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Topic:   Odd and Interesting Stories

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Senior Member

Sedona, AZ 86339
149 posts, Oct 2000

posted 02-08-2001 11:01 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for sedona     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote

"Swarming Objects In Pacific NW, Bright Lights w/Power Outages, UFOs In
Idaho Farmland"

Tracer Report
Living-Tracer Enterprises

January 2001

MUFON Investigator Encourages Coverage Of PC-Object Connection

Attached are some digital photos taken on Saturday, Dec. 16, 2000 over
Tampa Bay (Florida). They appear to show various objects in or near
these "chemtrails". Weather clear, unusually warm day (upper 70s).
Pictures taken at various times of the day, from about 9:00am until
shortly after dusk. The roof of my house can be seen on a couple (dark
lower portion). Fujinon DX-5 used at normal setting.

I am a healthcare executive, 49 years of age. I first began noticing
these trails in the spring of 1999, in Virginia Beach, VA, my former
home. I have, like many, seen these trails in virtually every area I
have visited. These photos, however, were the first I have noticed what
appear to be objects associated with the trails. I did not notice them
when I took the photos, but when I pulled them upon my computer, there
they were!

Thanks To Dennis Hawley -- MUFON - Tampa Bay Chief Investigator


Dark Objects "Swarming" In Mountain Area - Pacific Northwest

The image below was transferred to my hard drive while Greg Avery was on
Jeff Rense's radio program 5/5/2000. 17 dark pixel anomalies were
noted. (see I have a similar image
taken 10 minutes later & none were found.

I observed some swarming this day that you might be interested in.
Dozens of swarms were seen. All swarming had a very distinctive rhythm
& motion. These swarms do not seem like any insects that I know of. I
have some examples of these swarms on video tape. I am currently
looking for the best sequence to make some stills of their movement.

Thanks To Michael Bonnickson -- Living-Tracer Enterprises

see "Mystery Objects: Robotic Aerial Devices"
" for theories/info on "swarming"


Strange Happenings Near Desert Idaho

The photo was taken on November 4, 2000. I did not see this thing until
I downloaded the pictures and brought it up on the computer. There was
a very strange cloud I had never seen a cloud like it before, so I
wanted to get a picture of it. I never really got a good picture of the
cloud, but I was surprised with a photograph of "the thing". (see

Also, the next day an old farm lady came to my house and was very mad.
She wanted to check my dogs for blood because something had killed a
couple of the cattle she sometimes has inthe field. (My dogs were safe,
they don't kill farm animals) I did not tell her about this photograph,
but it made me wonder what had killed her cattle because her field is
just on the other side of the telephone poles....

There is not a road for about four miles. My camera makes everything
look smaller and farther away than they really are, the nearest pole is
about 1 1/2 acres away.

... I think there was a circle in my yard a few months ago. All the
grass and weeds were in a circle and in the middle there was a big blue
bucket that was smashed apart.

As far as strange lights....there has been more high strangness
lately than I can even try to explain. Things dropped in my yard,
distorted sound, vibrations that shake my house and windows, a yellow
strange thing was flying by two nights ago and stopped in front of my
house and then circled it.

My daughter and I have seen more flying things than we can count.
Silver discs that turn into small planes, large things with lights that
turn into small planes (one of these came by at harvest time and all the
field workers stopped to watch it go by and change, neon blue
triangles. If you see a UFO it is suppose to be a once in a life time
event, they seem to be all over lately and they seem to not care if they
are seen or not, I get a sick feeling and don't even get my camera
anymore because it just seems to be too much and I don't understand.

My son and I were driving back from Jerome Thursday and seen a UFO that
looked like a wishbone. It was gray and had lights, it flew very low
over us as we watched it, it made no sound, it seemed like it was
gliding more than flying, and it flew at an angle.

Thanks To Kathy Blanc -- Living-Tracer Enterprises


Mysterious Black Line PREDCEDES Persistent Contrail Over Santa Fe

We, too, are watchers of the sky, angry over what is being done and what
has been done for several years now. I am writing specifically at this
time to add my sighting of the mysterious black line phenomenon. Twice I
have seen sprayers which are PRECEDED by the black line, confirming
speculation that it seems to be a "track" followed by the plane and,
therefore, the chemtrail. Keep up the good work.

Occupation (Optional):Talk show producer

SIGHTING DESCRIPTION:Sprayer headed southeast over the Santa Fe area, a
black trail or track preceded the plane.

TIME robably 3 or 4:00 pm

DATE ecember 15, 2000

LENGTH OF OBSERVATION:10 minutes or so
LOCATION:Visible from I-25, heading out of Santa Fe toward Las Vegas, NM



# OF PERSISTENT CONTRAILS:1 in this particular area


DID OBJECT LEAVE A CONTRAIL OR TRAIL? (Describe):Yes, typical of the
type which expands in puffy segments to eventually become "clouds".

WERE AIRCRAFT IN THE VICINITY? Number:Only the sprayer

(Describe Activity/Proximity/Interaction) Almost directly overhead,
altitude was quite high, guestimating 60,000 ft.

WEATHER CONDITIONS (cloudy/temp/relative humidity/wind speed &


OBJECT DESCRIPTION: (color, size, elevation, direction of movement,
behavior,trail, gaseous/reflective or light surrounding it?): Nothing
unusual aboutaircraft involved.

Brief Description of Event:See above

Detailed Decription of Event:See above

Thanks To Ardeth Merklinger -- (Living-Tracer Enterprises)


Bright Lights and Power Outages In North Dallas

On Sept. 24th 2000 at night, I was sitting on one of the chairs facing
the shaded windows facing the east and talking with an out-of-town
friend on the phone.

All of a sudden there was this huge flash of bright white light coming
through the shades...followed immediately by a brief power outage.
Within seconds, this happened again. The final flash was out the back
window and sliding door -- weaker but the power was gone completely for
about an hour.

I could not get up quick enough to see the source of the flashes but
they were silent and bright covering the large window completely and
appearing to move from NE to SW with each flash. Could not have been
lightning too close and without sound.

I yelled to my friend on the phone about it before the phone went
dead... and a friend staying with me came out and we began to survey
what part of the town was out. Looking out the window facing east and
Main street (running N & S) -- we could see that much of the town was
effected. Then we caught sight of some strange looking lights moving in
the lower layers of the low wintry looking clouds just over main street.

Then my phone and the phone of my out-of-town friend ring simultaneously
re-connecting us.

[Name Withheld Upon Request] -- Living-Tracer Enterprises

[Editor's Note: Anyone from The Colony or the North Dallas area who also
experienced/observed bright lights or other anomalies during this power
outage 9-24-00 or the one on 10-21-00 please contact me at]


Occurred : 9/24/2000 23:25 (Entered as : 09\24\00 23:25)
Reported : 9/26/2000 08:39
Posted : 12/2/2000
Location : Ames, IA
Shape : Flash
Birght flashing light in sky

As we were driving North on I-35 just south of the city of Ames Iowa, my
wife noticed a bright flash of light, similar to a giant strobe light in
the sky. At first we thought it was a plane, but the flash was on a
highly irregular pattern. The light seemed to be quite high in the sky
and very bright. It also seemed to hover at times and then move across
the sky before it flashed again. The 3 kids in the back saw it as well.

Thanks To Peter Davenport and

Low-Flying Helicopters and Strange Planes Over Houston

What is the deal with those NOISY, LOW-FLYING black helicopters buzzing
all over the Westchase District in Houston at night- EVERY NIGHT-
between 6PM and 3AM? This isn't just one chopper a night, either- it's
several every night, 7 days a week. This has been going on for over a
year now, and we are losing sleep. These are not, repeat NOT Houston
Police Department or traffic/TV reporter choppers, because I have
checked this out. There is no traffic to report at 2:00AM! This area is
south of I-10 near Beltway 8/Westheimer, and north of 59 Southwest
Freeway. I live and workin what is known as the "Westchase Technology
Corridor"...... I hear/see the same activity at myoffice in south
Westchase when I work at nights, too. Hmmm, care to suspect there's a
connection with these helicopters and tech districts? Six weeks ago in
October 2000, I called MARY LOU GONZALES at the City of Houston Aviation
Department to complain about this annoying noise and traffic. I even
asked if there was some kind of helicopter training school nearby or
something to account for the activity, and they said that they didn't
know, but it was "probably traffic from West Houston Airport." I told
her that we know WHA's owner, Woody Lesikar, and we used to keep a plane
at that airport, which is MILES away at Bear Creek, Highway 6 near Clay
Road- nowhere near the Westchase District. She immediately referred me
to the FAA (281-230-8400) at Bush Intercontinental. I spoke to a guy
named CRAIG who works for JIM GILBERT out there; Craig hemmed and hawed
verbally a bit, and said this wasn't an FAA matter, although he did
confirm there were no airports or training centers in the area. There IS
a helipad at the Westchase Hilton Hotel, but this is a tiny slab of
cement, and what we are dealing with doesn't touch down there. Craig
told me to call the Ellington Air Force Base Flight Standards District
Office (281-212-9700) because they would probably have more information.
I got spooked and decided to quit my investigation. Calling the Federal
Government about mysterious black helicopters didn't seem like a good
idea to me.... Although I cannot tell if these helicopters are
"spraying" stuff (like chemtrails) into the air because it is hard to
see at night, I DO know that around 11:30AM last weekend (Saturday 02
December 2000) there were five small-ish size planes (non-passenger)
spraying trails over and over both horizontally and vertically, SILENTLY
(couldn't hear their engines) gliding across the clear blue sky until
about 4:30PM. These planes were seen primarily over the Memorial,
Westchase and Galleria areas, between 59S and I-10W in Houston- (and of
course, The Westchase Technology District!) Another time was Wednesday
15 November, same area, but two planes only, about 1:00PM. I was taking
out my garbage and looked up at the sky and saw several chemtrails. I
watched one of the planes spray over the 9801 Westheimer building near
Gessner Road...

Thanks To Ellenor Whitty and Fred Woods HUFON --
Living-Tracer Enterprises


"Tracers"--a project of Living-Tracer Enterprises--has a search and
discovery mission…to explore and investigate links between persistent
contrails and unidentified aerial objects appearing within and around

One central "key" to unraveling the contrail mystery and revealing
hidden human and UFO technologies may lie in the understanding of these
enigmatic aerial objects and their inter-action with persistent
contrails, clouds and the atmosphere. Searching for "traces" in the
atmosphere, water and at ground level -- possible evidence of these
mystery objects is the focus of the Tracer Project.

Articles and reports about this project have been distributed via the
latest edition of the HUFON Report , Jeff Rense (, George
Filer (Filers Files), the MUFON Journal, PaulAnderson (The Millennium
Project), Robbins, and Ian Punnet (host for Coast to
Coast) in addition to the ever expanding Tracers website

A new online book "Tracers: Mysteries In the Sky" by Brenda Livingston
will be available in the coming months.

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Senior Member

Fargo, ND
24 posts, Jan 2001

posted 02-09-2001 05:36 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for Moose     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Interesting reports, Sedona. One of the last reports is most intriguing: How in the world can 5 small airplanes buzz around in the sky (spraying) without making a sound? Every small plane I've ever seen makes enough noise, even at high altitudes, to capture my attention. I've noted for some time also, that the night sprayers are almost completely silent, even here in Fargo, where it can be very quiet in the wee hours.

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Senior Member

Sedona, AZ 86339
149 posts, Oct 2000

posted 02-09-2001 01:28 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for sedona     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Hi Moose! Yes, this is an odd post- I don't quite know what to make of it either. It's a head-scratcher. And that tracers website is one *very* strange place. Have you ever browsed through it? It takes so long to load it's a bit tedious, but I thought that the material is worth it. Maybe you remember Dr. Stanton Freidman's "grey box": a box on his desk where he tosses all info which is not readily provable, but intriguing. I like the concept. Heaps of stuff winds up in my grey box.

[Edited 1 times, lastly by sedona on 02-09-2001]

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