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Topic:   Chemtrail Theory poll

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803 posts, Aug 2000

posted 08-12-2000 12:55 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for cydoniaquest     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
So far it seems that there are about 6 general theories for chemtrails:

1. They are actually contrails as the skeptics suggest

2. They are the result of an ongoing spray program to test biological or chemical agents on US citizens.

3. They are to test coverage patterns and descent rates of the petro based medium that will be used as a vehicle for future biological agents for use in times of war and civil unrest.

4. They are used for weather modification and there may be a substance within the chemtrail material that acts as a drying agent, condensation nuclei, or perhaps a metalic component that reacts to EM radiation (as from the HAARP project).

5. The chemtrails are a joint US/UN project to adress the mythical global warming problem or ozone depletion in the atmoshere.

6. The chemtrails serve as defensive program to create a reflective sheild for incoming EMP/and gamma pulsed radiation from nuclear warheads detonated in the atmosphere in a war time situation. (my own personal theory)


Is it a combination of the above


None of the above


is it something other

I'm curious of what the general consensus theory is.

If you'd like to take a poll on the above, go to:


[This message has been edited by cydoniaquest (edited 08-12-2000).]

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mark sky
bin Rydin

SW coast of Oregon
1089 posts, Jun 2001

posted 04-03-2004 09:29 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for mark sky     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
one theory a lot of People toss around
is that this planet is being "terraformed"
in the short term this would cause the displacement and eventual death of many of the inhabitants
both plant and animal species
bringing the "carrying capacity" down to a managible level
in the long term the "man"ipulation of the planet would promote suitable habitate
for beings that are not currently adapted well to what existed before the chemtrail program
mercenary and electronic pilots
blackwater et all

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mark sky
bin Rydin

SW coast of Oregon
1089 posts, Jun 2001

posted 04-03-2004 09:42 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for mark sky     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
the injection via viral gene codes
and general mis mashing of science as we
once knew it

all payed by the populus dollars
of the planet you wish to over take

put a taking republilian or democratitilian
in the drivers seat
let them argue and cause dissention
and the populus gathers
against it self

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mark sky
bin Rydin

SW coast of Oregon
1089 posts, Jun 2001

posted 04-03-2004 09:51 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for mark sky     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
divide and conqure
always worked before
why not now?
against ourselves we team up
gay or UN gay marriage
late term or near term abort~ion
stem cells for super man
give me an issue we agree on>>>
and i will show you a division
of people
are you a paLISTINION , an Israelie
a green, or "wise use"

have you the will to kill yourself
to sAVE the EaRth

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mark sky
bin Rydin

SW coast of Oregon
1089 posts, Jun 2001

posted 04-03-2004 10:03 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for mark sky     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
and the band width plays on
NASA explores and condalisa exonn digs
oil plays out and in
interest rates cease to be
and everyone has a visa card maxed out

even my most frady cat friends
see the tankers spray

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mark sky
bin Rydin

SW coast of Oregon
1089 posts, Jun 2001

posted 04-03-2004 10:08 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for mark sky     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
social security all spent
"immigrants" by the container load
and bush is "different" than kerry
they yell
i can tell
the difference between horse shit and cow

but i never could distingish the pause between
clinton chemtrails and bushes

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mark sky
bin Rydin

SW coast of Oregon
1089 posts, Jun 2001

posted 04-03-2004 10:28 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for mark sky     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
seems they both "originate"
from the same well
source of dollars and lack of American

oh dis empowered American Humans
get a grip
your planet has been comandewierd ed
your "military" co opted
and $1000 a day operatives
spray your land and iraq

pay your tax
live your life
pretend chemtrails
do not kill you

look down and sigh
that magic momment that sparks each
life unto this would
it's watching empowerment
while you are asleep
when you go to work
being near to your heart

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Senior Member

Marietta Ohio USA
407 posts, Sep 2000

posted 04-04-2004 03:35 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for roman     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
I am just a common man.I work,pay my taxes and have done so for many years.I like to hunt, fish, Build and play with fast cars and boats.I grew up in North West Ohio close to Wright Patterson AFB I have watched jets for as many years as I can remember I know what a contrail looks like .What I see above us these last 4or 5 years don't resemble the trails that I remember .I don't recall them ever being able to make a complete overcast sky with contrails. Somebody is up to something and by the level of disinformation,harassment,lies and secrets. It is my belief that it is something that will turn out to be very ugly for lots of people that those responsible for the program consider a problem.roman...

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mark sky
bin Rydin

SW coast of Oregon
1089 posts, Jun 2001

posted 04-04-2004 11:05 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for mark sky     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
why my head spins
and my eye winks
thank you roman

born not far from where you were
Akron Ohio firestone and brimstone sunsets
these recent displays of atmos fear ic man ipulation
take ones breath away
the heart of the matter
the soul

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mark sky
bin Rydin

SW coast of Oregon
1089 posts, Jun 2001

posted 04-04-2004 11:17 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for mark sky     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
can a demonik entity encapsulate a desired habitate
and call upon the populus to pay for it
could mercenary troops train at
private vacilities and be
drawn away from US Military
by such as secratary of "defence"
could the national guard be sacraficed
upon the other side of the globe
and trans national fibeans
be in "charge"

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mark sky
bin Rydin

SW coast of Oregon
1089 posts, Jun 2001

posted 04-04-2004 11:25 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for mark sky     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
could the "saveing" be the delete ing
could the melding of nations
be their UN do ing
could your congress be voteing in shame
bucks to spray calculated
to end your lifes will
transfering possession to it
could a cover plan

be made
of global warming or some otter JFK thing
to get populus to disarm themselves
could nations be scared enough\
to give their soverntey
to the beast

these are questions
you have truth

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Hayward Ca.U.S.A.
801 posts, May 2002

posted 04-05-2004 08:54 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for emfx13   Visit emfx13's Homepage!   Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
I've already shared some information with people,so i thought i'd post something now. Maybe some of you would help research these subject's i'm about to present?
I'll tell you this much....we have been seeing military operation's in our sky's without a doubt (I know duhhh!)But the contrail's are just that...contrail's.Formed by increased "MILITARY" air traffic."CHEMTRAIL'S" do exsist though,just not in the abundance that they're being reported.I'd go as far as to say that 99% of the "contrail's" are mistaken as "chemtrail's".It's the 1% that we have to watch out for,and i know many of you have seen actual spraying.

let me explain...Why the pattern's/grids in the sky?Because these are "simulated" bombing run's/military tactical drill's,meaning they are running several urban warfare simulation's over your town.And god know's what other type of war game's they are running?This is just as terrible if not worse than what we thought was happening,don't you think?If you compare some of the picture's from the gulf war and many other conflict's,they show several bomber's leaving pattern's in the sky that look alot like what we are seeing over our head's here in the State's today,what most people mistake for "Chemtrail's".They kind of look the same don't they?(If you haven't seen the pic's i'll post them soon)Why The simularity in pattern's?Because these are the same type's of bomber formation's and method's they use during combat situation's.The design has not changed much over the year's,the only major difference is in the new type's of jet engine's,they are much more powerful,but they also leave huge amount of "contrail"in their wake,and the type of fuel is also different that is used.These are contributing factor's of "persistent contrail's".

I believe "this" operation started back in 97/98.After the "supposed" terrorist attack This operation was deployed in full force,hence the numerous chemtrail report's.People are not USED to seeing military operation's on this scale, or the amount of "increased military air traffic".This all seem's new to most people and cause's the majority of confusion amongst chemtrail actavist's.Until 9-11 WTC no one really knew what war was or a terrorist!What is "new" about this though is the NEW ERA OF WARFARE!It's taking place at home...on american soil!Possibly against it's own people?As you all know there are terrorist's living here in the country,not all of them are arabic.

If thing's get any worse i could be seen as a threat because of my veiw's and the doubt's that i have about our government!!

So for the last few year's i believe this is taking place; They are military mapping every city street in the U.S.-Monitoring our purchasing,veiwing and social habit's trying to locate "potential terrorist's"(WHICH I AM NOT!)-REPLACING OUR FREEDOM'S FOR SECURITY-Testing new technology's over populated area's-Assessing urban warfare data,probably the type where they drop a simulated bomb/chemical over a city,feed the computer the data to get the most likely scenerio in the event of an actual attack.The list goes on... This would take awhile to gather the data and run simulation's,a few year's at least if you think about it?Probably as long as the chemtrail activity has been reported?

Now the real crazy part come's into play...chemtrail's.Well let's just say if you wanted to control the Weather where would you start?Well "Contrail's" are already a factor so let's start there.You can't effectivly "control" the weather if you just start dumping a shit load of chemical's in the air,everyday pollution is testament to that,there is no stopping the runaway effect's of it,and people would notice the spraying if they tried dumping the amount needed to get the desired effect(explained below)."Well we are noticing the spraying" you say?That's the beauty of it.... "they are just Contrail's" and the chemtrailing is only a minimal necessity that is insidiously hidden behind a natural phenomenon.One purpose of the chemtrailing is about weather modification/controlling it.The spraying is used the same way you would seed a cloud to make it rain,do the same thing to the contrail to increase the amount of coverage.Or decrease the amount of coverage.Because to truly "control" the weather you have to be able to make it stop raining or break up stormfront's aswell.What's in the spray is another question?Perhap's it has something to do with polymer's and fibril's people are finding?I'm sure depleting a stormfront is a little more difficult and chemical based than the cloud seeding process?Something has to absorb the moisture,and i'm sure it ain't good!

It's deniability at it's finest... the perfect cover story, a way to pull off the operation in "broad daylight"right in front of your face----* and debunk those who dare say "Chemtrail's" or "we are getting sprayed"!By hiding the reality of the actual spraying amongst a natural process.So why the need to increase the "contrail" coverage?

Now we move on to another aspect of "why". Non-lethal warfare:Holographic projection's.Most of you know about some of the program's the military has on this type of technology,these are operation's i feel are NOW being conducted. They have been trying to make an effective stealth fighter for year's as you all know,but the damn Plane itself,"contrail's" and heat signature's give up all hope's of being invisible to radar and ground observation.Not if you could perfect a way to beam the image of the background color of the sky, over a desired object/plane,making it vanish from sight,contrail and all?Creating the illusion of invisibility for someone observing from ground level.Or a squadron of holographic fighter's that aren't really there?Invisible to radar but visible from the ground,the result of that would be absolute panic!I wont go into all the use's of holographic technology and it's many possible military application's... right now.The atmosphere is so saturated,the haze is so thick,that i bet it would make a great "screen" to project holographic image's on?Holographic projection's might explain "some" of the recent "orb" sighting's and ufo report's?

Some people have claimed to see plane's vanish "contrail and all"(I'm one of those people).

To me all of the above(if you have taken it into consideration?) just seem's like a perfect way to acheive several goal's at once,while useing what's at hand to hide the spraying and a way to effectivly use those natural "contrail" emession's that are so troublsome when trying to be stealthy.

I came to these conclusion's by questioning people that have been in the military,and are familiar with avionic's,who have actually seen bomber's in action,and/or served during time's of war.Also i gained alot of knowledge researching "natural contrail" formation,something i recommend everyone start's doing."Chemtrail's" i hate to say are real.And "persistant contrail's"also.

I know aswell as many other's...that there is "some truth behind chemtrail's.I have seen through my binocular's,the on-off-on-off type of spraying coming from a nozzle from the "side" of a plane!This plane was low enough to see alot of detail with the naked eye,it was pure white and unmarked and definatly had a spray apperatus on it.It was "sputtering" off and on as it passed over head,then as it got a distance away it just started FLOODING out leaving a huge plume behind it(i wish i got a pic)!This is one of many sighting's i've had,my freind Billy D was there for a great deal of them.

Anyway's this is not the complete theory that i have, i will post a more detailed version of it later,along with some of Billy D's input also. It's alway's better to have backup when dealing with these subject's than it is to deal with it alone,either way someone's alway's going to try and say your nut's...I kind of don't blame them it sound's nut's!

Well thank's for reading my ranting's,i've put alot of thought into them but it's still just theory.Eddie(EMFX13)

Here's a couple of link's to check out:

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Senior Member

1242 posts, Jul 2000

posted 04-05-2004 11:05 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for Ellyn     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Here is a short segment from the article I have posted a couple of time, entitled MOTHER EARTH DISCUSSES CHEMTRAILS (channeled by Pepper Lewis):


Called contrails by some and chemtrails by others, they have become one and the same. A contrail is the aftermath or effect upon the sky of a jet's interaction with the space it has traversed. Although aircraft can be designed to pass effortlessly through space, currently they do not. They pierce, tug, pull and drag the space around them, consuming more fuel and creating instability in the air currents that surround them.

Today, aircraft are subject to more turbulence than ever before. The air is too dense in some areas and too thin in others. As aircraft crisscross the skies, they drag one kind of air into another, creating a turbulence for themselves and for the planes that will follow. Airline travel follows similar routes day after day, hour after hour, marking and polluting these routes, filling them with soot and man-made chemicals. Many airplanes choose to jettison their fuel in the sky rather than chance a landing with heavy fuel tanks. This practice has created a toxic, unbalanced waste field in the sky. The sky is now falling, as one of your nursery rhymes appropriately predicted. The sky is no longer up there; it is here. It is the air that you and all the other kingdoms breathe, and it is polluted.

A chemtrail is a contrail with an agenda. The chemical content of a chemtrail is such that it is detrimental to human health and well-being, for some it is detrimental to survival. Chemtrails consist of chemically altered and manipulated fuels and gases. These chemicals are jettisoned, emitted and injected into the air as the planes that carry them traverse the airspace on their appointed routes.

Question: Where did chemtrails originate?

In God/humanity's mind, where all other thoughts originate. You and God could never conceive such a thought? Not so. Humanity lays claim to my heart and my soul, but it has traveled far in this past millennium. It has traveled to the furthest reaches polarity will allow, and here it has discovered how to create life as well as how to destroy it. Currently, both paths are being examined in close detail.

Question: Was humanity influenced or coerced by outside forces into cooperating with or accepting this wholesale destruction fo the planet?

My sentience has not detected the imminent destruction you fear, but yes, humanity has been and continues to be influenced by both inner and other interests. I have called these agendas, for lack of a better word in your language. In this case, you are being influenced by those who would benefit from having a smaller, well-managed population on the planet. The chemicals in the chemtrails are designed to weaken those who are already a detriment to the future proposed agenda. The chemicals weaken the immune system. A strong, well-balanced immune system is less susceptible to this form of influence, but a weakened immune system opens the door to the emotional body and to the subtler energies that make up your beingness.

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