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New Mexico: Border emergency declared

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PostThu Aug 18, 2005 11:51 am  Reply with quote  


President George Bush, a man who has never soiled his hands with a hard day’s work for a day’s pay in his life, promotes illegal alien migration by saying, “They do work that Americans won’t do.” What he really means is--corporations welcome illegal aliens so they can work for slave wages which aids his corporate friends to help buy more Lear Jets and drive Rolls Royces along with a third home in Aspen, Colorado. What’s he’s really saying is that Americans can’t earn a decent living at such wages, so it’s okay to have millions of illegal aliens living 20 to a trailer and suffering inhumane conditions in ghettoes forming across the USA. They are called ‘colonias’ or ‘new neighborhoods’. These are our new slave class.

Does this not fit President Bush? “Is there not some curse deep in hell, a curse full of fire and torment, a curse that is greatest of all to a man who would place his personal fortune over his allegiance to his country.”

The New York Times reported that colonias began in 1985 on our side of the border from Brownsville, Texas all the way to San Diego, California. They numbered 170,000. By 1985, their numbers grew to 500,000 and in 2000, they exceeded one million. They do not enjoy roads, electricity, sewage, medical care, schooling or running water. They are expected to exceed 20 million inhabitants by 2021. They work at slave wages for ranchers, meant packing plants and hotels not only along the Border States, but in the cities and rural towns all over America.

This new slave class cuts costs to employers while all of us pay a HUGE price in services to illegal alien slaves. A few make obscene profits, American taxpayers pay for schooling, medical, ESL classes, free lunches to slave poor, prison costs, crime, drugs and diseases—for our new slave class.

In a column in the Rocky Mountain News, David Harsanyi wrote, “Did you know some consider it racist to oppose illegal immigration but perfectly reasonable to support a system that casts illegal Mexican immigrants in the most menial and undesirable jobs? Makes you wonder: Who are the bigots? We’re told that illegal immigrants aren’t driving down wages, they’re simply taking jobs Coloradans wouldn’t dream of doing. In other words: We like slave labor.”

There you have it: our new slave labor class. These are people exploited to work at slave wages. They MUST live 20 to a trailer, but taxpayers foot billions for this socialized slave class. They live in the shadows much like the slaves in 1865. They suffer financial misery, diseases, crime, drugs and walking around our country unable to speak our language. They are mistreated, exploited and dismissed.

But, and this is a big BUT, their numbers grow in such places as Los Angeles, Atlanta, Chicago, Denver, New York, Miami and other cities to such a degree that they take over entire neighborhoods, schools and cities. Functionally illiterate in English, they create their own city-states and barrios separate from Americans. US citizens flee the onslaught as 800,000 fled LA last year. These new slaves multiply by three million annually as they cross our borders untouched. With 20 million today, we’ll add another 30 million in ten years. Clearly, this slave class grows beyond anyone’s wildest expectations.

What happened in 1865 because of the slave class? War ripped apart our country. What happened in 1964? Riots! Killings! Burning! Chaos! It only takes a spark to incite civil unrest in boiling racial caldrons across America. With 10 million illegal alien slaves from Mexico and other countries around the world roaming our country today, what happens when another 30 million enter to do the jobs that “Americans won’t do?” At what point will there no longer be any jobs for America’s working poor? Where do they immigrate for jobs?

One African-American responded on my radio talk show by saying, “You must remember what happens to all societies that keep a slave class…in the end, they throw off their shackles and demand equality, financial fairness and a piece of the pie…and if they don’t get it, they burn down everything in sight.”

At some point, as their numbers grow too large to exploit, they will DEMAND fair wages or they will march, stop work or riot and burn American cities. It’s a lesson in history, but as one historian noted, “The lesson of history shows that humanity doesn’t learn the lessons of history and is bound to repeat them.”

"You find me offensive? I find you offensive, for finding me offensive"
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