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Bohemian Grove protested

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Bohemian Grove protested PostFri Jul 29, 2005 3:53 am  Reply with quote  

Annual Protests Scheduled at Bohemian Grove July 15-17

This July 15-17 will mark 25 years of protest at the exclusive mens-only club for the wealthy elite, Bohemian Grove, California. In 1980, a small Sonoma County-based group, SONOMoreAtomics, began researching some of the corporations that were profiting from nuclear power and weapons. Since Bohemian Grove was located in their backyard, they began a protest to make the connections between the top elite of the corporate, banking, military and governmental circles. Within a week through contacts inside the Grove, they obtained a membership and guest list, and the serious research began. That same year, a reporter from Mother Jones magazine made contact, and the protesters helped him to get inside. By 1981, national attention had been called to this once-secret gathering through articles in Mother Jones and Parade Magazine - the latter by Jack Anderson.

By July 1981, a network of 81 peace, environmental and justice groups had formed a coalition called the Bohemian Grove Action Network, which has called attention to this elite network of the "good old boys" for the past 25 years. Special attention has been given to the daily "Lakeside Talks," which have included presidents, CEOs of the Fortune 500, the head of the World Bank, and assorted military

The club's members include many U.S. presidents. George H.W. Bush and Gerald Ford are both members, as was the late Ronald Reagan, Richard Nixon, and every Republican President since Herbert Hoover. There has not been a Democratic president as a member, but Pat Brown was a member when he was California governor.

"We saw in 1980 and 1984 how unified 'Bohemia' was around Ronald Reagan," said Don Eichelberger, a long-time organizer of grove protests and current state Green Party co-chair of the Green Issues Working Group. "We know from their own archives that the Manhattan Project was conceived and promoted at the Grove, and that a deal supporting Eisenhower over Nixon for president in 1956 was struck there. So no question that 'weaving spiders' do come there."

The latter statement referred to the club's motto, "Weaving spiders come not here!"

"These men constitute the biggest back room in the country, whose deals have sealed the fate of America as a bully willing to use its might to help them make more money and control the nation," said Paul Encimer of Emerald Greens and co-coordinator of the convergence.

"In reality, these are public policy talks given without public scrutiny," added Mary Moore, co-founder of BGAN.

This July 15, the incoming Bohemians will be greeted at the gates as they arrive for the first weekend of their two-week summer encampment. On Saturday, July 16, on the day that the Bohemians stage a ceremony, protesters will be at the gates.

On Sunday, July 17, activists will convene in the Monte Rio amphitheater to network and strategize. This year's protest is being organized by the California State Greens and endorsed by various social activist groups and individuals.

CONTACT: For Background: Mary K. Moore, 707-874-2248

For Protest Logistics: Don Eichelberger, 415-567-4577,or Paul Encimer, 707-540-9061

For more information, call the above phone numbers or go to

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