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  Can you lock up the truth?

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Topic:   Can you lock up the truth?

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Differentiated Mouse Fibroblasts

Lubbock, Texas
1347 posts, Mar 2001

posted 05-04-2001 09:58 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for 3T3L1     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
This thread seems to have disappeared from another board. Here it is, for posterity.

Registered User
(4/29/01 9:34:53 pm)
Can you lock up the truth...
Hey Cliff:

I was wondering. Do they pay you bi-weekly over at the agency, or do you get your check once a month.

Do you approve of DoubleClick putting spyware on your site visitors' hard drives, or is that just one of the indignations you have to put up with by being a "chemtrail activist".

I also wondered this, Cliff: Do you think it's possible to lock up the truth? I mean, you locked up several threads on this board. Case in point, the "chemsprayers" are trying to lock up the truth, do you think it's that easy? Or do you think? At all?

Well, Cliff, you must be really busy doing those radio programs and all. Again, do you get paid bi-weekly, or every week?

Once you lock up a thread, do you figure the people who talk about the truth will "go away"? It would be interesting to read what you have to say about all this. So, anyway, if you and DoubleClick aren't cutting each other paychecks, let us know where you stand on this subject.

Okay, Cliff?

Realizing you're just another guy who's after "the truth", I'll await your reply.


Registered User
(5/1/01 6:50:30 am)
The bigger the deception...
the easier it is to cover it up. A famous person said that. Who? Hitler.

I am curious about your allegations concerning Doubleclick. I have experienced a similar
unwanted embedded wehoster on my system as a result of logging onto certain sites, but
I haven't noticed anything of the sort connected with Carnicom's operation. Do you have
any substantiated proof of this? It is always beneficial to know the true intentions of those
who could be considered as "frienenemies". The ways of this crooked world are built entirely around the art of deception. You may be right. Proof would be helpful to everyone concerned about
this illegal govie activity.

P.S. Nashville is a white-out today.

Registered User
(5/1/01 12:45:32 pm)
Proudly served over 30 billion ads in Dec. 1999
DoubleClick is the "McDonalds" of the Internet.

This is not a commercial from me for AdSubtract Software, but it does block lots of cookies and ads your computer lets slip on by. It's amazing how intelligent the cookies are these days.
I want to pass this info around.

AdSubtract SE allows you to block web site advertisements, removing clutter from your screen, while speeding up web surfing by not downloading unwanted material. Your online privacy is also enhanced, with AdSubtract preventing Internet cookies from being sent to web servers, which otherwise can result in online profiles being created to monitor your web activities. AdSubtract runs in the background, alongside your web browser, allowing you to control your web experience. With AdSubtract software, you can have "The Web Your Way"!

DoubleClick alone claims to have served over 30 Billion ads in December 1999. That is a lot of ads! We think people will enjoy knowing how many such ads are being blocked by AdSubtract.

Registered User
(5/1/01 6:46:56 pm)
Cya Round
Hi Everyone: Since this thread seems to have drifted into a discussion about those horrid pop-ups and they are the reason I won't be hanging out here anymore I pick this place to say good-bye.

Thank you Cliff for a very informative website that has opened my eyes to many things both CT and non CT related.

I totally understand your need to keep costs down in order to keep this forum free. It is just too high a price to pay. Those ads are more persistent then those "contrails".

Cya all around chemtrailcentral. Jul01 take a look over there, the image database is pretty amazing.

Registered User
(5/1/01 8:07:48 pm)
Re: Cya Round
you're so clever nsasucks.

Registered User
(5/2/01 6:17:30 am)
Don't go FLKook
We NEED your reports! I suggest webtv for relief from cookie monsters.

Registered User
(5/2/01 7:32:00 am)
No monsters of any sort over at the Chemtrail Central board, jul01. You might want to take a peek.

Exit Misery
Registered User
(5/2/01 3:46:23 pm)
My opinion.....
It is my feeling that these pop-ups on EZ-Board are probably a last resort before it folds in the not too distant future. If you read what EZ-Board has to say about it, they've cut their staff from 45 people to 15, and the pop-ups (yes, EXTREMELY obnoxious, I agree) are a last ditch attempt to garner some advertising dollars... I just hope that if EZ-Board does fold, there will be sufficient notice to archive the current 20 pages of this board and move to a new location. DoubleClick? - I hate it, the cookie monster!!! As for Cliff, while I don't agree with him locking the threads as he did, I feel this was all in an honest effort to retain the scientific credibility of his board - maybe not the best way to have gone about but certainly not suspect as to his being "agency". Again, IMHO... Finally, NSASucks and FLKook the same person? Oh man, too, too funny. I had a really good, much needed laugh over that innuendo - no offense LisaJane!

mark sky
Registered User
(5/2/01 11:17:05 pm)
for all i know
Clifford is a stand up guy who has put his families life on the line
quite publically
and to think that the agency would give you an opportunity to speak out is...
well ludicrace...
so i will hang out here
as long as the flag flys
unlike someothers i cannot be at two or more places at once
but this place has many battles won lost and drawn
and the internet is much better for it
Clifford carry on !!!

Registered User
(5/4/01 2:00:21 am)
carrying on
Oh yes,
far wiser to remain in excellent company under any circumstances... than to be such as fool as to imagine that ugly intent will result in anything different than it always has.

Registered User
(5/4/01 11:32:07 am)
Official Response
Intent. Well, you know what they say about the road to hell...

The truth isn't always pretty. In fact it is often quite the opposite, as the enclosed thread so clearly illustrates.

Can you lock up the truth?

That depends on who holds "The Key".

Registered User
(5/4/01 3:24:07 pm)
The Key
Yeah, Chem11. And if you think Page 1 is hard on Mr. Strieber, take a look at Page 2:

[Edited 2 times, lastly by 3T3L1 on 05-04-2001]

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