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  The new nazi

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Topic:   The new nazi

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Damnit...I'm a doctor jim
3297 posts, Jul 2000

posted 04-26-2003 12:48 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for theseeker   Visit theseeker's Homepage!   Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
the fundalmentalist muslim...

Taliban orders demolition of all non-Islamic images
By Galina Gridneva and Valery Zhukov

NEW DELHI, Feb 27, 2001 (Itar-Tass via COMTEX) -- The leadership of the Taliban movement in Afghanistan ordered the dismantling of all non- Islamic religious images. "Pursuant to decisions made by spiritual leaders, as well as by the Supreme Court of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, all pre-Islamic objects of worship in Afghanistan must be destroyed," a special decree circulated in Kabul on Tuesday reads. The decree was signed by Taliban leader Mullah Mohammad Omar.

Under the decree, the relics of Buddhism which preceded the spread of Islam in what is now Afghan territory will be the first to be destroyed. These include several statues of Buddha, including sculptures made nearly 2,000 years ago.

Hot on the heels of the Taliban advent to power, many non- Islamic exhibits were destroyed in the history museum in Kabul.

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Damnit...I'm a doctor jim
3297 posts, Jul 2000

posted 04-26-2003 12:49 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for theseeker   Visit theseeker's Homepage!   Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Will The 'True' Imperialist Religion Please Stand Up?

April 23, 2003

MEDIA ORGANIZATIONS from CNN to the New York Times have all recently admitted to years of lying about conditions in Iraq under Saddam Hussein. They explain that they faced either losing "access" or subjecting their Iraqi employees and, of more relevancy, themselves to Saddam's torture chambers.

Stipulating for purposes of argument that the media were performing a service to anyone other than Saddam Hussein by being his pimp, rather than just pulling out, it still leaves another devilish question. Why, then, were these same news organizations CNN and the Times in particular so insistent that the United States take no action to remove Hussein from power, knowing what they now admit they knew?

Liberals learned to live with Iraqi citizens being fed into plastic shredders, summary executions, maimings and unanesthetized ear-loppings. Only now have they found something truly fiendish going on in Iraq: Christian missionaries are proselytizing! On the basis of the raw terror on display at the New York Times, I gather the operating theory is that Iraqis who withstood Saddam Hussein's sadistic tyranny for 30 years will be unable to withstand a Christian missionary.

I don't know. Liberals have resisted Christianity pretty well. Christians are already a majority in America, and we can't even stop public school teachers from passing out condoms to fourth-graders or prevent Hollywood from producing movies that portray Christians as marauding skinheads.

But in the left's doomsday scenario, Arabs who have been stewing in Islamic theology their entire lives could watch a 20-minute video on the life of Christ and convert en masse. God only knows what trouble that could lead to.

Interestingly, absolutely everyone concedes that a lot of Muslims are going to have to convert to some new religion. That's the point of the much-ballyhooed claim that the terrorists and their sympathizers are not practicing "true Islam." Well, they think they are. Muslims who share Mohammed Atta's religious beliefs as it pertains to infidels are bossily informed that they are incorrect and ordered to practice "true Islam." Only if a Christian mentions Jesus Christ, evidently, does it constitute imperialism.

In fact, the "true Islam" ruse is straight out of the imperialist's handbook. When the British colonized India, they encountered such charming Hindu practices as "suttee," which involved throwing the widow on her husband's burning funeral pyre. Instead of convincing the Hindus that this hideous practice was a priori wrong, the British went to great lengths to produce ancient Sanskrit texts proving that the natives were not practicing "true Hinduism."

As Anthony Pagden describes it in the book "Peoples and Empires": "The British ransacked Sanskrit texts and questioned local religious leaders in an effort to discover a 'purer' form of Hinduism" that would match as Pagden puts it "their own notions of 'morality.'" (Pagden, who has taught at Harvard and has written for the New York Times, would be finished as a respected academic if he ever expressed a personal view as to the morality of burning women alive.)

As luck would have it, the governor general of India, Lord Bentinck, made the exciting discovery that suttee was just such a distortion of the original Sanskrit! He outlawed it in 1829, proclaiming that he had restored the Indians to "true Hinduism."

Similarly, when Napoleon occupied Egypt at the end of the 18th century, he imposed a predominantly French culture, claiming he was merely restoring the Egyptians' true culture. (The only French custom that still survives is the aversion to bathing.) Indeed, Napoleon even declared that the French, not the Muslim warriors he had overthrown, were the "true Muslims."

Liberals don't mind pompously asserting that the terrorists are not practicing "true Islam" and demanding conversion to a form of Islam closer to their own "morality" (as per Pagden). Like the prim Lady-Do-Rightlys of Britain, they insist they are not destroying a religion, but rather restoring it to its proper understanding.

Inarguably, anyone who views flying planes into the World Trade Center as a matter of religious devotion is going to have to get a new religion. Could we at least stop pretending that the British colonial office approach of pandering "true Islam" is any less "imperialistic" than Franklin Graham's missionaries showing videos on the life of Christ?

Throughout the history of empire-building, Christians were a constant thorn in the side of the conquerors and slave-traders. They quaintly insisted that, as Pagden puts it, the biblical command "'Love thy neighbor as thyself' should be a real deterrent against pillage and the unwarranted expropriation of the goods of others, even when, as was generally the case, those others were not Christians."

Though some colonialists used Christianity as a fig leaf for pillage, they were precisely as Christian as Cuba, China and North Korea are "democratic" today. Someday, liberals will denounce democracy, citing the atrocities of Red China as proof of what such a monstrous system of government can do.

Christians who are willing to leave the safety and comfort of America to go to barbarous lands, risking disease, pestilence and murder, simply because they so love their fellow man these are the miscreants who inflame and enrage liberals more than Saddam Hussein and his rape rooms ever did.

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Damnit...I'm a doctor jim
3297 posts, Jul 2000

posted 04-26-2003 12:56 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for theseeker   Visit theseeker's Homepage!   Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Islamic Fundamentalism;


Origins of Islam

Founded by a militarily and politically successful tribal group in Arabia.

Originated in 7th centuary Arabia, at a time when the the two imperial blocks, Byzantium and Persia were weakening. The majority of Arabic society was nomadic. The cities were small urban islands in a vast rural sea. Islam was the product of the process of change affecting the cities of Mecca and Medina which were becoming increasingly important trading centers. From the 6th centuary the Meccan merchants, a small percentage of the population had amassed great wealth, within a few families.

"The emergence of private property disrupted social life as bedouin values bsed on collective ownership were set aside by a merchant class that had little time for the nomadic emphasis on communalism, solidarity, equality and mutual responsibility" (Phil Marshall).

This lead to hostility to the merchants from the rest of the population who did not share in the wealth of the new elite and demanded respect for the old values.

Muhammad ibn Abdallah, the founder of Islam a member of one of the most alienated groups, a powerful Meccan tribe the Quraysh.

"Though he married a wealthy women and eventually became a prosperous trader, when he began to preach in AD610 is main concern was to remedy the injustices of Meccan society"(Phil Marshall). He called on Meccans to accept one God whose prophet, Muhammad himself had been sent to convey the divine law and and who would weith mans conduct on a 'Day of Judgement'

Much of Muhammad's preachings are directed towards the Meccan princes, calling them to fulfill their traditional obligations and look after the weaker members of the tribe. Muhammad did not want to subvert commerce, he wanted to reform it. He himself was a business man and his teachings reflect a business man's perspective and interests.

Although Meccan society was falling under the domination of a new merchant class, it lacked central authority. There was no state. There was no legal system, no political of administrative apparatus.

Muhammads preachings therefore were a serious threat to the city elite, as he was propossing the establishment of a Meccan state governed by himself.

Muhammad and his followers were forced to leave Mecca and eventually moved to Medina, a city 300 miles to the north (in 622). There was tension within the community due to conflict between rival tribes. Muhammad set out to provide a unified group, establising the umma a sort of popular front, which put the status of Muslim above that of tribe loyality.

"This agreement not only brought the a community into existance but laid the foundations of a state"

The umma became wealthy following attacks on Meccan caravans, soon the umma dominated Medina. They then set out to expand and following a series of battles routed opposition from the Meccans. A sucession of Arabian towns and tribes declared themself for Muhammad.

Within eight years of their expulsion the city, Mecca had become the center of a rapidly growing islamic economy.

The empire spread at an enormous rate, within a dozen years it covered much of North Africa, Syria, Iraq and Iran. This success was due in part to the decline of Byzantine (Roman) and Persian rule, but also because the Islamic forces were often seen as liberators.

Initially the Islamic forces imposed a relatively modest tax burden on conquered terrorities. It did not occupy or take away peasants land and it did not compel them to change their religon.

As it spread it adapted to local environments and Islam diversified. Islam of Iran had a different character to Islam of India. Within countries different variations existed; the Islam of the ruling dynasty, the Islam of the local ruling group, and that of movements and sects who sought freedom for the mass of a population suffering under an imperialist yoke.

Embraces all who have accepted the faith regardless of nationality.

"Christianity, associated at its foundation with a subordinated, rebel group makes a clear distinction between state and religion"

Islam makes no such distinction. Sharia law is based on the Quran and the sunna (the sayings and doings of the prophet as recorded in the hadiths ) provides the frame work for policy and society.

Though there are and always have been disagreements over how literal the interperation of Sharia law should be. The Sunni tradition represents a more pragmatic tendency, the Shia tradition, dominant in Iran is more orthadox.

Scope of Islamic world

Islam and Imperialism
Islam and Fascism

Islam today; Iran

Saudi Arabia

Fundamentalist before Iran, ally of the US




Algeria, a former French colony won independance 30 years ago.

In December 1991 Islamic Fundalmentalists won a democratically run election. A militarily backed government, supported by many liberals in the west, over threw this election. Further elections were called off in Jan 1992 by the generals to prevent a victory by the Fundamentalist Islamic Salvation Front.

Since then Muslim radicals have been fighting to overthrow and set up an Islamic republic. In the past two years more than 3,000 (official figures, actual numbers may be twice that) have died. Fundamentalists have targeted professionals, including lecturers, writers and doctors. About a dozen journalists have been killed. Hundreds have left for neighbouring Morocco or Tunsia or to Europe. More than 30 Foreigners have been killed, provoking a mass exodus. Foreign companies have cut their personal. Liberal papers have closed down.

Such is the strength of support for the GIA the armed islamic group that parts of the country, including districts of the capital have become no go areas for the police. Millitants set up road blocks mirroring those run by the police. In towns in the south of Algiers, they have in effect replaced local authorities.

Fundamentalists have threated to kill unveiled women. In the south a 17 year old who refused to wear a veil was killed as an example. Last Thursday two school girls waiting at a bus stop near Algeriers were shot dead. At least 29 women have been killed.

The word "Liberal" is given new meaning. The Organistion of Free Yound Algerians (OAJL), a militant squad of liberal youth has vowed it will kill 30 veiled women or an equal number of men supporting Islamic beards for each women killed for not wearing a veil.

Anti islamics have claimed they are setting up armed groups and self defence cells to resist the Fundamentalists, bringing a thirds force into the conflict which has pitted the security forces against the fundamentalists.

Most Algerians expect the government to fall to the fundamentalists.

Ataturk launched the secular state in 1923, seperating mosque and state. All aspects of Sharia law were eliminate and efforts were made to minimise the influence of religion on the private life of many voters. Arabic script was abolished as was the veil. Most of Turkeys 60 million people are muslims but fundamentalism is seen "as much as a bogeyman to the educated middle class there as it is in the west" Turks do not like being mistaken for Arabs or Iranians.

Liberal journalist, Ugar Mumcu was killed by Islamic millitants in a car bomb last year.

In power at the moment is the True Path Party commited to brutally supressing the Kurdish uprising and austerity packages, in coalition with the Social Democrats. (True Path Party won 22.8%). In recent municipal elections, the Islamic Fundalmentalist party, Refah won 18% of popular vote, including the mayorship in Istanbul and Ankara the capital. This was twice their previous vote attained five years ago. They now control 28 of Turkeys 76 municipalities. In the in the central city of Konya where they won nearly half the vote, alcohol has been banned and women are under pressure to wear the chandor. Believed to be funded by Libya, Iran and Saudi Arabia, they are anti NATO, anti Zionist and opposed to Turkey joining the European Union.

Refah are presenting a moderate face, refraining from openly advocating an Islamic government saying it supports only a "Fair Regime"

Why did they get support in the election?

-revulsion at corruption of established parties

-anger at poverty,

many voters poor uneducated migrants from the countryside

-defence of familly values under attack from magazines and TV

-in Kurdish south many voted as an alternative to the pro-Kurdish Democracy party who boycotted the elections.

On Thursday, thousands demonstrated outside the Supreme Electoral Board (there have been accucations of vote rigging) shouting secular slogans.

and Black Nationalism

Islam and Women

alliance with the Catholic Church


Islam- oppression and revolution by Phil Marshall. Internalional Socialism 40.

The Familly by Dr John Harris. (1992) Andromeda Press

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Damnit...I'm a doctor jim
3297 posts, Jul 2000

posted 04-26-2003 01:06 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for theseeker   Visit theseeker's Homepage!   Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote

Nothing can justify massacring thousands of innocent civilians, such as on September 11th. Islam forbids the use of terrorism, attacking innocent civilians. No real or imagined injustice can justify it. In addition, harboring terrorists, whether by civilians or by governments, is not supported by Islam. Terrorists cannot be heroes.

Although terrorism cannot be justified, many Fundamentalist Muslims in the Middle East are angry with the United States. Even though extremely few Fundamentalist Muslims engage in terrorism, the anger of many Muslims needs to be understood by Americans to avoid other types of conflicts in the future.

Right now, the rage of Fundamentalist Muslims in the Middle East is incomprehensible to most Americans. After all, many Americans would say, the USA protected Middle Eastern countries against the aggression of Iraq, as well as against the former Soviet Union.

The Rage of Fundamentalist Muslims

Dr. Bernard Lewis is a noted historian and author on the Middle East. He is recognized as a specialist on understanding the rage of Fundamentalist Muslims. He has written articles on the subject and has appeared on television, such as the Charlie Rose show (10-18-01), to explain the anger of Fundamentalist Muslims in the Middle East toward the United States. He gives the following reasons for Middle Eastern anger toward the United States:

Muslims blame the USA for poverty and oppression in the Middle East.
- The USA provides military support to several oppressive governments in the Middle East. The majority of people in those countries, Muslims, live in abject poverty, with no hope for the future.

- The people in those Middle Eastern countries are not allowed to protest against their own governments and cannot overthrow their governments, partly because of American military support for those governments. (However, the people are allowed to demonstrate publicly against the USA to vent their anger and frustration.)

- The USA abandoned the Muslim people of Iraq and Afghanistan after the USA achieved its military goals. After the USA left Iraq, oppressed people in Iraq who opposed Saddham Hussein were massacred. After the USA left Afghanistan, the people of that country were left in abject poverty, had no effective leaders, and had no hope for the future.

- The USA provides military support to Israel, one of the world's strongest military powers, and the Israelis use that American military power against the Palestinian Muslims, who are forbidden to build an army or have a military force. (Editor's Note - Israel was created by the United Nations to make a homeland for Jews. The land, however, was already inhabited by Palestinian Muslims. Many Muslims, therefore, regard Palestinian territory as being occupied by oppressors, the Israelis.)

- Fundamentalist Muslim leaders have focused on the frustrations and hopelessness of the people of the Middle East and promised a new world in which Muslims control their own destinies.

Muslims blame the USA for a loss of traditional values in the Middle East.
- For Fundamentalist Muslims, the USA is a symbol of moral decay. They see the USA as responsible for a decline in traditional values and lifestyles.

Fundamentalist Muslims see the American lifestyle as a dangerous competitor for the hearts and minds of Muslims.
- Fundamentalist Muslims view the technologically advanced and secular lifestyle in the United States as a dangerous temptation for Muslims and that it will lead them away from Fundamentalist Muslim values.

Fundamentalist Muslims believe that they are dominated by the West, especially the United States.
"Of all these offenses the one that is most widely, frequently, and vehemently denounced is undoubtedly imperialism ...." "What is truly evil and unacceptable [to the Fundamentalist Muslim] is the domination of infidels over true believers."

In addition, Fundamentalist Muslims believe that Middle Eastern tyrants have adopted Western ways to gain military power to use against their own people. "For vast numbers of Middle Easterners, Western-style economic methods brought poverty, Western-style political institutions brought tyranny, even Western-style warfare brought defeat. It is hardly surprising that so many were willing to listen to voices telling them that the old Islamic ways were best...." (The Atlantic - Lewis).

The United States provides a focus for Muslim rage.
"Islamic fundamentalism has given an aim and a form to the otherwise aimless and formless resentment and anger of the Muslim masses at the forces that have devalued their traditional values and loyalties and, in the final analysis, robbed them of their beliefs, their aspirations, their dignity, and to an increasing extent even their livelihood."

"And since the United States is the legitimate heir of European civilization and the recognized and unchallenged leader of the West, the United States has inherited the resulting grievances and become the focus for the pent-up hate and anger." (The Atlantic - Lewis).

Many Muslims Are Sympathetic to the USA
When Dr. Lewis appeared on the Charlie Rose television show (10-18-01), he pointed out that, contrary to the news media's coverage, a large percent of Middle Eastern Muslims actually have strong sympathies with the United States. He said, for example, tens of thousands of Iranian Muslims demonstrated to show their grief and sorrow about the September 11th disaster--in direct disobedience to the Iranian government.

Dr. Lewis thinks we should fight terrorist networks with great vigor, as long as it takes. He also said that the USA needs to stop trying so hard to please the Middle Eastern rulers. Instead, he wants the USA to support the development of true democracies in the Middle East. He thinks that the USA should not stop until a truly democratic government is in place in Afghanistan--or anywhere else we intervene.

Dr. Lewis believes that Americans need to correct the impression that we do not follow through on what we start. He said that because Hussein remained in power after the Gulf War, and then massacred people who opposed him, the United States looked like it gave up. When the USA pulled back from Somalia after an ugly incident, we further strengthened the impression in the Middle East that we would not finish what we started if things got difficult.

In short, Dr. Lewis thinks that the seeds of terrorism are sown in American support for tyrannic governments in the Middle East. In addition to fighting against terrorist networks directly, the USA needs to support the development of truly democratic governments that give the people in the Middle East hope for the future. He argues that free democracies are the best weapons against poverty, hopelessness, and terrorism.

Also try Countering Terrorism from the Middle East, which has other recommendations for long term solutions and Islam and Liberal Democracy, Robin Wright's scholarly examination of modern Islamic movements and democracy.

[Edited 1 times, lastly by theseeker on 04-26-2003]

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Damnit...I'm a doctor jim
3297 posts, Jul 2000

posted 05-10-2003 04:45 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for theseeker   Visit theseeker's Homepage!   Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Media Muslim Makeovers!

Ann Coulter

October 30, 2002

AFTER ALL THE speculation about the sniper terrorizing Maryland and Virginia, at last we have some cold hard facts. He is a Muslim. He converted to Islam 17 years ago. He changed his name to John Muhammad. He belonged to Louis Farrakhan's Nation of Islam. He cheered the terrorist attack of Sept. 11. He registered his getaway vehicle with the DMV on the anniversary of Sept. 11 writing down the time of registration as 8:52 a.m.

Naturally, therefore, the mainstream media have decided the crucial, salient fact about sniper John Muhammad is that he is a Gulf War veteran. Thus, the New York times described the snipers as: "John Allen Muhammad, 41, a Gulf War veteran, and John Lee Malvo, 17, a Jamaican."

They are now hot on the trail of whether Osama bin Laden ever served with the U.S. military in the Gulf War.

To review recent events, last year, 19 Muslims slaughtered thousands of Americans on U.S. soil. Since then, one Muslim tried to blow up a U.S. commercial jet with a shoe bomb and another Muslim shot up Los Angeles airport. The Religion of Peace has also been active abroad, decapitating an American journalist and blowing up a French tanker. In the last few weeks alone, Muslims bombed a nightclub in Bali and were narrowly prevented from slaughtering hundreds of theater-goers in Moscow.

Inasmuch as the nation is at war with Islamic terrorists, you might think it would be of passing interest that the sniper is a Muslim. But you need a New York Times decoder ring to figure out that GULF WAR VETERAN John Muhammad is a Muslim. The main clue is the Times' repeated insistence that Islam had absolutely nothing to do with the shootings.

Wrestling with the freakish development that a practitioner of the Religion of Peace is a killer, the Times has even rushed to print with the completely unsubstantiated speculation that John Muhammad had recently rejected Islam. Experts explained that a "rapid and bizarre change in religious beliefs" is common among "serial killers." One doctor said a change in religious beliefs before committing violent crimes is "a fairly well-known phenomenon in clinical psychiatry," adding that he "was not diagnosing Mr. Muhammad's condition."

His condition? He's a Muslim. That's his condition and his diagnosis. It may be time to update the DSM-IV by adding "Jihad Impulse-Control Disorder" to its index of official diagnoses.

In addition to copious articles intimating that John Muhammad was practically not even a Muslim, the media have universally concluded that there is "no evidence" connecting him to al-Qaida. Of course, it will be difficult to find any evidence, having instantly pronounced the case closed.

In one hard-hitting investigative piece on Muhammad, for example, the Times produced amazing details from his life, including conversations with relatives, neighbors, friends and ex-girlfriends. The article droned on about how he met one ex-girlfriend her job, her hobbies, her hopes and dreams. But when she said, "We stopped talking after he asked me about religion," the Times dropped the subject and moved on to the next topic.

After weeks of blithe theorizing that the sniper was an "angry white male" based on invidious and offensive stereotypes aren't we entitled to a little theorizing about Muhammad's terrorist ties? There is surely more evidence that he was a member of al-Qaida than that he abandoned Islam before carrying out the sniper attacks.

Emerging as al-Qaida's leading spokesman in America, the Times has also blacked out the information that the terrorists who seized a Moscow theater last week were practitioners of the Religion of Peace.

I note again: America is at war with Islamic fanatics. But in a prolix front-page article about the "hostage siege" in Russia, the Times referred to the Islamic fanatics who stormed the theater exclusively as the "captors," the "separatists" and the "guerrillas." One searches in vain for a clear statement that the Moscow hostage crisis was yet another enterprise of the Religion of Peace.

The only hint that the "captors" were even Muslims was the Times' dismissive description of Russian President Vladimir Putin's reaction to the terrorists' demands. Instead of acquiescing, Putin "cho(se) to cast the rebels as international Islamic terrorists." The Times knows a cheap political ploy when it sees one.

In one of the oddest attempts to soften depictions of Islam the one religion the media respects the Times has apparently banned the word "burka" from its pages. (Burkas have gotten such a bad name recently!) Instead, one reads only about the "burka-style gowns" of the Islamic terrorists in Moscow or the "burka-like robes" of women in Bahrain. (How about: The swastika-like adornment on the skinhead's forearm.)

Not to be outdone by the Times, CNN has valiantly insisted on calling John Muhammad by his Christian name. The night the snipers' names were first released, CNN's Jeanne Meserve repeatedly called Muhammad two names he does not answer to: "Here are the names. John Allen Williams, aka Muhammad Williams, and also a John Lee Malvo." Williams isn't his name. It's not even "Muhammad Williams." It is John Allen Muhammad.

After assuring viewers "we will deal with this carefully," Aaron Brown summed up Meserve's report, saying, "We will say again that these two men, John Allen Williams and John Malvo and I'm not clear on the spelling on Malvo ..." While telling whoppers about Muhammad's name, he's fretting about spelling issues.

The next night Brown slipped and mistakenly called Muhammad by his actual name. He was quickly corrected by Kelli Arena:

BROWN: "And then it was sometime later that they got the second name, Muhammad or Williams, I guess."

ARENA: "Right, Williams."

Perhaps CNN should go whole hog and start describing Muhammad as a member of the "religious right" whose name is "Jerry Falwell."

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Damnit...I'm a doctor jim
3297 posts, Jul 2000

posted 05-12-2003 02:32 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for theseeker   Visit theseeker's Homepage!   Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
this type of forced violent organized cult-like behavior, in this century could only be practiced and condoned by one religion....islam...

Some of the restrictions imposed by Taliban on women in Afghanistan

The following list offers only an abbreviated glimpse of the hellish lives Afghan women are forced to lead under the Taliban, and can not begin to reflect the depth of female deprivations and sufferings. Taliban treat women worse than they treat animals. In fact, even as Taliban declare the keeping of caged birds and animals illegal, they imprison Afghan women within the four walls of their own houses. Women have no importance in Taliban eyes unless they are occupied producing children, satisfying male sexual needs or attending to the drudgery of daily housework. Jehadi fundamentalists such as Gulbaddin, Rabbani, Masood, Sayyaf, Khalili, Akbari, Mazari and their co-criminal Dostum have committed the most treacherous and filthy crimes against Afghan women. And as more areas come under Taliban control, even if the number of rapes and murders perpetrated against women falls, Taliban restrictions --comparable to those from the middle ages-- will continue to kill the spirit of our people while depriving them of a humane existence. We consider Taliban more treacherous and ignorant than Jehadis. According to our people, "Jehadis were killing us with guns and swords but Taliban are killing us with cotton."

Taliban restrictions and mistreatment of women include the:

1- Complete ban on women's work outside the home, which also applies to female teachers, engineers and most professionals. Only a few female doctors and nurses are allowed to work in some hospitals in Kabul.

2- Complete ban on women's activity outside the home unless accompanied by a mahram (close male relative such as a father, brother or husband).

3- Ban on women dealing with male shopkeepers.

4- Ban on women being treated by male doctors.

5- Ban on women studying at schools, universities or any other educational institution. (Taliban have converted girls' schools into religious seminaries.)

6- Requirement that women wear a long veil (Burqa), which covers them from head to toe.

7- Whipping, beating and verbal abuse of women not clothed in accordance with Taliban rules, or of women unaccompanied by a mahram.

8- Whipping of women in public for having non-covered ankles.

9- Public stoning of women accused of having sex outside marriage. (A number of lovers are stoned to death under this rule).

10- Ban on the use of cosmetics. (Many women with painted nails have had fingers cut off).

11- Ban on women talking or shaking hands with non-mahram males.

12- Ban on women laughing loudly. (No stranger should hear a woman's voice).

13- Ban on women wearing high heel shoes, which would produce sound while walking. (A man must not hear a woman's footsteps.)

14- Ban on women riding in a taxi without a mahram.

15- Ban on women's presence in radio, television or public gatherings of any kind.

16- Ban on women playing sports or entering a sport center or club.

17- Ban on women riding bicycles or motorcycles, even with their mahrams.

18- Ban on women's wearing brightly colored clothes. In Taliban terms, these are "sexually attracting colors."

19- Ban on women gathering for festive occasions such as the Eids, or for any recreational purpose.

20- Ban on women washing clothes next to rivers or in a public place.

21- Modification of all place names including the word "women." For example, "women's garden" has been renamed "spring garden".

22- Ban on women appearing on the balconies of their apartments or houses.

23- Compulsory painting of all windows, so women can not be seen from outside their homes.

24- Ban on male tailors taking women's measurements or sewing women's clothes.

25- Ban on female public baths.

26- Ban on males and females traveling on the same bus. Public buses have now been designated "males only" (or "females only").

27- Ban on flared (wide) pant-legs, even under a burqa.

28- Ban on the photographing or filming of women.

29- Ban on women's pictures printed in newspapers and books, or hung on the walls of houses and shops.

Apart from the above restrictions on women, the Taliban has:

- Banned listening to music, not only for women but men as well.

- Banned the watching of movies, television and videos, for everyone.

- Banned celebrating the traditional new year (Nowroz) on March 21. The Taliban has proclaimed the holiday un-Islamic.

- Disavowed Labor Day (May 1st), because it is deemed a "communist" holiday.

- Ordered that all people with non-Islamic names change them to Islamic ones.

- Forced haircuts upon Afghan youth.

- Ordered that men wear Islamic clothes and a cap.

- Ordered that men not shave or trim their beards, which should grow long enough to protrude from a fist clasped at the point of the chin.

- Ordered that all people attend prayers in mosques five times daily.

- Banned the keeping of pigeons and playing with the birds, describing it as un-Islamic. The violators will be imprisoned and the birds shall be killed. The kite flying has also been stopped.

- Ordered all onlookers, while encouraging the sportsmen, to chant Allah-o-Akbar (God is great) and refrain from clapping.

- Ban on certain games including kite flying which is "un-Islamic" according to Taliban.

- Anyone who carries objectionable literature will be executed.

- Anyone who converts from Islam to any other religion will be executed.

- All boy students must wear turbans. They say "No turban, no education".

- Non-Muslim minorities must distinct badge or stitch a yellow cloth onto their dress to be differentiated from the majority Muslim population. Just like what did Nazis with Jews.

- Banned the use of the internet by both ordinary Afghans and foreigners.

And so on...

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Damnit...I'm a doctor jim
3297 posts, Jul 2000

posted 07-06-2003 06:16 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for theseeker   Visit theseeker's Homepage!   Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
bumped for dry cough and ellyn

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The Taliban was defeated why are you still regurgitating this?
i thought you diddnt like living in the past are you a hypocrite?

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read your marroon...the taliban are muslim fundies...

which run most of the arab world...

read, and don't call me names little boy...

we are ALL still waiting for your presentation on how "orbs" are fakes...

some of these 3d balls are easyily created with 3d studio max and can be pasted on to scanned images.

easy there fella...I don't mess around...

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Sorry the taliban only ruled afgahnistan you have been misled.
i still have to get 3dmax5 before i can do the orb thing which will take awhile beacuase it isnt a small program and i only have a dailup connection.

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Damnit...I'm a doctor jim
3297 posts, Jul 2000

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don't insult my intelligence....

a few days you said...turn into ten ? and more ya this 4 th post you don't get lost....

The Rage of Fundamentalist Muslims

Dr. Bernard Lewis

has nothing to do with the taliban...

have you never heard about the American woman that just escaped from saudi arabia ?

that was beaten tortured and all kinds of nasty stuff for like 20 years...recently she sought exile at the U.S embassy...along with her two children a boy and a girl...whom the saudi government made stay behind ?

God knows what will happen to them...

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Canberra Australia
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posted 07-07-2003 08:34 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for CONSPIRACY_MAN   Visit CONSPIRACY_MAN's Homepage!   Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
i said getting 3dsmax5 would take awhile to get and lulu told me to take my time which i will do!.
its still in my things to do to box so hold your horse's becuase i havent forgot about the orbs.
you still havent answered my quentions yet.
The Taliban was defeated why are you still regurgitating this?
i thought you diddnt like living in the past are you a hypocrite?

also that women you put in your last post should grow a brain why didnt she learn religous and islamic laws before going to a country ruled by them sounds kinda of idioctic to me.

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