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  India's Kali 5000

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Topic:   India's Kali 5000

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Dick Eastman
Senior Member

Yakima, Washington, USA
33 posts, Feb 2001

posted 03-10-2001 11:02 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for Dick Eastman     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
MUMBAI - The Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (Barc) here is in the final
stages of assembling a powerful electron accelerating machine named
''Kali-5000`` which, its scientists say, can potentially be used as a beam

Bursts of microwaves packed with gigawatts of power (one gigawatt is 1000
million watts) produced by this machine, when aimed at enemy missiles and
aircraft, will cripple their electronics systems and computer chips and
bring them down.

According to scientists, ''soft killing`` by high power microwaves has
advantages over the so called laser weapon which destroys by drilling
holes through metal.

Kali-5000 will be ready for testing by the end of this year, according to
Mr P H Ron, head of the accelerator and pulse power division at Barc and
chief designer of India`s first star wars weapon.

However, in the present form India`s beam weapon is too bulky - it weighs
26 tons - including tanks containing 12000 litres of oil. Mr Ron said some
''compacting`` was possible.

He said Kali (kilo-ampere linear injector) machine was developed for
industrial applications and that the defence use was a recent spinoff. He,
however, declined to elaborate.

Describing it as a machine ''bordering basic research,`` Atomic Energy
Commission Chairman Rajagopalan Chidambaram admitted in an interview that
it has military potential. ''There are some technologies we have to be in
touch with because they may become useful (later),`` he said.

Development of the Kali machine was mooted in 1985 by Dr Chidambaram, then
director of Barc, but work earnestly began in 1989.

Mr Ron said the machine essentially generated pulses of highly energetic
electrons. Other components in the machine down the line converted the
electrons into flash x-rays (for ultra high-speed photography) or
microwaves. The electron beam itself can be used for welding.

The Defence Balistics Research Institute in Chandigarh is already using an
x-ray version of Kali to study speed of projectiles.

Another defense institute in Bangalore is using a microwave-producing
version of Kali which the scientists use for testing the vulnerability of
the electronic systems going into the light combat aircraft under
development and designing electrostatic shields to protect them from
microwave attack by the enemy.

According to Barc scientists, the Kali machine has for the first time
provided India a way to ''harden`` the electronic systems used in
satellites and missiles against the deadly electromagnetic impulses (Emi)
generated by nuclear weapons.

The Emi wrecks havoc by creating intense electric field of several
thousand volts per centimeter. The electronic components currently used in
missiles can withstand fields of Just 300 volts per centimeter.

While the Kali systems built so far are single shot pulse power systems
(they produce one burst of microwaves and the next burst comes much
later), Kali-5000 is a rapid fire device, and hence its potential as a
beam weapon.

According to Barc-published reports, the machine will shoot several
thousand bursts of microwaves, each burst lasting for just 60 billionths
of a second and packed with a power of about four gigawatts.

The high power microwave pulses travel in a straight line and do not
dissipate their energy if the frequency falls between three and ten

According to Barc scientists, a microwave power of 150 megawatts has
already been demonstrated in earlier versions of Kali.


Newsgroup commentary on the above:

Auroral Arms Race: India plays "catch-up" against Beijing-US EMP/HAARP

Fearful of Sino-American advances in military uses of electromagnetic energy weapons that fry circuits, clouds and brains by bouncing gigawatts of energy off the ionosphere from thousands of miles away,the world's largest democracy is taking the precaution of developing electrostatic shield technologies to "rebounce" directed HAARP energies "somewhere else."

The electrostatic shield is a defensive technology against electromagnetic projection weapons now in the hands of China and the US (HAARP and the tactical pulse weapon that can "shoot down" satellites (actually burn out their circuits.)

India is also adapting its microwave technology for deterrence. Their 'Kali - 5000" (kilo-ampere linear injector) is being adapted for use against an aggressor's planes and missiles. Research on an array of shield and "Ray Wars" projects are underway at research centers at Chandigarh, Bangalore, and Bhabha. (Why can't the U.S. be this open and honest about its projects -- everyone in the world knows about HAARP except the American people.)

There is no indication that India is following the U.S. and China in developing clandstine weather modification technologies for military use. India's weather modification projects well publicized and benign. It appears that truly open governments do not resort to such horrors.

American missiles, as China (and everyone else)now knows thanks to Clinton and Loral's Bernard Schwartz, can be knocked out by a pulse of just 300 volts per centimeter -- and a hardened replacement chip is still years away --hence the new heavy-handed emphasis on the Alaskan weapon and GWB's willingness to dump our current nuclear warhead and ICBM arsenal for something better. (This is not a Clintonesque treason/sellout; the our best nuclear weapon delivery systems are garbage now against China's EMP and exotic info-warfare (infiltration and sabotage) capabilities.

India -- which is a highly advanced country the with a population enjoying a standard of living and education levels higher than Germany's although mixed within a population of one billion souls on the sub-continent is faced with dangerous neighbors: the totalitarian, deadly and neurotically Machiiavellian communist-globalist regime in Beijing and Beijing's on-again-off-again puppet Pakistan (whenever Pakistan is manipulated back into the hands of Beijing-directed Bhutto faction -- which includes Hillary Clinton's cut-from-the-same-cloth girlfriend, Banizar Bhutto -- when you are dealing with Beijing you never know what duplicitious official has "gone Clinton" conducting self-sabotaging policies (like aggression in Kashmir--where CHina secretly encourages fanatics on both sides)-- although Musharraf appears to be a genuine populist and humanitarian along the lines of Pinochet, Fujimori, Pat Buchanan and Putin when it comes to oppsoing globalist skulduggery.

At any rate, Delhi feels it prudent to develop defenses against the Beijing-Globalist axis. And it doesn't take a conspiracy theorist to see that the United States, whether under Clinton or Bush, cannot be relied on to thward Bejing's increasingly clear aggressive designs, should the PLA feel confident enough to drop its current Sun-Tzu-Leninist-Zhouist subversion and begin overt military aggression or intimidation.

I hope India, Japan, South Korea, and the Taiwan (with China's nationalist government in exile), Russia, Ukraine, Iraq and Argentina can break free of Sino-American globalism and start their own
truly liberal and populist world block, a bastion of sanity to which the other financially ravaged nations with humane leadership and a clear view of where the IMF, the World Bank and globalist "free trade" (free leveraged plunder, actually) can find refuge and counterforce. Why not hope that?
Obviously the current geopolitical monstrosity errected in behalf of the financial aristocracies for their "global plantation" has no future on this planet. And certainly no leadership the Establishmentazzi bankrolls, no globalist-puppet international organizations and NGO's, all instruments of rich-men's deceit and larceny, can never act intelligently to reform international governance on behalf of common humanity.

A world led by open-societies cooperating from clearly understood nationally framed popular interests is just what mankind needs -- and an India that can protect itself from the secret terror weapons of Princelings and Western plutocrats is a mighty good start in that direction.

(I am not privy to any secrets. I make deductions. If I think they are important and sound I pass them on for you to evaluate.)

Dick Eastman
Every man is responsible to every other man.

[Edited 1 times, lastly by Dick Eastman on 03-10-2001]

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