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  salt lake valley gets sprayed . . . for the nth time!

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Topic:   salt lake valley gets sprayed . . . for the nth time!

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New Member

10 posts, Oct 2000

posted 10-16-2000 08:40 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for zabode     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
this is my first post, so how y'all doin'.
anyway, down to business: the salt lake tribune forecasted today's weather (10/16/00) as "mostly sunny." okay, so why is it that the sky over this city is totally obscured with weirdish-looking crud as i send this dispatch (man, you should see the sunset out there!)? well, we all know why, but we skywatchers number a very small minority of the citizens in this, "the land of the free [yeah, to be sheep]", and "the home of the depraved [you know who i'm talking about]." WE THE SHEEPLE ARE UNDER ATTACK! and it's not just chemtrails. it's across the board, folks. for one example, i have researched the issue of government-sponsored mind control (hypnosis, drugs, implants) to the point where i am convinced this is virtually an industry today in america. in fact, a post to this board helped me clarify something that had been gnawing at me previously. the recent bizarre & nightmarish murders of two children by pitchfork in merced, california, taken in conjunction with the history of the stayner family of that town (cary the yosemite serial killer and steven the child sex victim/abductee) had me fairly certain there was a mind-control facility nearby, and sure enough, a posting from thermit in merced made mention of continuous activity at supposedly closed castle AFB. the covert use of "closed" installations is a fairly common tactic of the black helicopter brigade. yes, my friends, we are in deep excrement. is it salvageable? only if everyone wakes up, looks up and speaks up. otherwise we continue to be, as david icke likes to put it, "a manipulator's party trick" (if you haven't read david icke's "the biggest secret," believe me, it's a fun one). okay, i'm done ranting. can i have my bumper sticker now?

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Houston, TX
2733 posts, Jul 2000

posted 10-16-2000 11:29 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Thermit   Visit Thermit's Homepage!   Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Hey Zabode!

Yeah, guess the spray crews don't talk to the weather people...

I'm sure the CIA and such have done a lot of research on mind control and the advertising agencies have honed it to a science ("It's Flu Time Again!"), but do you really think the government would try to use it to create more chaos? I would think they would want docile sheep if anything, not crazed maniacs.

Yeah, you get a sticker!

P.S. I was just passing that Merced post along...

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New Member

10 posts, Oct 2000

posted 10-17-2000 11:05 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for zabode     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote

yeah, it makes you wonder about the media weather people. then there are the academic meteorologists. last year i emailed a handful of profs in that department at the university of utah. of these but one replied. although i had provided links to three websites with hundreds of photos between 'em (including those of chemtrail research pioneers will thomas & clifford carnicom), this guy replied that he couldn't comment without any photographic evidence. what a dweeb!

i agree with you that the unseen ruling elite want us to be sheep not people -- sheep are a lot more compliant. the chemtrails might even tie into this, as will thomas seems to think there is an aluminum oxide component to the trails themselves, aluminum being a neurotoxin implicated in degenerative nervous system disorders such as alzheimers. so the chemtrails -- on one level at least -- could be dumbing us down in a way that makes media disinformation look positively friendly. (with this said, it's alarming to me how many people i know personally are complaining of an inability to concentrate.)

as for the mind-numbing violence of the robot assassins (sirhan, chapman, hinckley etc.), "random" shooters (in schools, churches, brokerages etc.) and "lunatic" killers (now wielding pitchforks), they are created to further the demonstrable gun control agenda of the elitists and also to reinforce the pervasive sense of fear with which our lives are contaminated. again, i would highly recommend the books of david icke to understand the spiritual dimension of the "problem" on planet earth.

ciao for now -- z.

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