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When and how did you hear about 'chemtrails'?
Chemtrails around S.A.
Lets Purchase Air time from Fox to air our story
I have an ideal of how to get our story outl
Video Grabs from today
Weekend spraying in Spokane, WA
Monday, another heavy spray day.
Two articles on Chemtrails
Tuesday, another extremely heavy spray day.
Nov. 28 spraying over Spokane, WA
Dec. 1 extreme spraying in Spokane, WA
Spokane sprays days (Dec. 10-12).
Dec. 4, another extreme spray day!
Another Chicken Little
WTC Trail Photo
Double Time
busy in st. louis
South Jersey
N.Y. Parade/Notice the Chemtrails in backround shots?
chem-trails NE IL, over college campus'
Chemtrails Through The Ages?
'Jet trails linked to temperature shifts'
New year chemtrails in Spokane, WA
Extreme Spraying in Spokane, WA 01/07/01
Contrails over Bergen County NJ
My Contrail Experience
Houston Matchstick Sky
spraying again
colorful buttermilk bands
Fake Peach Smell
spray plane locale????
Storms over, Spraying is not
Being hit again.......
Incredible Trails over Houston 7/11
Seems to me......
03/04/01 Spraying of Spokane, WA
03/06/01 Another Heavy Spray Day
March 20 Spraying in Spokane, WA
03/21/01 Spokane Pounded Again
Ocean City Md.hit hard with chemtrails
So long blue skies
Spokane gets bombed AGAIN!
03/30/01 Heavy Spray Day in Spokane
Chemtrailers work on Easter Sunday
Shadowing of Chemtrails
My experience in Maryland with Chemtrails.
spraying again
Spraying in Pacific
Awesome Sight!
White Out
Suspicious Military Helicopters
Austin Trails
May 15, 2001 Letter to Media
Trails in Sydney???
:mad Thank you for the Memorial day spraying
Comments to EPA
Nasty Air Day----Thanks Boys
Chemtrails--Barium, Aluminum, Titanium CONFIRMED In Rainwater
Chemtrail Articles from presenting chemtrail photos from various states.
'Mind-Blowing Chemtrails' Over Pennsylvania
Chemtrails - Sick In Sprague River, Oregon
chemtrails over Oregon/PNW
new member here-have questions about orbs
Direct Sampling Chemtrails And Photo Closeups
Chemtrails observed during Olympics
Chemtrails/Spanish Flu?
Why I think Chemtrails are Real...
Chemtrails Over Los Angeles
sick to death of CT's
Protective Virus Introduced To Combat Chemtrails
A void in the sky!!!
Chemtrails Over South Florida 12/21/2001
Questioning the Chemtrails..
Chemtrails over Johns Is SC
Chemtrails Over Atlanta from Tom Rose
Chemtrails over Iowa
chemtrails-South Jersey
same old same old
Trails over Maine
Louisiana radar rings for tonite/weirdest ever, worse then last time!!!
cloudless skies?
NW Louisiana, Heavy wind, seemingly low humidity, AND chemtrails!!
Chemtrail Article by William Thomas (Oct. 20, 2001)
Squiggly Lines in the Sky
Topics/Chemtrails? or Religion/Politics??
long long chemtrail in norcal
Heavy Chemtrails/Night/a.m./NW Louisiana
My Angel Cloud pic/Taken 9/11 the WTC Day!
Chemtrails Destroyed!
Chemtrails over downtown Chicago
Seattle Sighting of ChemTrail on October 1, 2001
A news story about chemtrails-please read

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