very, very, very important to me. I can remember thinking to myself that I must pay attention and remember everything that this cat is telling me. When the cat finished I felt a presence behind me. I turned around to see a group of people standing there cast in shadow. All of them were shilloutes except the man in the middle. He was an older man in his 50's I'd guess. He had the typical "hair helmet" of the 70's. I was still in shock about the cat so all I said was "Did you hear that? That cat was talking, he was talking to me!!!" The older man said very calmly "You must be dreaming. Cat's do not talk."

So I was dreaming in my dream?

-Fade to Black-

A female was next to me. Everything else was black. Someone approached to my right. It was a tall, naked woman. But this woman was strange, very strange indeed. Of course the first thing I noticed was her breast. Then her stomach, she was well along in a pregnancy. Then I noticed the color of her skin. Grayish and the little veins were blue. Then I looked towards her face. She was wearing a blonde wig. I thought it was very ridiculous disguise. Yeah, I thought it was a disguise. But the weirdest part was I could not see her face. Her face was all black. Like her face was being hidden. Just like a dark shadow that covered the face but I could see everything else about her.
Then there was a scream from the female that was next to me. She then yelled "Look what ---- has done!" as I ejaculated.

End of Dream.

I awoke in the barracks and checked myself. Yeah, I just had had a wet dream but I did not even remember getting aroused. And why the hell did I get off to a skinny, grayish-blue, no face having, pregnant chick with a wig? It was Basic Training and I had no time to waste thinking about it when I needed to be sleeping.

The weather was awful during this time and we had not seen the sun, moon or stars in about a month. The clouds were thick and had been dumping rain for almost two weeks. We were hard at work and getting adjusted to or new environment. After a long day I settled in for a good nights sleep.

2nd Dream:

I "woke" into my dream and once again I was flying. But this time I knew I was at the controls of something. I could not actually see the controls but I felt like my hands were manipulating the controls of a craft. My first impression was a small Cessna but there was no noise from any kind of engine. I was flying and all I could see was the clear night sky. Then from the upper left hand side of my vision I could see a craft come into view. I have never seen this craft before but I immediately recognized it. Like I HAD seen it before somewhere. The craft was very unique. There was a sphere that connected by a shaft to a cylinder. There sphere had a red light and was stationary and the cylinder was rotating. I remember it was gray and the sphere had a distinct L shaped groove on it. The sphere also had a bright red light. It was flying horizontally. It"s kind of looked like this:


I remember that craft was very familiar. So since I was controlling a craft myself, I thought I would get closer for a better look. I started to ascend towards it then something happened. Maybe I lost focus, but my craft started to nose dive. I said "No, no, no." and as I was headed for the ground I looked up and saw the full moon and two more of the same craft in the distance flying away. As I nose dived I saw that the tree branches were bare and a fresh blanket of snow covered the ground.

-Fade to Black-

I was walking barefoot in the snow through the trees and in my hands was a control box of some type. In front of me, about 30 feet was a small black craft flying around that I was controlling. Just like a model airplane. I flew it around for awhile and before long I crashed it into a bunch of trees.

End of Dream

I awoke directly after the dream and it was still dark. I looked over to the bunk next to me and was instantly terrified. I saw a typical "Gray" face staring at me! But it wasn't real" you see it was just a play of shadows on the clump of blankets. But I swear it was like someone or something had arranged it that way and the more I stared at it the more it freaked me out. So I got up to have a look outside. Sure as s!@#, the sky WAS clear and there was a FRESH layer of snow (first of that year) and there was a FULL MOON.
I had no way of knowing this because of the weather from the previous weeks. I went back to bed scared.

The next morning I had heard a story that grabbed my attention. Someone had snuck out of the barracks the night before. Well, as fate would have it I ran into the someone that very day. I was in the laundry room and overheard these two guys talking about what might happen to him for leaving the barracks. I listened for a minute but decided to respect their privacy and so I continued with my laundry. A few moments later one of guys left the room and myself and the guy who had "snuck" out were alone. For some unexplainable reason I asked him if he had been having strange dreams. He said he had and we got into a long conversation. He told me he had dreamed of some craft too the night before. I was shocked. All of this was overwhelming. I began to wonder what was really going on. He then told me about what happened to him that night.
He said he was dreaming and saw the craft. During some point a male voice told him to get up and go outside.

-For those of you who have not gone to Basic you need to understand this are not just as easy as it sounds. First of all there is a Fire Guard, a guy who sits up all night guarding the barracks and his desk in next to the barracks door. The barracks door has an alarm on it that prevents people from opening it without the alarm going off and the Drill Sergeant knowing about it.
So this voice tells him to "get up and go outside, the alarm is off" so that is exactly what he did. The Fire Guard must have been sleeping. Anyways, 45 minutes later the Drill Sergeant is screaming and waking up everyone trying to find his missing soldier. They found him outside, downstairs. I asked him why he went downstairs. He said he thought there was a formation… when he said that I got the chills. A formation? Does that mean he was not the only one? So long story short, he told the Drill that he was sleep walking but the odd part about it was that at the time he opened the door the Drill had shut the alarm off so he could go around to check on the soldiers. Perfect timing to say the least. I asked this guy to draw the craft he saw. He drew the same God Damn thing: a sphere with a cylinder attached! I asked him what color was the light and he said red… my world was spinning. The Drill Sergeant said he was going to get the guy in trouble for sneaking out. Nothing ever happened to him.

3rd Dream

I "woke" into the dream. I was in that "mansion" again. Still the shadows were everywhere. And still a few places were lit by the orange light. I was in some kind of hallway. To my left was a shelf that ran across the wall for as far as I could see into the darkness. On this shelf was what I can only describe as knick-knacks of all shapes. Boxes, triangles, tubes, spheres, figures, etc. All of them seemed non-detailed. Not until I came close could I see features on the objects. I was looking these things over and had this feeling it was my job to choose one of these things. So I looked around some more and decided to pick up this blue, ceramic looking orb. It was about the size of a baseball cap. When I looked closer at it I realized it was actually a ceramic figure of a hot air balloon. Complete with a little man in the basket wearing a top hat. When I picked it up I also noticed a folded piece of paper underneath it. For some reason I thought it was a 3 dollar bill. It was printed in blue ink. I wanted to pick it up but something "told" me I shouldn't. So, I picked it up.
Instantly little brown came from behind me grabbing the shelf. Like someone was standing behind me. I could not remember the hands. All I remember in that I had made a big mistake by grabbing the "3 dollar bill" and that the little brown arms were very wrinkly.

End of Dream.

I told a guy in my barracks about this last dream. His name is Burke. I was talking about the little brown arms and he finished the sentence by saying "and they were wrinkly?" I was on the verge of flipping out. He said he had seen one of them in the barracks at night. He said they were short brown wrinkly dudes that have mostly human features and theeth but no nose. I dismissed him as just feeding my paranoia but now that I think back, he might have really seen this. I mean, these people were confirming visions I had in dreams. I had no real time during training to ask questions and really think about it. All I did was work and sleep.


On Oct.31st that year (Halloween/Sabbath and a full moon) there was a sighting of at least 5 of the silver orbs darting around in the sky. We were all in line to get our Basic Training "year books" when on of the guys came down very excited to show me. I came a little too late. I missed the 5 zooming around but I did see the "star" that followed the moon all that night. There is some weird stuff going on at Ft. Sill

The way the barracks are arranged at Ft. Sill is four Battery/Platoon barracks connected at the center. They call this barracks layout a "Starship".

I just want to get some insight or feedback. I know some posters here are ex-military. Maybe they know something. I don't want to say I've been abducted but I can't exclude the notion. I wonder if Basic Training is set up so people can be screened or tagged?

Has anyone here had a similar experience?

I have had 3 more "odd" dreams since then… I'll explain those on this thread later.

-loose ends

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PostThu Jan 15, 2004 11:44 pm  Reply with quote  

Bhang... after reading your account here about the UFO dreams my first reaction was... “ Cool... someone finally has enough guts to come forward and talk about their unusual UFO dreams.”

At the moment a lot of thoughts about UFO dreams are shooting thru my mind and there’s a lot I could say.... But I don’t have the time to get too lengthy here and describe all the dreams I’ve had about UFO’s over the span of the last seven years. Suffice to say right now that I don’t really think I’ve had an abduction experience but I think my dreams are more to motivate me to learn more about the Ufo/abduction phenomenon. I’ve done a lot of research and can tell you about some interesting books you can read to learn more about people who have actually had an experience and have gone in for hypnosis and counseling by qualified physicians to learn more details of their experiences.

I have an address to a web site that might help you to find out if you’ve actually had an abduction experience or if you’ve just had some unusual dreams. Some of the details you’ve mentioned are highly suspicious in making me think that more than dreams have occurred in your situation. Mostly it’s the little coincidences that arose with the other men enlisted in your boot camp.

There is a book available thru titled “Incident at Fort Benning” by John Vasquez and Bruce Stephen Holms. In this book John Vasquez gives a very interesting account of some unusual activities that happened to him while he was training at Fort Benning, Georgia in September 1977. I’ve only read about half the book so far but some of the things that happened to him have some similarities to what you’ve experienced during your boot camp training.

Here is the web site of Dr. Richard Boylan where you can compare your experiences with the 20 signs he uses to determine if individuals have had an abduction experience.

UFO-Star Visitors Web Site


Richard J. Boylan, Ph.D.

1. Unexplained persistent anxiety or restlessness after experiencing an event which has no ordinary explanation.

2. A strong fearful reaction when confronted with objects, pictures, stories, films, etc. which are associated with close extraterrestrial (ET) encounters.

3. Persistent insomnia after a highly unusual event, and/or nightmares with themes of UFOs, ETs, or close encounters.

4. Repeated daytime thinking about, or daydreaming about, or extremely vivid "dreams" about UFOs, ETs, or close encounters.

5. Compulsive behavior concerning UFOs or ETs, such as voluminous reading of any and everything available on UFOs.

6. Unexplained moodiness or irritability after an anomalous UFO-related incident.

7. Body symptoms or marks characteristic of a close extraterrestrial encounter.

8. Experiencing an unexplained substantial period of missing time following an anomalous incident.

9. Having sudden onset of feelings of social unordinariness.

10. Experiencing a new cosmic awareness and perspective, which frequently breaks into one's daily thinking.

11. Suddenly feeling an affinity for the personal ET-encounter experiencers one sees or reads about, or feeling an attraction to extraterrestrials as somehow familiar.

12. Having the sense of having received telepathic messages from the ETs, or repeatedly receiving gifted intuitions.

13. Having a sense of sharing the space in one's mind with an extraterrestrial.

14. Noticing the beginning of psychic ability, or, if already psychic, noticing a marked increase in psychic abilities.

15. Feeling attracted to a spirituality or religious practice which is based on the in-dwelling of the Supreme Source in all Nature, and, as a result, the importance of reverencing all life-forms as related to you.

16. Having a longing for that extraterrestrial individual with whom a person has feels s/he has somehow had contact previously.

17. Having an obsessive sense of mission, whether clearly understood, vague, or mostly repressed into unconscious mind, (acquired during a close encounter).

18. Having a strong "pull" to travel to a specific area, either with an intuition that a close encounter is impending, or for an unknown reason, (which turns out to be a close encounter.)

19. Having a sense of partial extraterrestrial heritage, either by reason of sharing an extraterrestrial perspective on the earth situation, or having partial shared genetic heritage with certain extraterrestrials, or having somehow had an extraterrestrial as one biological parent, or having a sense of having been born elsewhere.

20. Having a sense that one's destiny is with the ETs elsewhere in the galaxy, or a "pull" to go to one's final home, which is an extraterrestrial planet one was shown by the ETs.

(c) 1993 Sacramento, CA USA
Richard Boylan, Ph.D., LLC, Post Office Box 22310, Sacramento,
California 95822, United States of America. Phone: (916) 422-7400 (PDT)

E-mail: WEBSITE:

You are invited to join the UFOFacts internet reports-and-communications
list; moderated by Dr. Boylan: (subscribe at: [url=][/url] or
join DrRichBoylanReports (his reports-only!) list at:

Dr. Richard Boylan is a behavioral scientist, university instructor, certified
clinical hypnotherapist, and researcher into extraterrestrial-human encounters.

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PostFri Jan 16, 2004 5:38 am  Reply with quote  

Bhang: Let me start by telling you - you are one hell of a writer! You’ve got the skill to suck someone into a story and make the words come alive! Write that book Mister!

First of all, DO NOT ever “blame” yourself for bringing one’s reality to a particular level. Another’s level of consciousness is NEVER your responsibility nor is it of your doing. It IS possible to fall asleep in dreams - I’ve done that before. What happens is you are ascending into a higher level of consciousness and probably won’t remember what happens there. Usually you will remember coming back to where you left your dream body though. Waking into dreams is not unusual either. How many times can you remember how your dreams begin, they always start in the middle of a story telling no?

The symbolism in your "dreams" are unusual. There is a lot of darkness, manipulation, and deception in them – but you already know this. I do not want to get into the symbolism here – unless you want me to. I don’t know if you’re into meditation or visualization, but there are a few things you can do to protect yourself. Any time you feel these instances happening, or for that matter you can be awake and feel like something is about to happen, you must GROUND YOURSELF to the earth. Picture the earth and see it as an extension of your body. Visualize the color brown surrounding your legs and that you are gounded to the earth in this way. At the same time, wrap yourself completely inside and out in violet – this color is a high vibrating color of protection. REMEMBER - brown and violet. I don’t know what your spiritual beliefs are, but whatever you believe, KNOW that it is a part of you always - especially in these instances! During this brown and violet visualization, you can also repeat a positive affirmation – over and over. Whatever you come up with you’ll remember it in this STATE even if you’re “asleep”. You’ll see.

As far as getting off, that CAN represent the closing sequences of programming. Did you read that article I posted to you the other day – The Art of Programming?

Seriously, did you read it? Did you avoid it? Did you start and then stop? If you stopped, why? If you read it, how did it make you feel? Did anything strike you in this article? Did it trigger anything? The answers to these questions are important and they might hold a key.

If you want further information, you can PM me. I won’t pester you with this. Just know the offer to discuss the symbolism is always open (now and later). But as Catnip said, please look into getting more information and/or help - one way or another! Sharing is the fist step. Now you must make yourself accountable and put yourself back in control!
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PostSat Jan 17, 2004 2:47 pm  Reply with quote  

Let me note that I had never, ever, had a dream about UFO’s in all my life until Basic Training in 2000, despite having witnessed what I can only call a UFO back in 1994.


I think my dreams are more to motivate me to learn more about the Ufo/abduction phenomenon.

I do not understand. Somehow your subconscious tells you that you should know or learn about this? Maybe something more is going on with you?

Thank you for the link and book recommendation, I will check them both out.


The symbolism in your "dreams" are unusual. There is a lot of darkness, manipulation, and deception in them – but you already know this. I do not want to get into the symbolism here – unless you want me to. I don’t know if you’re into meditation or visualization

I wouldn’t mind getting into a conversation on the symbolism. I would rather know that my dreams were trying to tell me something rather than the alternative possibility of actual encounter.
And yes I read that article on mind control. Very thought provoking and a bit spooky but it doesn’t ring a bell with this subject matter.

I read Striber’s book “Communion” and I do not know about the rest of you but it was the scariest book I have ever read. I could not read it at night, by myself without getting the serious creeps. King’s books did not do that to me.
What I’m saying is: I read that book in ’98. I never had a UFO/Abduction dream because of this, even though the stunning visuals were vivid. Yet having understood the book and applying the nature of the “visitors” methods, to my Basic Training dreams, I cannot help but seriously consider “what if”?

After Basic I went straight to my duty station in Germany. A few months later another relevant dream manifested:

It was night time and I was running away from something. I recall that I was in some type of junkyard. Thinking about it now, I’m reminded of the waste land of the movie Terminator.
I soon understood I was running away from a robot. It was after me. I never actually saw it but I knew it was coming. I ducked into a crumbling building and hid in the corner. I must have fooled it because it passed me by. I was very releaved.

-Fade to Black-

Next thing I know I’m face down. It is night and there is blue light all around me. I begin to rise up into the sky. My environment has changed. I’m out in a grassy plain and a few shrubs and trees surround the area. I notice as I’m rising higher that the blue light is coming from the sky behind me and that the light is casting a circle on the ground. I’m in the center of the circle rising higher. I became awestruck by the play of light. It was like the lines made at the bottom of a pool when the sun is shining but the outside edges of the blue light beam did not waver.
Higher I went. Soon I could see far outside the circle and to my surprise I saw a man standing outside the circle of light. He was a white male that looked about 25 to 30 years old. His hair was slicked back and he was wearing big sunglasses. What struck me as interesting was the outfit he had on. It was all brown with silver trim around the shoulders, neck, elbows and knees. He watched silently as I rose ever higher. I realized that I was about to reach this source of light. Just as I did reach it I awoke.

End of Dream.

I was lying in my bed on my stomach. My eyes were open but I could NOT MOVE! I was instantly in a panic. I felt as if someone was in the room with me. I wanted to, I tried to, but for the life of me I could do move. I could do nothing but move my eyes. After about 5 minutes I gave up. I just sucked up my fear and went back to sleep.
A few hours later I woke up to my alarm and everything was fine.

The next dream:

There was blue light and I remember the shady outline of a female’s head.

End of Dream.

I woke feeling like it was “them” and I turned over to my girlfriend and noticed she was stirring. I asked her “were you dreaming?” she said she was. I asked what was her dream about and she said “I was actually dreaming of having sex.”
I was overwhelmed. A single tear came rolling down my face with the silent thought that now “they” were messing with her. This was the first time I actually believed “they” were not just dreams.

This dream was while I was in Kuwait:

It was night and I was being led to a tall building. My impression was more like a factory. There were many people working all around doing various task. I do not know why but my impression of all the workers was that they were Chinese people even though I never got close enough to tell.
I think I was following a little blonde girl, I’m not sure, but she led me into the factory and up the stairs. We passed all kinds of equipment and busy bodies and after awhile reached a platform near the top of the building. The little girl walked to the ledge of the building, paused as she looked back at me, then took a step over the ledge. I freaked out that she would surely fall. This was not the case. She stepped out and her foot landed on thin air. She took another step and another. It appeared to me she was ascending an invisible staircase that winded up and around to a higher part of the roof. I walked to the edge and look down. It was at least 10 stories down and I knew she wanted me to follow. I hesitated for a long time there. I worked up the courage and took a step of faith…
My foot landed on something solid! I couldn’t believe it. After a moment of awe, I followed her up the stairs. I reached the top and the little girl waved me over to something she was looking down at. I walked over to see. It was a homemade card. It had little yellow flowers drawn all over it in crayon. I picked it up and opened it. It said “Happy Fathers Day Howard”.

End of Dream.

First of all I’m not a father.

Second of all my name is not Howard.

Third of all this dream occurred on May 15, exactly one year from the dream noted above.

[Edited 1 times, lastly by Bhang on 01-17-2004]
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PostSun Jan 18, 2004 4:20 am  Reply with quote  

After reading the interesting replies from Bhang and JerseyBlueEyes .... I wanted to make a few comments in response to their postings.

Quote:I do not understand. Somehow your subconscious tells you that you should know or learn about this? Maybe something more is going on with you?

From what I understand about the abduction phenomenon I really don’t think there’s much chance of it having happened to me... but I do feel that the reason I’ve had the dreams could be due to perhaps an event that could be coming soon that will really pull the rug out from under the feet of a lot of people in the world. Perhaps something is trying to prepare my mind for just such an event.

In the last two books I’ve read about abductions most of the abductees made comments that their captors were trying to warn mankind of impending doom due to our neglect of the earth in letting pollution and over population create a lot of problems. It seems the aliens have the solution of taking genetic material from humankind in the event that we cease to exist because of our stupidity and bad management over the earth. The alien solution is to create hybrids that will somehow help us deal with the upcoming disastrous future we have in store. That is one hypothesis for abductions.

In the last book I read titled “Abductions” by John Mack M.D. There was one story there of an individual discovering that one of his purpose's in being abducted was so the aliens could learn how news of their existence and upcoming appearance would affect mankind. It appears he was subjected to a slow initiation period where the aliens could learn what the best methods were for creating the least amount of fear in individuals for their future plans of coming out in the open.

Quote:I read Striber’s book “Communion” and I do not know about the rest of you but it was the scariest book I have ever read. I could not read it at night, by myself without getting the serious creeps.

I also read this book soon after it was released... This was during a time when I had just a small bit of curiosity about the UFO phenomenon.... I read this book along with other sources of information and was so disturbed by what I learned that I started having nightmares about aliens coming after me... I woke up one night from one dream thinking there was an alien standing outside my bedroom door. I decided then and there not to read anymore literature about them and that ended my interest until about 1997 when we bought our first computer. A short time later we were able to get on the internet and not long after that I had a very intriguing dream about UFO’s.

In my dream I was walking on the sidewalk in the downtown section of the city where we live. I turned around and was stunned to see a typical saucer shaped UFO hovering over the tops of the buildings. It was saucer shaped and silver metallic in color and caught me totally by surprise. Then a couple things happened that were rather shocking.... I looked around at the people in town and a lot of them were running around in a dazed and confused manner.... This I suppose would be an understandable reaction. Some of the people were standing there watching the saucer in amazement while others just totally freaked out acting really weird. Then there was another group of people who just stood frozen in their tracks....It was like these people were asleep.....unresponsive, not communicating. The really weird thing about them is that on their shoulders sat these huge birds ( the size of eagles) that were just sitting there doing nothing really... When I tried to touch one of these birds my hand just passed through them ... sort of like they were nothing but a holographic image. These birds did not have the typical feathers that birds have... instead they were made up of a type of checkerboard pattern design consisting of red, black, and white colors.

JerseyBlueEyes.... if you think you know what the symbolism is for those birds I’d be interested in hearing it.

I’ve visited the web site Jersey recommended and read a short portion and will go back and read more since it sounds very intriguing.... It’s possible that there’s something going on with mind control that people should be more aware of.

Recently while reading more of the book about the "Incident at Fort Benning" I ran across this correspondence between Steven Greer and John Vasquez.... It almost sounds like the event Mr. Vasquez experienced during his boot camp training was a type of test.... I’ve included the letter below and you can decide. Steven Greer has been quite motivated in getting the whole UFO issue exposed... he has organized numerous individuals many of them retired military... and in May of 2001 came out with the Disclosure Project. The media were invited to this event and portions of it were video taped and put on the internet for the public to view. If you visit Steven’s web site you can probably find the disclosure project still located there.

Correspondence from Steven Greer, M.D. from the CSETI (Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence) organization.

Dear Mr. Vasquez,

Thank you for the documents and information related to the unusual events at Fort Benning GA.

My best educated guess on what happened to you and your Delta company, given the limited data and witness testimony available at this time, is that you were part of a covert weapons system test.

I have interviewed other witnesses who have confirmed that exotic ‘non-lethal defense’ systems exist which interface directly with the human mind and which can simulate an alien encounter (aka abductions by UFO subculture enthusiasts). It may be that you and your company were part of a testing of such systems, along with (or motivated by) testing of biological warfare capabilities.

You must understand that there has been nearly 50 years of revers-engineering of extraterrestrial exotic systems, and some of this research and development has resulted in covert USAP related capabilities which interface directly with mind, or human consciousness. It is likely that such systems would be tested, from time to time, on human, both civilian and military, to evaluate their effectiveness. I suspect, but cannot prove, that you and Delta company were such experimental subjects.

Thank you for sharing your case and documents with me. I hope we can meet in person soon.

Sincerely, Steven M. Greer M.D.
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Bhang & Catnip: Just wanted to let you 2 know I'm not ingnoring this thread. I've been away from the computer all weekend. I will give this thread my attention tomorrow evening. By then I should be caught up enough where I can think symbolically with clarity of mind.
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I have been debating since last night in how to answer you. I would love NOTHING more than to tell you something that would give you the peace of mind I believe you need. The last thing I want to do is place a burden on you, especially since you’re in Iraq experiencing God knows what. You don’t strike me as someone that is full of bull$hit or likes to tell stories to stir people up. I also believe you to be quite level headed. The fact that you’re reaching out, looking for an answer, is the reason I’ve decided to tell you exactly what I think – regardless of how it’s going to sound. OK?

Just as men do, women also dream of having sex. Sometimes they are orgasmic, sometimes not. Your girlfriend might have been having a dream and was not being manipulated, but it’s interesting that right away you thought “they” were messing with her too. This tells me that on a subconscious level you know something is behind your experiences be it government experiments, alien abductions, or a combination - right?

Because your themes are shared by other personnel, I do not believe they are strictly “your” dreams. Although your factory incident could have been actual dreaming. Your dreams are so full of darkness and manipulated states - shadows, black or dark objects, sunglasses, someone observing, disguises, full moon, nose diving, things behind you, crashing, etc. My favorite part was when you said you “knew” you weren’t supposed to pick up a $3 bill but you did anyway. Talk about a strong will – free will reigned that day! I’ll bet that caused an interesting chain of reactions!

It’s a good sign that you don’t think the article – Art of Programming – has anything to do with your situation. Although the possibility exists that you’re blocking that information yourself or are programmed to do so. There is only one way I know of for you to find out, without a shadow of a doubt, exactly what is going on with you. The question is – do you really want to know regardless of what the answer is??? I’ve spoken about my family friend that worked with government mind control experiments – Steward Swerdlow. He is not a psychic, nor does he channel information. He is a gifted mentalist. And what a story he has to tell! Everything he knows comes through HIS oversoul (not someone else’s). This is how he connects to people – oversoul to oversoul. He has amazed me time and again. He can “read” people over the phone, or he could read you through me if I asked him too. But of course the best way is through direct contact.

Here is Stewart’s and Janet’s website (Expansions):

Their information is NWO/Illuminati and reptilian based – just like David Icke’s. As a matter of fact in Icke’s latest book, he dedicates some of his information to Stew because Stew was able to provide a deeper history and meaning to Icke’s Illuminati information. Stew and Janet believe in healing of the mind through natural means – self, herbs, visualizations, meditation, etc. Their sole purpose is to raise individual levels of awareness and to deprogram. You can take a look around at Expansions and see if their information interests you. They have a search engine - type in mind control, Illuminati, dreams, whatever you want. They also have books (which I want to order some myself) and videos available, and they do personal consultations (although that’s expensive). My favorite 2 sections at the site are - Question & Answer/Comments, and Current News/Illuminati Plans. If you decide you want to send Stew a question, let me know and I’ll PM you my name and send him a note at the same time. Also, the information that Catnip posted re: Dr. Greer sounds interesting too. I haven’t had a chance to check it out yet though.

I also read Communion going back 10 years ago. OMG! It’s interesting that 3 of us were a little freaked out by it huh? After a couple nights of reading that book (at night), I started imagining all kinds of things. I saw lights outside my windows, I heard pulsing noises in the house I'd never heard before, at one point I even thought there were 3 strange looking beings in my room (all while awake). Whoa! When I saw those figures, I threw the book across the room and ran out into the kitchen. It took me a while to calm down enough to go back into my room. I think I fell asleep with my eyes open that night. I finished reading that book during the day. At the time I thought the book was designed to open us up and make us susceptible to mind control and abductions. Who knows? I’ve never answered that question for myself.

The biggest gift I can give you, besides a prayerful blessing, is the site above. I hope you visit it and find the answers you’re looking for. Let me know if I can help you further.

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I’ve never heard of Dr. Greer before, but found the letter you posted interesting enough to make me want to read there further. Thanks.

Regarding your bird dream – how interesting! I had the same type of dream a few years back. I was outside, where I lived, up in the sky were a few orb like UFO’s that came out of nowhere and started attacking everyone. People were running and screaming in every direction, some were just standing there in shock, etc. I was trying to keep my fear in check AND observe what was going on at the same time. The whole time I was with my spiritual guide. An orb approached a large group of people next to me and started to kill them off. When it came upon me, I repeated my favorite affirmation (over and over) – Jesus Christ is in me, through me, around me with the Father. The orb stopped, looked at me for a while but I stood firm, and then it went off into a different direction and resumed the extermination. I felt like the dream was a lesson in preparing me for a time when I would have to use my knowing and spiritual beliefs as protection. This also showed me that things aren’t always as hopeless as they appear. This was only one of the many future type dreams I’ve had.

Your holographic birds with checkerboard design dream – you’ll know if my answer is correct or not. Based on what you said, sounds like you were being shown that holographic imagery can be used to make things appear real but that it’s just part of the big game - to trick people into feeling fear and confusion where none exists. You used your intuition to “feel through” the false image. Did anything happen further after you tried to touch the birds?

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Jersey & Catnip

Thank you again, this is some good information and now I have a few more avenues of approach to try and understand this enigma.


Although your factory incident could have been actual dreaming.

I did not mention above that the reason I think this dream was important to this issue is because when I thought that the workers were Chinese, I also thought this was a disguise and remember thinking to myself, during the dream, that these Chinese were "them". Upon waking I thought the dream was about "them" too.

And the dream about a blue light and outline of a female: I associate the blue light with "them". I have never dreamed of this light before and it only appears when I think "they" are around.

After thinking these things over I began to go into my memory banks and see if I have had any other dreams when I was younger that might have played a part in this whole thing. I couldn't recall anything that seemed to fit. But I did have a memory that seemed an important part of the puzzle.

All I remember is that I was at a hospital. I was with my mother and we were standing in line. In front of me were children of all shapes and sizes also waiting in line. It must have been Halloween because they were all dressed up in costume. I looked into a room and saw a large machine. The machine was scanning a bag of candy. I asked my mother what they (the doctors) were doing with this machine? She told me they were looking for bad things like razors in the kids candy.
Next thing I recall I was lying on a stainless steel table, nude. There was a nurse and my mother in the room. The nurse came to me and asked me to relax that this might hurt a little. She then put a tube into the tip of my penis. The table then began to tilt upwards untill I was in the upright postion. I must have been secured to the table because I did not fall off but I do not remember any kind of straps. The nurse then asked me to pee. So I complied. I totally remember the pain. It hurt sooo bad. She took some notes and that's all I can recall.

So I asked my Mother about this medical procedure. She told me I had no such procedure. I even went as far to check out my medical history and cannot find any evidence of this. So my next option was to consider this a dream. But the main part of this memory was the PAIN, vivid and real.
So then I throw in the possiblity that it had something to do with "them". Then I can make more sence of it but it frightens me. Striber's book, Communion, talks about how "they" use a type of mind scrambling machine to fuzz out memories of the visitors appearence. Maybe I thought it was Halloween because "they" caused themself's to appear as wearing costumes and it makes sence that there were "little people" in the "hospital".... it all comes together only to make me more confused. I really wonder if something more is going on and if it is, is it mind-control? And if it is mind-control why use the alien theme? Is it contact from a diffrent dimension? Or is it dreams? Or is it actual contact with an alien species? And if that is the case, why do they want me? What purpose will I serve? Is it a good thing or is it totally evil...

Ever since I saw my UFO in 94 I read all I could about the WHOLE alien conspiracy. I understand the main ideas and agendas but on my level things just do not click as well as reading about another's experience.

Your posts have given insight yet at the same time stir more questions out of me. I hope I'm not being difficult here but I think you understand how confusing this is to me.

Thank you again.
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Bhang: You’re not being difficult at all! Seek your answers – you’ll find them. Like Mulder said in X Files – the truth is out there! Ha! I used to love that show!

Anyway, orientals in dreams DO symbolically represent “them”. And once again, your hospital “dream” – another scene full of manipulation.

Well, keep me/us posted with further developments! I’ll respond to your PM shortly – be on the look out!
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Originally posted by Bhang:
I was lying in my bed on my stomach. My eyes were open but I could NOT MOVE! I was instantly in a panic. I felt as if someone was in the room with me. I wanted to, I tried to, but for the life of me I could do move. I could do nothing but move my eyes. After about 5 minutes I gave up. I just sucked up my fear and went back to sleep.
A few hours later I woke up to my alarm and everything was fine.


I guess im a nutcase waiting to happen, your above description reminds me of a similar event that really frightened me.

It was a cold night 2 years ago, cannot remember the exact date but the wife and I had a babysitter, we had fell asleep on seperate couches that night...i awoke on my back - arms by my side, noramlly when i wake i just look around a few seconds let my eyes adjust then get up and go to the bathroom like clockwork, although as i looked around my vision came into focus and i went to wipe the sleep from my eyes when i noticed i could not move, i thought maybe my body had fallen asleep much like your foot would when you sit on it in a chair, so being only able to move my eyeballs, i couldnt even blink, i tried to call out to my wife 4 feet away, nothing, no sound, couldnt take a breath, couldnt utter a single muffled anything, at this point i became completely freaked out, i do not know how long this lasted but for the life of me i couldnt not move anything, nor could i speak, i remember trying desperatly several times to call out to my wife cause i was thought i was paralyized, i just kept trying over and over to sit up or call her name out to wake her up, then all of a sudden it was like the life come back to my body, i sat up and screamed my wifes name real loud all in the same motion, she awoke freaked out to my scream, she asked me for several mins what was wrong, i couldnt tell her i dunno why but i just coudnt bring myself to tell her what i felt had just happened, to this day ive only told one person this until now and it wasnt my wife, i still havent told her.

Ever since about age 12 i very rarely recall a dream, maybe 2 or three times a year, but when i was 4-5 i had a re-occuring dream that has stuck with me for 25 years, ill do my best to describe this.

Im led by a hand of an unseen woman to what i recall as being a big flat hilltop with desert colors and a cliff, at the cliffs edge is a king and queens throne with their backs facing the drop off, in it sits a king and queen for which i could only see their dress and crown's no face, hands, or legs, they are speaking to me but for the life of me i have never been able to recall what they were saying and thats pretty much all i can recall but i remember having that dream over and over at that age.

I do believe in the power of suggestion, i havent the slightest idea what my above dream means to me other then i still remember it 25 years later when i cant even recall but a few memories of my childhood at that age.

But Bhang the above quote of yours inspired me to relate my own personal exp that i wont even share with my wife, i take it with a grain of salt, it hasnt happened since then but it really affectd me for a few months, i couldnt get it out of my head, id find myself trying to work and trying to figure out why i couldnt move and talk that morning. Only leaving myself with more and more questions, i have often thought maybe something was trying to show me my life could be alot worse if i was paralyized, i dunno it seems the more and more i try to figure it out the more confused i become.

I confided in a life long friend of that exp laying on the couch to only recieve a slight smile and a one word comment "weird".

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Hatchet: I wanted you to know I appreciate your sharing the paralysis event. No - you're NOT a nutcase! I don't think I've ever had or dream or woken up where I could not move. I can only imagne that it would more than likely scare me half to death. Maybe one day you'll be able to share it with your wife too. Have you ever researched into the dream world as to what the cause might have been? Just curious.
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I fully intend to respond to the posts here, just been a little tied up with some interesting articles I want to post that might be helpful...

Hatchet... your experience almost sounds like an OBE... (out of body experience)... I had a dream with some similarities but I wasn't paralyzed for quite as long.. I agree with Jersey about researching dreams, you might find some clues to your questions.
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As i say i dunno how long i was "paralyized" or if in fact i was dreaming until i actually sat up. Do either of you have any links that will point me in the right direction?
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Cool! Now that you’re asking for an answer – I’ll be happy to tell you what I know. I just love dream symbolism and interpretation! I’ve had a few OBE’s but NEVER had full body paralysis associated with it – although I’ve always felt drained or weak from the events!

Here is an article on the various brain wave states. I’m going to paste the Theta section here AND the Alpha/Theta Bridge because I believe that pertains to your current questions. You’ll see why and I believe you’ll have your “physical” answer. You’ll know while you’re reading it if it’s true for you or not.


At the point when the brainwaves have slowed to the bottom of the Alpha range of frequency discharge of brain cells, at around 7 - 8 Hz, the brain goes into a completely new and different state: Theta.

The Theta brainwave state is between 7 - 3.5 Hz and is the place where dreaming takes place. When the brainwaves cross over from lowest Alpha into upper Theta, this is the moment when sleep has really begun. There are a number of unique things that take place at this moment both in the brain, central nervous system and body.

A portion of Theta sleep is the time in which dreaming sleep takes place. During this time a crucial part of the brainstem, called the Reticular Activating System (RAS) goes into a special function in which it literally closes off the muscular control signals from the brain to the body. The body becomes essentially paralyzed. Some stray electrical discharges do trickle past which accounts for minor twitching of the fingers and toes. It is also during the dreaming state that the eyes move back and forth and around under the closed eyelids in what is called Rapid Eye Movement Sleep (REM Sleep). Occasionally, at the very moment that the brain goes into the dreaming state, the RAS door has not completely closed yet in the brainstem and a major brain signal gets across and the body goes into a characteristic jerk for an instant. So, during the whole period of Theta, dreaming sleep, the entire body is essentially paralyzed and makes no movement. During Alpha sleep, on the other hand, there is a lot of movement: punching the pillow, rolling into different positions to get comfortable, adjusting the blankets, etc.

The reason the body saw fit to develop this intentional paralysis system of the body during dreaming sleep, was to protect the unconscious body from harming itself by physically acting out one's dreams. It is a symptom of a disorder of the RAS area of the brainstem, in which the door does not close at all the signals from the brain to the body, which we call "Sleep Walking". Since the brainstem extends down from the skull to the level of the second cervical vertebrae, Chiropractic-type misalignments of the 1st and 2nd cervical vertebrae can put torque and twist pressure on these very RAS brainstem areas and be a causative factor in sleep walking.

On the other hand, upper cervical misalignments which put pressure on the RAS brainstem areas can also initiate nerve signals to the brain which jump start the sleep program in the neural cortex - since the RAS area is so intimately involved in coordinating this important area of sleep each night. This condition is known as Narcolepsy, or the abnormal falling asleep at inopportune times during the day at a moments notice. Other factors in Narcolepsy have to do with fatigue of the cellular energy system of the body - in particular the Mitochondria power house organelles of the cells.

The Theta portion of sleep is where the Emotional Body recuperates, heals and "tunes" itself for the next day. There are various levels of dream material which get processed during this time, some dreams are superficial re-hashing of the day's events to clear them out, while deeper Theta dream states are associated with the clearing of deep emotional traumas - sometimes back to childhood. It is not so much what people are saying in a dream, but the emotional scenario which one is part of, that defines the Theta dreaming state as an emotional state.

Dreaming is the ultimate creative exercise. You create an entire world, with all your senses; place yourself in it so convincingly that you don't even know you are in a dream while you are in it. That's creativity!

In the non-sleep state, Theta is associated with intense creativity, visualization ability, imagination and problem solving. Some of the most famous people in history have had their greatest moments of creative achievement and problem solving at night in the middle of a dream - they wake up with the full-blown answer.

In meditation, the Theta state is associated with the classic "out of the body" experience. One is no longer aware that one has a body. One is transported to a beautific place with the "Master". In Christianity, this was the place of Holy visitation, conversing with angels, meeting with the saints, etc. In the Shamanistic traditions this is the realm of the Shamanic "Journey".

Let's backtrack a bit: on the journey to Theta, we have a second important crossover point in consciousness: The Alpha/Theta Bridge.


This is the balance point between the Mental and Emotional bodies. It is the place where our mental belief systems and our emotional states feed one another. It is where we have the possibility of having non-attached emotional awareness at a physical level. When the King and Queen rein hand in hand in true partnership, the whole realm flowers and blossoms in harmony.


Funky huh? Now for the symbolism - based on what you said:

The woman: your physical self
You the male: your spirit self
Flat: even = balanced
Hilltop: Higher level of consciousness
King/Queen: Complete aspects of self = oversoul

You led your (physical and spiritual) self to your higher level of consciousness. At that young age, children normally start to have rude awakenings as to how the world actually (dis)functions. I don’t know what the K/Q told you, but they (you) were more than likely getting/giving “pep talks”. You did not mention walking away with bad or negative feelings so I believe those experiences were positive and helpful in your physical growth.

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