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apparent police arrangement not to bring in lawbreakers

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Joined: 07 Mar 2002
Posts: 303
Location: west caldwell, new jersey, united states
apparent police arrangement not to bring in lawbreakers PostTue Sep 07, 2004 3:48 am  Reply with quote  

Julian Penrod
4 Fairfield Avenue
West Caldwell, New Jersey 07006
(973) 220-1601

September 6, 2004

Letters to the Editor

Dear sirs:

As important as it is to engage in the unethical and foul, it is just as critical to be able to recognize them, when you seem them.

This is an open letter to Governor McGreevey, incoming Governor Codey, and West Caldwell Mayor Tempesta.

The burgeoning of crime in a community is an understandable point of concern. But it is equally as bad if what police presence there is in an area abuses their power, fails to act to address crime, or both. Such seems to be happening, now, in West Caldwell, New Jersey.

A list of infractions against the public, in West Caldwell, New Jersey, would be daunting, and it apparently would include actions by the police, as well as law-breakers allowed to go their way, by an inattentive police force!

Cars outfitted with special boom box units to blast whole neighborhoods with noise patrol the streets of West Caldwell. Especially after midnight, and most especially on the weekends, heavy, throbbing pounding can be heard up and down the streets of West Caldwell. Along Fairfield Avenue, for example, at least one car every couple of minutes can be expected to pass by, booming their sound out. And the police are of absolutely no help, whatsoever. Not only don't they pull over anyone with a boom system in their car, if you call to complain, they are ready, evidently, to give you nothing but a run-around. When we once complained, an officer who gave his name as "Ballentine" said that a resident would need decibel-meter readings on a car's noise, before the police could even act!

And, if cars aren't blasting out percussion, they’re revving their engines, and, if they’re not revving their engines, they're speeding! On Friday and Saturday nights, it's a commonplace to see cars roaring down West Caldwell streets at speeds of 60 miles per hour or more! Sometimes, they will even explode out of driveways at 60 mph or more, and take turns at high speed! The screech of skids is frequent! And, often, you can see a literal caravan of three cars or more, all driving at high speed, down Fairfield Avenue, turning onto Ravine, apparently to make it to a drug drop!

Yet you never see police cars patrolling the streets of West Caldwell after dark! You barely even see them in the daytime!

Cars exit parking lots by nosing halfway into the middle lane, then sitting there, daring oncoming traffic to hit them! Cars for apparent drug parties at a house two doors down from the firehouse, on Fairfield Avenue, have cars stacked up in the driveway so much that they even stick out onto the sidewalk, forcing pedestrians to have to walk in the street, to get around them! People cross major thoroughfares like Bloomfield Avenue right in the middle of heavy traffic! Cars make illegal U-turns in the middle of major thoroughfares like Bloomfield Avenue, right in the middle of heavy traffic! People drive bikes in the wrong lane down major thoroughfares and side streets! People jog in the street on well-traveled thoroughfares! People stand in the street, talking to people in cars, parked on the side of the street! Sometimes, people stand in the middle of a street talking to others in cars also parked in the middle of the street! Stoned individuals drive with flashing strobe lights mounted above their rear-view mirror, bobbing their heads hypnotically! Bushes and shrubs on Farfield Avenue have been allowed to grow so far onto the sidewalk that people have to walk single-file, to get past them, or even go out into the street! Some trees even have branches leaning far down, near the sidewalk. Garbage is almost constant on the traffic islands near the intersection of Bloomfield and Passaic Avenues. Some drive with the entire rear windows obscured by an American flag and eagle decal! Some break the law by making sure their rear license plate is dimmed, covered or unreadable. Others skirt breaking the law by using halogen headlamps so bright that you can’t make out their front license plate while they’re speeding at you at 40 mph over the speed limit, and, they seem to hope, so bright that they leave spots before your eyes in the few critical seconds while they’re running away from knocking a kid off their bike and running them over! And, even if their license plates are not unreadable or dimmed, the cars will be speeding so fast that you almost can’t get a glimpse of their plates! If you pass by some houses on at least Fairfield Avenue, near midnight or after, you can get the smell of marijuana coming up the driveway!

One of the newest manifestations is the habit of talking to people in the car next to you, or even craning far out the driver’s side window, to converse with the person ahead of you or behind you!

And, through all of this, you never see the police doing anything about it!

To be sure, it's not that they don't seem to gratuitously announce their presence! Ten, twenty times a day, you hear the siren of a police car. But not the long-drawn-out siren of a car barreling toward a problem! They fire their sirens just a couple of seconds, or so, when they want to bully their way through an intersection! When they're going to pick up a sub sandwich, they don't want to be forced to sit at the light, the way the "beasts of burden" are! They're entitled! They're the police! At times, they might go about ten or fifteen seconds, but, then, they'll shut down, apparently before reaching where they're going! There's never the sound of a siren approaching from a distance, then fading into the distance! Sometimes, the siren will sound, then stop, sound, then stop, sound, then stop, several times, almost as if the policeman were trying to play a tune on it! They, evidently, only blow the siren for effect! If someone is, for example, stoned out of their mind, standing in a parking lot, screaming obscenities after midnight into a cell phone, the police will respond, if you call to complain, but they, evidently, can't be relied upon to be circulating around, to find out for themselves! If there's heavy smoke billowing through a neighborhood, it appears, it's always the people who have to call the police and the fire department! If there's a heavy smell like natural gas leaking out at the intersection of Ravine and Fairfield - which seems to happen about once every six months or so! - it's the public who have to alert the police; the police, it seems, are never around to find out for themselves! And, if no one is passing by, to notice the smell, there could be a disaster!

And, to call the police with complaints about their evident shiftlessness is to be treated to a show of the utmost contempt!

On Sunday, September 5, 2004, right in the middle of the Labor Day holiday weekend, we heard a siren blast past our house, going down Fairfield Avenue. It lasted only about five seconds. Normally, though, the purpose of a siren is to clear the traffic out of the way. But, because this was Labor Day weekend, there was almost no traffic on the street at all! This was evidently interfering with the peace and quiet, for no reason whatsoever!

We called up the police to complain.

The person who got on, apparently a snot nose, still in his twenties, then began the old trick of “countering a complaint” by simply refusing to allow the other person to talk, at the same time trying to instill a sense of uncertainty in the legitimacy of our claim, by citing “law” after “law”. The person on the other end of the phone, among other things, insisted it was an ambulance going down to a nearby nursing home, and that the “law requires them to ride with their siren going”.

That doesn’t explain why they were silent all the way down Bloomfield Avenue, and only started when they went down Fairfield Avenue!

It also doesn’t explain why they found it necessary, on a day with hardly a single car in the street!

It also doesn’t explain why the ambulances always drive like that, down to the nursing home, and when driving back! The police might argue that they don’t know the condition of the patient, when they are driving to the nursing home, and so have to run their siren, but it strains the imagination to think that every single visit to the nursing home requires an emergency drive back, as well!

My wife explained to the person on the phone that all that much use of the siren can’t be in the law. “How do you know the law?”, came the reply, indicating that the individual realized the jig was up, and we were aware that they were spinning stories out of thin air!

The person on the other end of the phone then tried to undermine our complaint by saying that they had had only one call all day. My wife replied that she had been in Newark, of all places, and heard only one siren all day, there, while there are dozens, every day, here! The person on the other end of the line then tried to save face by explaining that “we got 11,000 calls in just 8 months”! If they got so many calls, how could there have been only one incident that required responding to, as the person on the phone claimed? My wife mentioned that, and, suddenly, the person came up with a figure of “many calls” during the day! We reiterated our complaint that, with all the sirens, no actual offenses ever seem to get addressed. “We have only 25 officers”, the person replied, “to cover the whole town.” West Caldwell is a town of, perhaps, no more than thirty or forty blocks. But, in what seems a smelly sweetheart deal, Caldwell and West Caldwell agreed to “share” their departments! This apparently included shoving some officers out, to “streamline” the difficult affair, and, now, they apparently can’t find enough officers to do “due diligence” to their role in society!

But that seems part of the evident swindle, as well, namely, deliberately gutting police departments, so conditions in the town deteriorate precipitously, so they can suddenly come before the state, trying to scam some tens of millions of dollars to provide service that non-corrupt running of the government could provide at a tenth the cost!

Not that, even if they did build up their forces, their addressing of crimes would be any better!

The Kennedys appear to have a very deep investment in the businesses that produce the sound equipment used in car-sized boom boxes! They’re evidently not going to fool around with the Kennedys getting their profits! Car-sized boom boxes also require special $500 alternators just to run the sound system! Pulling in the “boom cars” - as aficionados of ruining quality of life in this way call them! - would ruin the finances of the companies providing those alternators, and those who install them! The companies making the decals that obstruct view through the rear window, likewise seem to be receiving the police departments’ beneficence, in not having their expensive driving hazard restricted! And allowing the apparently calculatedly illegal halogen headlights seem intended to protect politicians’ kids from getting in trouble driving drunk or under the influence!

Earlier this year, apparently trying to scrape together funds to keep his male whore flush with cash, McGreevey arranged for a wholesale hiking of fines, and an almost reckless increase in ticket writing! Fees for traffic violations along certain stretches of road were doubled! Massive ticket writing campaigns, aimed at seatbelt use and cell phone use were launched! New “violations”, apparently involving how many hours someone slept, how old they were, or how nutritious a meal they had, were also recommended! And all, supposedly, to make up for “budget shortfalls”!

If the police in just West Caldwell would start pulling over the immense numbers of genuine law-breakers on the roads, they wouldn’t need specious money grabbing tactics, to rape the lawful driving public!

They also would be able to afford to run both the Caldwell and West Caldwell departments, without arranging an evident collapse of service, followed by a fraudulent request for needed funds to repair the system!

Allowing quality of life to decline seems part of the program pursued by the police of the state, but something even more sinister begins to reveal itself.

It’s the simple fact of the matter that it seems guaranteed that you won’t be able to find a policeman to stop violating quality of life! It almost seems as if there is a system set up, whereby lawbreakers can always avoid the police, or whereby the police always make sure to avoid the lawbreakers! After all, you have to ask what someone would be doing, driving around at 3 or 4 o’clock in the morning, aggressively disturbing the peace with a boom box, if not under the influence! Or carrying out a drug deal!

And that seems the patent reason why the police go through such legal gymnastics to avoid pulling someone in who is blaring a boom box!

The boom box seems to be the “signal” that drug dealers use to alert the police that they’re carrying out a drop! Because the pounding thrumming is so pervasive, it can, apparently, be heard from blocks away! Hearing it, the police, then, seem to take care not to be in the neighborhood of where the car is, so they can’t be “held responsible” for not stopping them! In this way, they are able to let the drug courier go about their illegal business without interruption! The police, evidently all on the take from the dealers, then, seem to have arranged with drug dealers not to be anywhere near where a boom car can be heard. Those not carrying drugs, though, can also get in on the gravy train, playing their boom boxes loud enough for the police to hear, confident that the cops, hearing the noise, will deliberately steer clear of the area!

It should be mentioned that the police seem to be becoming aware of the patently transparent nature of this scam, and are arranging for an alternate method to protect drug dealers from arrest! Recently, when we heard cars speeding down Fairfield Avenue, with their rear license plates deliberately obscured, we have also heard a slight beeping sound, when they passed! The police seem to have arranged for drug dealers to be able to procure a device that reacts when a police car is nearby, or, perhaps, the beep is a signal to local cop cars, alerting them that a lawbreaker is on the street, so they can stay away, and allow the drug courier to complete their rounds!

They used to be able to keep a police car on constant station in the parking lot of the firehouse on Fairfield Avenue. They evidently seem to have declared that a victim of the “budget crisis”. But Fairfield Avenue seems a main route of drug dealers, and a police car stationed there would have the obligation to pull speeders, speeding caravans, cars with obstructed license plates and boom cars over! They seem to go down Fairfield, then cut across Ravine or Stoneybrook, to get to Central Avenue, and, from there, Route 23. And it would evidently threaten the drug trade and the apparent bribe gravy train that the West Caldwell police are riding, to pull drug dealer cars over!

Protecting drug dealers seems more the cause of diminished police presence on the street than any “budget crisis”, although the police don’t seem to be beyond blaming it on the economy, to try to force undeserved extra funds that they can pocket!

This is notice to the governor, the governor-to-be, and the mayor of West Caldwell that, if there is not a strict crack-down on speeders, boom boxes and cars obscuring their rear license plates, as well as a massive round up of the apparent wholesale drug abuse and drug transport through West Caldwell, and the arrest of every police officer and auto parts mechanic apparently involved in the scheme to protect the drug dealers, I will take that as tacit acknowledgement of the truth of every statement in this complaint!

When such entities as the police show they are as criminally devoid of scruples, as corrupt, as the politicians have long ago demonstrated themselves to be, it is up to the people to protect their quality of life.

They have to take it on themselves, then, to complain directly to their local and state government about the crimes the police seem to see fit to ignore! They have to write letters to the editor so the evident support of criminal behavior, by the police, is exposed! Eventually, the apparent lie being fabricated, of the police being inadequate to solve the problem at present, can be replaced by the apparent fact that they are doing absolutely nothing about it, so they can, effectively, extort the state for more funds!

Government is supposed to involve all its parts. If any one of them is corrupt, the entire government cannot be said to be honorable! The people have the right to expect every level of government to respect their rights!

Julian Penrod
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