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  MGN-3 The most powerful immune stimulant???

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Topic:   MGN-3 The most powerful immune stimulant???

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Senior Member

Charleston, Ar
167 posts, Dec 2001

posted 02-02-2002 01:40 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Hoople     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
My wife and I order many of our diet supplements from the NEEDS Company via their catalog.

NEEDS, INC. P.O. Box 580 E. Syracuse, NY 13057 (800) 634 1380

Recently, when an order arrived, there was a flyer included touting MGN-3 as the most powerful immune stimulant uncovered by worldwide researchers so far. My wife called NEEDS and requested more info on this product. NEEDS sent a copy of an article from Well Being Journal titled, MGN-3: Cure or Curiosity? The Question Persists! by, Emmalyn McAllister.

Following are some excerpts from that article:

MGN-3 is one of the latest "miracle health products" to hit the American marketplace. To David Williams, D.C. editor of the newsletter, Alternatives, MGN-3 is "the most powerful immune stimulant man has uncovered so far," reversing cancer, hepatitis B and C, and diabetes, and improving immunological parameters in patients with AIDS and chronic fatigue immune dysfunction. To the rest of us, inundated as we are with similar claims from all sides, it is tempting to respond with skepticism.

"MGN-3, an arabinoxylan compound, is a polysaccharide compased of the hemi-cellulose-B estract of rice bran, modified by enzymes from Shittake mushrooms. It is produced through a patented process. The result is a powder that dissolves in water. The powder is then made into tablets or capsules.

"MGN-3 was first manufactured in Japan, and has been available there for 6 years. Hundreds of doctors have used it in their practices there, with tens of thousancs of patients. So far, there haven't been any reports of side effects or toxicity from Japan, or from the tens of thousands of people who take MGN-3 in the United States and elsewhere in the world.

"Research indicates that MGN-3 works by causing overall stimulation of the immune system, especially the Natural Killer (NK) cells. The NK cells are the body's first lilne of defense against cancer and viral infection. It is the level of activity of the NK cells, not necessarily their numbers, that determines the odds of survival. Reseaarch has now confirmed that people with low NK cell activity are much more likely to experience auto-immune diseases, chronic fatigue, immune dysfunction, viral infections and cancer.

"MGN-3 also increases the activity levels of other cell populations, such as T cells and B cells, and increases production of several cyrokines, such as interferon gamma, tumor necrotic factor-alpa (TNF-A). Interlukom-2, and Interleukin-12.

"The primary researcher of MGN-3 is DR. Mamdooh Ghoneum, a research immunologist. Currently Dr. Ghoneum is Cheif of Research, Deptartment of Otolaryngology, Charles Drew University of Medicine and Science in Los Angeles.

"Dr. Ghoneum is internationally recognized as an expert in the emrrging field of cancer immune therapy, a fiel of therapy that uses biological response modifiers (BRMs) to activate NK cells to kill cancer cells in the body. Dr. Ghoneum has been studying BRMs made from natural compounds - compounds derivied from mushrooms, herbs, fungi and bacteria - as well as synthetic BRMs - drugs like Interleukin-2 and Interferon. For the last three decades, the field of cancer immune therapy has suggered great setbacks due to the toxicity associated with many of these BRMs - both natural and synthetic. Dr. Ghoneum believed that somewhere there must exist a natural compound - a BRM - that would stimulate the immune system without producing toxic side effects. About six years ago, he found it. "I came across a natural substance that was so promising, so profoundly superior to everything else I had ever evaluated," he said, "that I abandoned all other projects, including NIH-funded research, in order to focus entirely on this substance." Today this substance is known as MGN-3.

Dr. Ghoneum says that MGN-3 proved to be superior, not only because of its lack of toxicity, but also because it maintains its immunomodulatory effect over time. In contrast, he found that the effectiveness of other BRMs diminsished as time passed, even when the BRM continued to be administered - a phenomenon known as "hyporesponsiveness." "In long-term follow-up of our patients (up to 5 years), we have observed that the enhancing effect of MGN-3 on NK cells activity is maintained indefinitely with continued administration."

Dr. Ghoneum believes MGN-3 may be useful in any instance where chronic or severe bacterial, viral or fungal infection is present. He also believes that many healthy people would do well to take small doses of 1/2 gram per day for disease prevention, but that anyone in a high risk category for any disease would be well-advised to take 1 gram a day. As his research continues, Dr. Ghoneum intends to thoroughly investigate these beliefs. Of course, to produce difinitive conclusions about disease prevention, the research will have to take place over a very long period of time and involve many people.

Dr. Ghoneum stress that his research is very lon-term. With regard to his cancer research, in many cases, the most telling information emerges years after his participants' conventional therapies have ceased, because conventional therapies can sometimes put patients into remission fro years. It is only after that period of time has ended that he can begin to know with some certainty whether the multiplication of the cancer cells has been held in check by a highly activated immune system - an immune system activated by MGN-3

Copyright (c) 2000, Emmalyn McAllister, All rights reserved.

For further information about Dr. Ghoneum's reserach, to purchase videos, books, or copies of research papers, contact the author: Emmalyn McAllister, at Health Solutions Now, 425-334-9644. The author is a health researcher and educator specializing in little-known solutions for widely-spread medical problems. Ms. McAllister is a paid study coordinator and facilitator for Dr. Ghoneum's research study.

So there you are it's for your information.

This is the first my wife or I have heard about MGN-3 and we do not personally know anyone who has any personal experience with it or, like us, has even heard of it. How about any of you reading this?


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Senior Mollycule

Buchanan Dam, Texas
119 posts, May 2001

posted 02-02-2002 03:22 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for MollyGainYa     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Hi Hoople!

I read your thread and did a search on Lane Labs and MGN-3, and I am under the impression that Lane Labs tends to make unsubstantiated claims about all their products, and the FDA took them to court over it, and Lane had to come up with a million dollar settlement to fund further research into their BeneFin, a shark cartilage product that they claim cures cancer. The suit also questioned MGN-3 and SkinAnswer, two other products they claim are effective against AIDS, HIV, and cancer; and skin cancer, respectively. There wasn't really any action taken on the part of those two, so I don't know if the FDA was convinced of their effectiveness, or not...? I do know that my sister-in-law tried SkinAnswer, at my insistance, on a facial rash that her dermotologist could not begin to heal after several prescriptions. Because she paid close to $50 for the SkinAnswer, she was faithful to apply it twice a day for over a month. No luck. The rash is still there today, almost a year later. Granted, it wasn't cancer, but you would think a product making those kind of claims would take care of lesser conditions; at least, I would think so. That's my only experience with Lane Labs, so I have just decided to stear clear of their high-priced products.

I found some "like" products that are cheaper, and in some cases, stronger in immune bolstering ingredients. "ImmPower" by American BioSciences sounds promising, and "BioDefense NK" by Swanson Vitamins seemed to be equal or better products for the same or lesser prices. The most impressive in the way of price and ingredients is "Immune Essentials" by Swanson, at $5.99 for 60 caps!! Find this at , and order a catalog, too, because I think the prices might be a little lower through the mail, or through a catalog order online. Just some suggestions from a daughter of a "German tightwad", but a wonderful dad just the same... I ALWAYS look for the best deal - and they're always out there.

MollyGainYa, with love

p.s. Thank you for the Udo tapes, too!!


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Senior Member

Charleston, Ar
167 posts, Dec 2001

posted 02-02-2002 10:59 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Hoople     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Hey Molly Gainya, thank you very much for that information. I immediately put the Swanson site into my favorites and will check out those products you mentioned.

This forum here at CC is an incredible resource isn't it. CC has a very cool and intelligent membership.

I'm quite interested in immune system boosters/stimulants these days. I belileve that we are living in an age when having the strongest immune system we can possibly have is of utmost importance. We are under attack on so many levels.

What about microhydrin? For sometime now we've been getting a good portion of data coming our way on this antioxidant touted as being a 1000 times more powerful that vitamin C. Have you heard anything on this one?


P.S. Good to hear that you received the Udo tapes (that was fast). I think that you will like Udo. His perfected oil blend is a staple in our house.

[Edited 1 times, lastly by Hoople on 02-02-2002]

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Senior Mollycule

Buchanan Dam, Texas
119 posts, May 2001

posted 02-02-2002 11:44 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for MollyGainYa     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Well, Hoop, you've inspired the detective mode in me! I got "roped into" Royal Body Care and the Microhydrin rip-off about 2 years ago. I ended up signing up as a distributor, and paid WAY too much for the products I "had" to order as a new member. I got the liquid Microhydrin, and I used the entire bottle (a small bottle, at that!), and I honestly couldn't tell any difference in my health or well-being at all. Maybe I didn't give it a "long" enough trial, ie: MORE MONEY, but I'm one who has to see at least SOME benefit before I spend anymore money. The other products that came along with the order were nothing more than everyday vitamins and minerals at VERY high prices - keeping the "uplines" in the black. I hate MLM's! Especially when they claim to have the exclusive rights to any product, and then you see it all over the place, with a slightly different name, of course!

I found an interesting product that is MUCH cheaper than Microhydrin, and the claims are that it is the same. It's "Nanohydrate", and you can read about it and order it from .

Happy hunting, Hoople! I'm hittin' the sack!

MollyGainYa, with love and advice


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