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Bush's success apparently due to blackmailing of Democrats

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Bush's success apparently due to blackmailing of Democrats PostSun Aug 07, 2005 10:46 pm  Reply with quote  

Julian Penrod
4 Fairfield Avenue
West Caldwell, New Jersey 07006
(973) 220-1601

August 7, 2005

Letters to the Editor

Dear sirs:

There is an old truism, that only through the truth can the solution to a problem, or the answer to a question, be derived. Manipulations based on lies may provide some kind of suggested "answer", but it will not be completely satisfactory. By the same token, if the solution to a difficulty, or answer to a question are not obtained, then what is being used to try to "answer" the situation is not the truth.

There are few who would say that many aspects of "the way things are done" have not changed, in the last few years, since September 11, 2001. Hundreds of millions of dollars are regularly allocated for apparently questionable projects, involving politically connected contractors, as appears usual, but most of this is for "security", while the infrastructure, apparently, is going to be allowed to rot. At least until those in government, evidently responsible for engineering the apparently fraudulent "war on 'terror'", feel they can't safely rape the public, any more! The United States has engaged in an unprovoked and apparently criminal invasion of another country, and billions of dollars a month are being allocated to that evidently psychotic venture! That invasion was prompted by apparently patently deceitful assertions by the president that Iraq was harboring large stockpiles of powerful weapons, yet the White House has not been brought up on charges of lying to the public! And, in America, itself, the president has successfully passed legislation decreasing protections on federal forests lands, making it easier for his apparent friends in logging to steal lumber, and even ordered herds of wild mustang slaughtered, apparently to allow his developer cronies to be able to desecrate the mustangs' land with expensive development projects. Bush policies sought to apparently buy Christian right votes by putting their projects on the government dole, and that received at best token resistance from the Democrats! Halliburton, with whom his Vice President seems still strongly, and unethically, tied, is making hundreds of millions of dollars a month off apparently poor service in Iraq. That he sought and got tax cuts seems a fairly predictable part of a Republican presidency, but the Bush Labor Department also published pamphlets instructing employers in how to get extra work out of employees, and still stiff them on overtime, and the “party of the people” raised no row! When Bush’s Congress sent up a motion to dramatically alter class action suits, apparently to unethically, even illegally, impact on the rights of litigants, and guarantees under the law, the Democrats made a sickening show of supporting it! Indeed, Bush is swiftly gaining the reputation of facing the least resistance to passage of items on his personal agenda of any president in at least the past century and a half!

Apologists, and, frankly, shills, seeking a quick reply, to avoid any further digging, would snap that it is due to the Republican majority in both the House and the Senate. But, even if one party is in the minority, it is still possible for them to mount an effective counter to any presidential initiative, at least to the point of forcing a compromise. The Democrats have been in the minority a number of times, yet still flexed their muscle, to oppose presidential items they disagreed with.

But that was all before George W. Bush!

Despite varying presence in Congress, the Democrats made certain to express their dissatisfaction with the policies of Nixon, Ford, Reagan and the first George Bush. With Bush’s entrance into the White House, though, any and all significant form of Democratic opposition stopped! To be sure, questions about the legitimacy of the 2000 election - itself an obtuse enough affair to automatically raise suspicions of impropriety all around! - prompted tons of sniping and jabs, by Democrat Party members and obligingly liberal commentators. Clinton staffers, leaving their offices, left huge amounts of vandalism and damage in their wake. For a time, it looked as if the normal form of “civility” in Washington circles was going to be observed.

Then, September 11, 2001 occurred, and Democratic behavior suddenly changed!

Where, normally, a purpose of the opposition party is supposed to be as a counterweight for the party in power, keeping their lust for power from going too far, and “keeping their feet on the ground”! After September 11, the attitude of the Democrats changed to “President Bush is right in everything”! Where they didn’t sycophantically champion every abomination by the Bush White House, the Democrats actually tried to “out-Bush” Bush!

When Bush wanted to launch an attack to conquer Afghanistan, oust their native government, and put an appropriately Wall Street friendly government in - apparently to pave the way for erecting a monstrous Russian-Indian Ocean oil pipeline there! - simply on the pretext of al Qaeda supposedly operating out of the country, not a word of contradiction was spoken by the Democrats! When Bush wanted to expand his apparently maniac plans for global domination to Iraq, based on claims of weapons systems that 45% of all Americans considered untrustworthy, the Democrats couldn’t sign off on the orders fast enough! The party that denounced Richard Nixon for the involvement of the United States in Viet Nam - even though it began under Kennedy! - now, was in love with invading smaller and weaker nations, as long as it was on George Bush’s say-so! An evident political ploy for unethical expansion of presidential powers, the PATRIOT Act got passed with overwhelming Democratic Party support! An entire new branch of government, Homeland Defense, was erected with hundreds of millions of dollars of taxpayer money, and the Democrats couldn’t find enough good things to say about it! Provisions were made for an erecting of security measures that directly impinged on many Americans’ privacy, and the most the Democrats would do is impotently cluck their tongues, while “grudgingly” claiming it was necessary!

Instead of standing up for the principles that had fueled them for so long, carving out profits for themselves and their friends along the way, the Democrats simply seem to have decided to give Bush full rein, while arranging to cash in on the business opportunities his agenda provided!

Bush was able to enact the apparently unconstitutional tactic of suspending guarantees of freedom of speech in his vicinity, ordering any demonstrators to be kept in concentration camp like pens, named with apparent contempt “Free Speech Zones”, during his visit anywhere; the areas around his visit, the only places the media are expected to be, then, are “No Free Speech Zones”! A man wearing a tee shirt merely critical of the president was arrested as a result of this machination, and two nuns were brought in because of their evident refusal to cooperate in lying about their feelings in Bush’s vicinity! And, during all this, the Democratic Party uttered not a single sound!

Indeed, the most “critical” of Bush’s policies that Democrats have been was to accuse him of not being ruthless enough! There is evidence that Bush fabricated charges against Saddam Hussein’s government, as a pretext for invading Iraq. The most the Democrats will say is that “he’s not sending enough arms and equipment in, to protect our brave heroes”! Increasingly, it is even becoming apparent that the Bush White House was involved in the arranging and carrying out of the attacks on September 11, 2001; the Democrats won’t touch that subject, but they will eagerly jump on the “terrorism” bandwagon, trying to get their corporate cronies huge contracts supplying
“anti-‘terrorist’” services!

Bush’s insistence that, if bin Laden were captured, he will be denied a trial by jury, and, instead, declared summarily guilty without proof, would, once, have been soundly condemned by the Democrats. During the presidential campaign of 2004, agreeing with Bush in that became a litmus test for being a Democratic candidate! Dennis Kucinich said everyone, including bin Laden, had the right to a trial, and no less than Paul Begala and James Carville tried to paint him as a lunatic! That is, when they and other Democratic “pundits” weren’t busy aggressively shooting the Democratic Party in the foot by artificially elevating the significance of the Howard Dean “scream” incident, torpedoing what could have been a successful, or, at least, very revealing, counter for the Bush candidacy! With respect to “terrorism”, the Democrats’ only contribution to discussion was complaints that Bush wasn’t aggressive enough in pursuing supposed “terrorists”! They are apparently even more eager than Bush to see the streets of Third World countries run red with blood!

Certainly, during the Democratic National Convention, the “party of the people” couldn’t contain how impressed they were with Bush’s policy of evacuating Constitutional freedoms from the presence of politicians! While not as relentlessly vicious as the Republicans’ arrangements for stifling freedom of speech and rights of assembly, the Democrats’ filthy showing in Boston included rounding up protestors behind hurricane fences, tying their hands behind their backs with plastic straps, and, it is said, even threatening them with police dogs while shackled!

There was a time when Bush’s evidently lunatic version of “foreign policy” would have been condemned by the Democrats before it finished leaving his mouth! They would have automatically attacked the idea of wholesale conquest of a sovereign nation, to handle the matter of expelling an undesired group! They would have questioned the reliability of Bush’s claims against Saddam Hussein, instead of evidently swallowing them hook, line and sinker! Indeed, there was a day when the Democrats would have been in the forefront of questions about the apparent patent insanity of the “official story” about the events of September 11!

Why would “terrorists” believe that that would profit them? What could they even gain by going through all that expense and preparation? Ask yourself, what would they have gained even in what was supposed to be their “ideal” outcome? Why didn’t anything even approaching that occur during Clinton’s supposedly more lenient, less violence prone, administration? There was a time when Democrats would have decried the Bush Administration insistence that, if captured, Osama bin Laden would not be given a trial! They would have asked why did Bush do nothing, on September 11, as if he knew it was going to happen and it was all going according to schedule! They would have followed that up with questions about why Bush didn’t take cover the day a plane strayed into Washington airspace! Everyone else was rushing around, as if it was a genuine threat, but Bush just kept jogging, as if he knew there was no such thing as “terrorism”, therefore, there was no danger to him from any plane straying above Washington! They would have utterly condemned the idea of an unprovoked attack on another nation, no matter what purported threat that other nation supposedly presented! They would, however, once have asked who does stand to profit from the events of September 11, and who did profit from it!

It used to be that Democrats would engage in parading any and all cases of obvious fault in the president’s actions, a necessity, since no president has been shown to be completely free of craven self-interest, that could potentially work against the best interests of the public if left unchecked! Now, the Democrats let Bush’s evident contempt for the “rank and file” have free rein!

They mounted token, and ludicrous, dissension at his choice for the courts, and lambasted his Social Security plan, which seemed so laughable that it never had a chance, anyway, but the Democrats engaged in nothing substantive, in terms of controlling Bush’s apparent psychotic proclivities!

During the lead-in to the 2000 elections, 60 Minutes aired a segment on apparent criminal behavior by guards at Abu Ghraib Prison, in Iraq. This caused a drop in the attractiveness of Bush’s policies. Shortly after, 60 Minutes seems to have dutifully cooperated in a plot by Karl Rove to discredit them, by having them air documents showing Bush was AWOL from the Texas Air National Guard, then raising the accusation that they were fraudulent. Rather than go through the correct investigation ahead of time, rather than apparently carry out the investigation after the fact that would have revealed the documents to be genuine, CBS just tossed up its hands, accepted blame and summarily dismissed Dan Rather! When Bush’s approval again began to flag, Karl Rove again evidently carried out the character assassination of a news group, Newsweek magazine, by supposedly feeding them claims of mishandling of the Koran by American military, then calling the reports into question. Later revelations indicated that the reports were indeed correct, if not even watered down! At one time, the media would have fought for its good name. At that time, the Democrats would have risen to their defense, even in the minority, and mounted a defense that would have wounded the claims against the press. Now, however, the media seem to see themselves only as slaves to the Bush agenda, serving only at “the master’s” pleasure!

And that attitude seems to have completely permeated the entirety of the Democratic/liberal/media part of the country.

Before September 11, 2001, and even periodically during the 2004 presidential campaign, various Democratic and liberal wags would poke at Bush on the issue of the way the election of 2000 was decided. James Carville and Paul Begala on CNN, for example, were notorious for sniping on that issue. The second the 2004 election was called, though, it was as if each had had a brain transplant! “Bush knew what the people wanted and he gave it to them”, Carville opined, in an unprecedented meek and chastened way! “The Democratic Party has lost its way”, Begala eagerly joined in! Only five minutes before, the only hope for the country was the Democratic Party, now, suddenly, Bush was the new FDR!

The Democratic Party is not nonexistent! They have power to impede progress of legislation and initiatives they find repellant. They certainly put a lot of work into confounding some, frankly, not very influential appeals court nominations!

But they did nothing to protect the national forests from being opened to apparent wholesale clearing for the lumber industry!

They allowed the administration to authorize the slaughter of herds of wild mustangs, the animal, apparently second only to the bald eagle, in being evocative of the nation!

They didn’t protect workers from the Labor Department’s recommendations to employers on how to overwork employees, yet stiff them on overtime payment for that extra work!

They let jobs be siphoned out of the country, through “outsourcing”!

They actually championed Bush’s plan to allow illegal immigrants to steal jobs from American citizens!

They actually voted with Republicans for Bush’s pet plan to change the rules in class action suits to impede legitimate claimants’ search for justice!

They sat back while Bush nullified the Constitution in areas surrounding where he was appearing, and then went ahead and engaged in those same apparently malignant tactics themselves!

Rather than question the apparent flaws in the “official story” of September 11, 2001, the Democrats, instead, ran on a platform of being even more belligerent and reckless in foreign policy than Bush!

Rather than condemn the patently un-American principle of invading someone who hasn’t attacked you, the Democrats complained that he wasn’t rough enough on Iraqis trying to keep the administration from stealing their resources and raping the people!

Every opportunity to cast doubt of Bush’s machinations, and even his qualifications to remain in office, has been dutifully ignored by the Democrats! Meanwhile, their representatives in the media have apparently not passed up on any chance to make themselves look foolish, by evidently deliberately falling for what they knew to be one of Karl Rove’s “dirty tricks” to humiliate them!

For the past four years, the staunchest allies of Republican policies have been the Democrats!

Where such patent connivery exists, there has to be a reason. And it seems so here.

It appears that George Bush has amassed a file of incriminating evidence on every member of the Democratic Party, and he is using that to extort them into promoting his agendas, and shooting their own party in the foot!

This should, perhaps, not be so surprising. That this technique was used by Bill Clinton, among other things, to escape the Whitewater hearings, and avoid being taken legitimately to task for his evident criminalities in office, seems undeniable! George Bush seems to have decided to use Clinton’s own tactic against him! But Bush, in an evident display of his psychotic obsession, seems to have gone Clinton many times better! Rather than a few indiscretions, to protect his own apparently criminal past, Bush seems to have obtained an extensive file of, evidently, numerous cases of illegality, on every member of the Democratic Party, and is currently using it to prevent them from identifying him as an architect of the attacks on September 11, 2001, and, evidently, a ruthless megalomaniac butcher, who sees the world to exist only for him to rape it!

Not even a philosophical hegemony or tactical advantage on the part of the party in power could explain the Democratic Party’s timidity, even temerity! They are apparently utterly terrified of having the vile, filthy untruths Bush has access to, about each of them, become public! Rather than have the monstrous truths about their apparent personal careers in criminality come out, the members of the Democratic Party have evidently been more than willing to allow the start of a worldwide holocaust, alienate more than half the human race, waste the lives of innumerable American men and women, and spit on every principle that the United States was supposed to be known for!

The crimes they have committed must be nothing less than hideous!

Nepotism, influence peddling, raiding the public coffers, perjury, obstruction of justice, all seem to pale before the accumulated contagion in the pasts of the Democratic Party! It seems indisputable that Democrats are guilty of those crimes, too, but there are signs seeping out of a pattern of malignant behavior even more vile than all of that, carried out with regularity, throughout the halls of power in this country!

What utter unholy bestiality haunts each and every member of the Democratic Party that they would, apparently, prefer the United States be reduced to a cinder before they would admit it?

“It” doesn’t seem to be only one thing, but a collection of separate violations of decency, on the part of every Democrat!

However, there seems one aspect of each of their backgrounds that controls their retreat from honor! The single malignant manifestation behind every one of the crimes that Bush seems to hold over the heads of the Democrats!

In fact, it traces back some time in the past. For at least the last quarter century or more, it has been quietly acknowledged by the media - randomly, to give the impression that they’re a collection of isolated events, rather than signs of a monstrous pattern of behavior! - that Washington, D.C. is the capitol of child molestation, exploitation and rape in the United States! As far back as the “page scandal” of the Seventies - in which it was indicated that Congressmen seem to have a taste for young boys, and apparently see the pages assigned to them as “at will whores”! - the capitol has been host to innumerable sexual scandals! Many, like Monica Lewinsky and Chandra Levy, showed a sense in Washington that the only two things in life are to pretend to work, and to engage in round-the-clock sex! They also, to a large extent, involved Democrats! Incidents like Democratic Congressman Wilbur Mills, Fannie Fox and the Tidal Basin Pool Scandal, though, seem more the exception than the rule! However, it seems to be becoming increasingly obvious, at least among those who are willing to leak the facts, that child rape is a major attraction in the nation’s capitol! And, to be fair, it doesn’t appear to be just Democrats who indulge in it!

That practice, though, is not particularly new, only largely unexamined! In 1989, for example, The Washington Times ran a story on a call-boy ring operating inside the Beltway, apparently serving figures high up in government, even a number in the cabinet of the Reagan Administration! A crucial part of this was the incident in which a 15-year-old boy was found being given a tour of the White House after midnight, evidently as part of his being used as a whore by someone very close to the president! The scandal around the past midnight visit swiftly grew to, reportedly, include a number of high ranking members of both the Reagan and the ensuing Bush administrations!

The whore services provided the members of the Reagan and Bush Oval Offices were provided courtesy of an enigmatic figure, named Craig J. Spence! A powerful influence peddler, Spence’s specialty was in providing, generally, hard drugs and either homosexual prostitutes or child prostitutes, then surreptitiously taping the encounters, and using the film to blackmail the person! Those on the list of individuals he blackmailed - that is, those for whom he procured homosexual or child whores! - according to the Washington Times, included political figures, entertainers and military figures, as well as an army of international businessmen! Names like Ted Koppel seem to have come up fairly frequently, when investigating Spence’s contacts and “friends”! The house at which much of the taping took place, Spence himself claimed, was obtained in blackmail from a powerful Japanese magnate! If providing prostitutes to the powerful, then blackmailing them, was Spence’s means of getting power, arranging after midnight guided tours of the White House for “favored individuals” was his way of showing that, in many ways, his power matched or even exceeded that of the then president!

It was in one of these late night tours that the 15-year-old boy, destined, apparently, for some Congressman’s bed, was discovered, and the lid blown off Spence’s operation!

To be sure, with as many powerful, rich and apparently ruthless people involved, even U.S. Attorney Jay Stephens, assigned to the case, seemed to have undertaken to arrange as much of a whitewash, himself, as possible. Out of all the names involved in Spence’s scheme, only Paul R. Balach, liaison to Labor Secretary Elizabeth Dole, was sacrificed! Remember, when you get involved with people of power, they usually need a fall guy, in case their criminality comes out, so, if they seem to be playing up to you, it’s probably because they’re preparing you to be thrown to the wolves! In the wake of Balach’s resignation, Stephens promptly summarily declared that no one else being blackmailed for criminal actions had committed anything criminal, and he ordered all the records sealed!

So, if you’re aggravated about the exploding price of gas, the crumbling infrastructure, the failure of government to do anything about filth on the airwaves, or the apparent tendency of the FDA to allow any petrochemical waste to be called “medicine”, be comforted that it all means that your governor, your Congressman, or someone in the Supreme Court has been able to make their dreams come true, by having sex with a three-year-old!

Nor even is the story of Craig Spence the end of the matter! Or even the highest point!

In 1994, the Discovery Channel was preparing to air a documentary, “Conspiracy of Silence”, leveling charges that it is a regular practice in Washington for everyone from politicians, to foreign businessmen to even religious leaders to attend sex orgies, featuring small children! In fact, the children would be required to wear nothing but their underwear and a cardboard sign with a number on it. For when they were auctioned off to the highest bidder! At the last minute, an unidentified Congressman made motions of imposing draconianly strict restrictions on cable stations, and the documentary was shelved. All the rights were then bought up by equally anonymous individuals, and just about every copy was destroyed!

A number of these sex auctions are recorded as having taken place in places from Las Vegas, Nevada to Toronto, Canada, but, in 1988, it is said, one of the orgies featuring children took place in the Embassy Row mansion belonging to CNN talk show host, Larry King!

Incidentally, it is reported that, in association with this practice, deceased maverick reporter, Hunter S. Thompson, had raised the idea of producing a “snuff” film, in which a young boy would be ritually murdered, for the edification of Congressmen, ambassadors, religious leaders, military figures and big businessmen! His failure to come up with that film, perhaps coupled with a supposedly expressed intent to investigate evidently institutionalized child rape in Washington, may have led to his “suicide”!

On much the same note, Craig Spence was found dead in a hotel room, in early November 1989. Supposedly, his efforts at blackmailing foreign figures had provided a rich trove of material for the CIA to use, to push other governments around, too! But, when the facts about his activities started to come to light, the CIA seemed to consider Spence a liability. Just before the end, it is said, he would comment, “Casey’s boys are out to get me”, referring, evidently, to then CIA head William J. Casey!

With the death of Craig Spence, it appears, his collection of embarrassing, even incriminating, films suddenly seems to have become “up for grabs”! Many formerly held on a leash through Spence’s blackmailing empire seem to have managed to obtain the evidence, and freed themselves from CIA control! Notice how seamlessly Craig Spence’s death in late 1989 coincides with the First Gulf War, against Saddam Hussein, in early 1991! Previously, members of the Bush cabinet had clasped hands with Hussein, but, now, suddenly, he was a fiend who had to be overthrown! That enmity seems to have continued from the administration of George H.W. Bush - who, remember, was a past head of the CIA! - to that of George W. Bush! Apparently, while they had their hands on Spence’s evidently incriminating films of Hussein having sex with a child, while they could lead him around by the nose, the government was more than willing to treat him like a king! When he got the tape - or tapes! - back, and was free of their extortion, apparently he was a dangerous individual!

All dictatorships seem to see free people as their greatest enemy!

The bulk of Craig’s collection, though, seems to have gone into the possession of Bill Clinton, and it was through this that he managed to use Republicans as footballs during his administration!

Immediately following that, though, George W. Bush seems to have come into possession of all that evidence, and he is now using that to make himself the most suspiciously successful president in history!

So, if your son or daughter is shipped home from Iraq in one or more body bags, be comforted in knowing that it’s probably all due to the fact that, a couple of decades ago, a Democratic big wig had fun, raping a seven-year-old girl!

The exploding price of oil; employers counseled on how to deny legitimate wages to their employees; the ripping up of the nation’s protected forests; the slaughtering of the wild mustangs; organizations conveniently identifying themselves as “Christian” going on the public dole; the perverting of the skies by the aerial chemical spraying, called by some “chemtrails”, to facilitate military communications, military tests of pathogens or military control of the weather; jobs being outsourced; petrochemical waste being marketed as “medicine”; jobs being taken from Americans and given to illegal aliens; assaults on privacy; the U.S. engaging in an apparently illegal aggression; America’s image and reputation in the world being ruined. And all because some Democratic Senator, probably about a quarter of a century ago, gave in to his lust to have pre-pubescent boys in his bed!

Blame the steady encroachment of unequivocal, unquestioned approval of homosexuality, too, as those with apparently heinous histories seek to so deprave the culture that they could finally have those films come out, and no shame will attach to them! Pedophilia is treated with disgust. But it’s the kind of, literally, wholesale brutality that the guilty often utilize against others, to con the “rubes” into thinking they would never engage in it themselves! Those genuinely interested in justice treat everyone nobly, even the criminals! Those who make precious amendments, so limiting movement in a town that, literally, pedophiles would be disallowed from even living there; those who advocate posting pedophiles’ names on the internet; those who endorse refusing pedophiles the safety of a public shelter, during catastrophes; those who recommend that they be required to wear a placard everywhere, identifying them as a pedophile, it seems, are only tacitly admitting their own malignant, but well-concealed, involvement in child rape!!

George Bush’s own implacable sense of out-and-out hatred for bin Laden, indicated by his refusal to grant him a trial, is tacit admission on Bush’s part that he is the kind who would have arranged the attacks on the World Trade Center. Which he apparently did!

The second you see someone running on a platform of crucifying pedophiles, just envision them in Larry King’s mansion, bidding on a sobbing three-year-old girl in her underwear! Then imagine another 5% of your salary disappearing from your wallet as another Craig Spence uses another blackmail scheme to rape the “rank and file”!

Or, maybe, by that time, the engineered acceptance of man-child relation, courtesy of Michael Jackson’s notoriety, will have made that useless as a tool of extortion!

That still leaves illegal drug use and, maybe, murder, as methods of blackmailing politicos. But, then, the West Coast, from California up to Washington, seem to have made it their business to make both seem less despicable!

The choice they are leaving the public seems hellish indeed, either accept having to work 80 hours a week, just to be a starving pauper, or embrace all form of moral turpitude and filth!

A key to this form of malignance continuing is absence of opposition! If government will not protect the rights of the public, they have to do it, themselves!

Criminal operations such as the military/corporate/government/religious/entertainment hydra seems to be rely , basically, on two things, money and legitimacy. It is crucial to starve it of both!

Stop buying anything you don’t absolutely need or want or can use!

Don’t travel!

Don’t put your money in banks! Their predatory “hidden fees” and evident scams tend to cost the average individual at least fifty times what interest they may make! You end up with more money, at the end of a year, if you just put it in a mattress!

Don’t go to sports games or concerts! Do you like paying thousands of dollars so they can stuff all the drugs they use into their veins?

Don’t go to movies! Do you really need to have your time wasted and intelligence insulted?

Don’t gamble, either at casinos, the track or even government lotteries!

Buy as few taxable items as you can!

Boycott all elections! Do you really think those in charge and in the money depend on the people to tell them what swindle to pull off next? When have they ever proven that it wasn’t the bosses themselves who decided the next one in office, after which they lied about the results of the election, so the people would blame themselves for unending criminality in office?

Don’t believe a word anyone in the military, in government, in entertainment, in religious office or in big business tell you!

Deluge politicians’ desks with emails and letters, telling them that you know the evident web of blackmail on which all government seems to rest, and demanding that it be revealed, once and for all!

Flood editors’ desks at newspapers, news magazines and radio and television stations with demands that they provide the truth!

Most importantly, the public must involve themselves, deeply and determinedly, in the workings of government around them, so they can always be able to denounce any corruption, the instant they see it! The success of stealing government from the people appears to have depended, to a large part, in the public simply not trying to maintain their presence in it and mandate over it! If the public wish their place in government, they have to assert it!

Julian Penrod
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