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Chemtrailing Houston

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Joined: 17 Mar 2001
Posts: 1571
Location: S. Bossier, Louisiana
PostFri May 04, 2001 7:58 am  Reply with quote  

Great pictures Thermit! Been pretty much the same here in NW Louisiana! When I first wake up, it looks like it's gonna be a nice, "blue-sky" day, but later in afternoon, these chemplanes come through with that "New, improved" thinner, chemtrail's like, puny and less noticable and disperses quickly but dosen't dissapate...just keeps spreading and spreading til the entire sky is covered in like a thin "vail" or net or something...gets white-out appearance, all-in-all! Hate it! Not as many chemplanes showing up lately but maybe not needed with this "new" version of spray....Phase 2?? I wonder what is in this batch? Had a weird day too...a spray helicopter was "working" in the adjacent land, woods, all day and came low over the house a few times and I got pics...was a nice, new copter with "spray booms" really sticking out both sides. I wasn't aware any farming land developed nearby...don't know...was weird, could hear him all day, yet no discernable pesticide "odor"?? Blessings, Joanne
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Joined: 27 Feb 2001
Posts: 1255
Location: The Void
PostFri May 04, 2001 9:02 pm  Reply with quote  

Great pics Thermit...BTW, have you been checking out flash lately? Texas seems to be getting alot of radar rings as well as elsewhere.This is not good.Worse than chemtrails I believe...............RTW
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Joined: 08 Jul 2000
Posts: 3138
Location: Texas
PostFri Aug 10, 2001 4:29 pm  Reply with quote  

Some comments about recent skies over Houston from some CTTUSA members:


Scallops over SW Houston lo_the_seektress
(47/F/Houston, TX) 8/9/01 8:31 pm
Between 1 and 2 pm there were three huge arcs of chemstuff made right over head. The U turns overlapped slightly. Leaving a large scallop pattern behind them. They began in the East, the rounded part of the U's were North. The patterns were made by planes flying morth, turning to the West, then back South to forim the U.

I took pics, but on film. When the rolls' finished I'll get them up.


Houston, TX 8/9/2001 i_dont_chat
8/9/01 11:14 pm
Mid-day in Houston (southwest part of city), a hot-dog spray pilot was making large ovals in the sky. He made at least 3 ovals, overlaping each other. It appeared to me that the substance being sprayed had a light blue tint to it.

I have not seen this "blue" spray before. Has anyone else noticed this?


Re: Houston, TX 8/9/2001 happytun
(43/M/Houston, TX) 8/10/01 7:57 am

I too saw what you and Lo saw. It was only one plane. I watched it fly in from the west while spraying. As it got closer to the city it turned off it's spray made a hard right turn towards the south. It flew for about three minutes before turning the spray back on and creating those three ovals we saw before flying away to the southeast. Interesting to note something here. This EXACT situation is what I saw the day I saw chemtrails for the first time three years ago. What is especially interesting is it happened at the begining of June at almost the same time of day. There were 7 ovals that day. Another interesting note.

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Joined: 22 Dec 2000
Posts: 2501
Location: right here
PostFri Aug 10, 2001 6:36 pm  Reply with quote  

That is wild what happytun reported of 3 ovals seen recently and the 7 ovals seen almost exactly three years ago!!! It would seem Houston is being targeted. Do you think the ovals were meant to be seen from satellite and the number of ovals left by the spray jet are a code?
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