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message from James Taylor, Pierce Brosnan and Jean M. Cousteau
The latest in High-Tec Weather Modification
Powder sucks moisture out of thunderstorm
Add Dyno-Gel to the ingredients list
Widespread barium poisoning in confirmation stages
Saying goodbye.
EM Scalar/What all this is about?
Sat pics of CTs - at a coast near you, David :(
Huge flash..Sounds like military to me....
Oh My... (Electronic Warfare Attack)
Chemplanes mystery...
a little help needed
Chemtrails make front cover!!!!
Megasprayer caught with 1000mm lens...
Midwest Thunderstorm INTERDICTED!!
chemplane crashes perhaps????
MORE Rainfall interdiction over MidWest.
Spinning our Wheels
face in chem cloud
Explain this...
Chemtrails over NE Pacific map to Siberian superfreeze, Pacific NW Drought
DS-4 New Site Location and updates!
Latest findings in Chemtrails....
Image Database: New Visual Search
Member's Area
Chandra was here?
Florida Birds Killed by CHEMTRAILS???
NASA's New sampling aircraft
More ET and Contrail Connections?
Does the Sun look the same to you?
Pink Lemonade at Chemtrail and Company
Satellite Laser/Holographic Psyche-war Project?
‘Red rain was fungus, not meteor’
Chemtrails in Advertisements
Military take-over possible during Bio-Attack Army Says
Lo the Seektress on Radio KZYX
Chemtrail revolution???
Cloud Punching, A New Discovery
Chemtrail spraying on hold?
Mass Aluminum Poisoning in the UK.
No Stars--Light pollution
Grey line
Help needed with chemtrail gel info.....!!!!!
Protons Rapidly Earthbound/Earthquakes globally.
What are peoples thoughts on the zetas' chemtrail information.
English chemtrails? Black lines, night trails, grids, Xs, Megasprayers, etc.
American Freedom News Radio Interview
DS4 summer updates/Air Force response!!
S.Bossier,La.heavy day/plus 'Face'cropcircle.
Louisiana Congressman still on it/more info!
Contrail Connection
Chem articles at WND
Poll Question Ideas
California chemtrail article
Hey, I'm in the chatroom!
Heavy spraying in Spokane, WA
Article and chemtrail photos worth looking at.
Is anyone else feeling this?
Massive, Massive, trails above La. storm clouds!
Debunker Hunter from Louisiana...come see!
La. Heavy chems above rain-clouds/sneaky!
Black Helicopter and Megasprayers
another way to view the saturation of our sky
TAILSPRAYER video footage
Low RH = trails
Terrorist Attack & Return of Blue Skies
No let up in chemtrail activity.
S.Bossier, Louisiana/chems/No planes.
Keep The Faith My Friends
Please consider this.....
Babylon the great is fallen,is fallen
What are 'chemtrails'?
Spokane, WA, inundated with chemtrailspraying.
Goodbye for now.......
Where might I find proof they are spraying?
The World in 2015, According to the CIA
Cosmic Help?/To Stop War??

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