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ice sculpture
Why Saturday Night Live & MadTV suck
What resolution do you use?
Something Whacko
What ever happened to accountability?
Advice To A 1912 Bride
Aquarian Age
Ever hear of Paul LaViolette?
Things are getting worse by the minute!
Scalar Stuff
Forget growing your own food!!!!!!!
Happy Easter To All The Members
Teacher, Teacher
Spring Forward!
War, A Definition
The Love Dream
Weird New Day - Dueling New Conferences
Are they crazy?
Poll Watching
Ocean Robots - What will they think of next
Science forum rules reminder
'All democracies turn into dictatorships'
A reply to 3Tl
Where's the Chemtrail forum?
Scientific Theory
Are any of you being treated diffrent at work?
Mav's Locker
If you post pictures here....READ THIS
How to mess up a good thing
Your Being Lulled
The Camera Eye
Ratbot!? Are we next?
A Mexican Patriot Act?
What's happening Chemtrail Central?
Guilt by association and one-time occupation
Thermit's House of Fruits and Nuts?
Eight Sixty One and reaching for the sky!
What's in an ad?
Food For Thought
Christmas List - from 100 years ago
Laff-o-the day
Feminine Protection
Media Access
Electro-magnetic field of consciousness...
Laws of physics 'may change'
Reluctant to post, but.......
What a Concept!
Breaking News
What the hell is an Omega block?
Topcities (Websites) SUCKS!
Rules - A Male Perspective
Poet Paul
Hey, mark sky,& Sore Throat
Chicago, Chicago ain't my kind of town....
Anti-chemtrail commercial
crazy animals
Logical Fallacies
What It Means To Be Poor...
Mars ice could flood planet
Historical Precedents For Deception
Good morning FBI
Pardon Me, I am Standing!
IBM nabs huge supercomputer deal
New Climate Study Challenges Thinking on Large-Scale, Global Climate Change
Wayward Travelers
Who is visiting CTC?
Top Ten Things Chem11 Would Have To Believe....
Top 10 for Debunkers
You have a voice out there!!!
All kind of things are washing up on shore now.
Pres George W Gump-- 'Stupid is as stupid does'
OBL the messenger
The 5th Sun
POLLS and you
The Waco Bone Guys
The Real American Flag?
Sewers of Las Vegas
A recent disappearing topic
Shoot The Dog

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